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Employer: Somalia NGO Consortium
Job Title: Research Consultant
Job Type: Contractor/Consultant
Location: Somalia
Category: Other


The Somalia NGO Consortium (SNC) is a membership organization of national and international NGOs that work together to create an enabling environment for the efficient and effective delivery of humanitarian and development assistance to all the Somali people. The SNC has been supporting NGOs for the last 16 years through its core activities in, coordination, representation, information sharing and advocacy. It has offices in Hargeisa, Mogadishu, Garowe, Kismayo, Baidoa and Nairobi; it hopes to increase its presence in Regional State capitals in the coming years. The Consortium currently has 84 members working across Somalia.


Many of the world’s major donors, investors and philanthropist have begun to push for more localization in their policy reforms. From the 2016 Grand Bargain, an agreement intended to challenge the humanitarian and development systems and shift towards direct funding of local organizations, to ongoing recent studies in specific contexts, there is a tipping point of advocacy towards this endeavour. In many parts of the world, specifically in the humanitarian sector, the topic has become increasingly visible in many foras of dialogue and debate and is gaining widespread attention as a tool to potentially address the inefficiencies in the delivery of aid programs. In Somalia, the case for localization has often been met with uncertainty, hesitation and more questions from actors engaged in humanitarian, development and security sectors. Inherent in the questions lies a need further research on the general effectiveness of localizations and a priori, the changes required at the donor, implementer and local levels to facilitate successful localization. Thus, SNC requires a consultant to urgently undertake a case study in Somalia to identify conditions for successful localization with examples either from humanitarian, development or multi-sector programs. The case study will be integral to the learning agenda of the SNC, and can contribute to improving program design, quality, impact and approach of those involved delivering services to Somalia communities.


The consultant is expected to do the following:

  • Conduct a literature review (desk review) of current data and research on localization of aid
  • Establish a timeline and work plan for case study development with key research questions identified
  • Provide answers to the driving question of research, including those below:

  • What data exists in Somalia, where successful localization of aid has produced innovative partnerships (twinning, etc) funding, or program approaches among to effectuate impact at the communities, donors, implementers and local authorities.

  • What specific success factors exist for localization as an approach to addressing humanitarian or development issues inside Somalia? Are there actors missing from the localization of aid debate?

  • Are there minimum requirements for successful localization to be embedded in ways of working or engagement with communities affected by drought/poverty?

  • Expand knowledge and learning (particularly in humanitarian and development sectors) in the implementation of localizations in Somalia

  • Highlight cases where successful localization policies and programs were successfully undertaken and identify the conditions for such cases.

  • Carry out two (2) high-level workshops in Kenya/Somalia to key target audiences to design and finalize research questions in a participatory manner at inception stage, and validate data and ensure ownership of case study at end stage.

  • Draft and finalize at least one (1) case study documenting successful approaches to localization


The consultant, preferably someone with experience with localization and research in Somalia and excellent writing/ communications skills, will:

  • Work, with guidance from SNC and Humanitarian Leadership Academy (HLA), to select a few project-specific contexts and identify key informants in those contexts with experience in localization from the NGO, UN and donor perspectives.
  • Travel to, and hold key informant interviews and focus group discussions inside Somalia and Kenya
  • Produce an inception report outlining the general approach, methodology and scope of the consultancy’s outcome.
  • Produce a final report with findings and recommendations.
  • Hold a final regional stakeholder consultation for validation.
  • Brief the SNC and HLA on the results.

A multi-faceted, mixed design method should be used, all of which are participatory, inclusive and target group sensitive: Desk review, interviews and focus group discussions.

Taken together, these methods will provide SNC and HLA with the critical information needed to understand the conditions for successful localization in Somalia and determine what should be done next. The final report will be launched at various foras and accessible to SNC membership.

The SNC leadership team suggests two field trips, one to Nairobi and the other to Somalia, during the early phase of the consultancy. Where travel is not possible, alternative methods will be used, where necessary, including:

  • Interviews by Skype and phone interviews
  • Interviews and discussions with groups brought to accessible areas.

The Consultant shall meet with the following associated stakeholders in each location: UN organisations, INGOs, NNGOs, NGO forums, national government partners, and donors.


  • Inception Report
  • Validation Meeting
  • Draft Report
  • Final Report with findings and recommendations
  • Case study briefing of the results


  • Expertise in quality data collection and research.
  • Expertise on development of mechanism for collections of case studies.
  • In-depth understanding of localisation agenda and current humanitarian landscape debates.
  • Experience working with national and local organisations and actors.
  • Experience in Somalia conducting similar research or evaluation initiatives.
  • Excellent analytical, writing and synthesis skills; writing in accessible format.
  • Minimum of 10 years’ experience.

Candidates interested should send their applications online to by March 12, 2018. The application should be titled ‘Localisation Case Study’ on the subject line. The selection committee will review all applications as they arrive. All applicants must meet the minimum requirements described above, and those unable to meet these requirements will not be considered. Each application package should include the following:

  • An updated CV including relevant work experience and qualifications with two (2) references.
  • A sample writing of recent work (i.e.: report, feature story)
  • Budget/fees (all costs included) to successfully conclude the study

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

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