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Employer: Adam Smith International
Job Title: Operations Manager, Somalia
Job Type: Full-Time
Location: Somalia
Category: Other


Adam Smith International (ASI) is an award-winning global company that delivers impact, value and lasting change through economic growth and government reform. Our reputation as a global leader has been built on the positive results our projects have achieved in many of the world’s most challenging environments. ASI is implementing various programs in Somalia that are geared towards building and supporting government institutions, supporting economic recovery and improving stability in Somalia.


The Operations Manager will provide operational support to all Adam Smith International projects in Somalia. This includes the provision of finance, facilities, logistics, business registration, HR, security, IT and welfare services, consistent with global corporate policy and practice.

The Operations Manager will lead and manage a Somalia Country Operations team that provides operational services to all Adam Smith International projects and platforms in Somalia. The services team will provide include advice/guidance for in-country managers, the provision of best practice approaches and tools that are fit for the local context, and hands-on support around improvement initiatives and to fix problems.

Functional areas managed by this role include:

  • Human resource management

  • Procurement & supplier relationship management

  • Facilities management of 6+ offices across Somalia

  • Logistics & fleet management into and across Somalia

  • Equipment & asset management

  • Information & Communications Technology

  • Welfare

  • Other functional areas may also be included, depending on candidates’ qualifications and experience:

    • Engagement with relevant Government institutions (e.g. responsible for labour, immigration, finance, tax, business registration) to ensure ASI’s compliance with Somalia’s legislative, policy and regulatory framework.

    • Duty of care / security

    • Finance

All services must be delivered in proactive compliance also with policies and practices of ASI and relevant clients.

For the right candidate and compelling performance and ability, there is potential for this role to expand in line with the expected growth of ASI’s business in Somalia.

Key Tasks and Responsibilities

  • Develop and implement operations strategy for Somalia that supports the Somalia business strategy in offering a platform for maximum business growth, including consideration of legal, logistical, tax, labour/HR, business development and security aspects.

  • Establish and operate a shared service platform in Somalia, that best supports business strategy.

  • Ensure through working with senior project delivery colleagues that operational risks are included in all Project Risk Registers and ensure that operational risks are mitigated with appropriate measures and response plans are appropriate and updated.

  • Establish and regularly review all financial, HR, medical, security and logistical National Standard Operation Procedures (NOPs). Ensure that all SOPs provide direction for operations teams and project managers on the appropriate procedures in response to financial, HR, medical, security and logistical problems that may occur.

  • Review, with the Head of Programmes Africa and Somalia Project Managers, and change as necessary the Somalia operations teams.

  • Participate in any Emergency Response Teams that are formed in response to emergencies.

  • Ensure all operations team members have access to the best sources of intelligence on political issues and security threats posed to associates and project managers.

  • Provide technical inputs for all key projects on the operational design, redesign and risk management.

  • Ensure ASI is working with the best service providers in Somalia. Build and maintain trust-based senior-level relations with all key service providers for operations in Somalia.

  • Develop plans for the establishment of operations in new Somalia locations as ASI’s footprint in the country expands.

  • Coordinate and manage schedules of operations teams to ensure adequate coverage of Adam Smith International operations in Somalia.

  • Recognise operational and political risks and take initiative to mitigate them quickly before they become serious issues for ASI in Somalia.

  • Where operational and political issues arise unexpectedly, take quick initiative to resolve issues via various means, including engaging with Government officials. Do so in collaboration with ASI Somalia political advisers group, the Head of Programmes, Africa and the Somalia Country Coordinator, PMs, TLs and other colleagues, using judgement to determine who to liaise with and when.

  • Ensure that all operations have the appropriate level of compliance in relation to national and corporate legislation, policy and regulations: financial administration, business registration, human resource management and contracting, tax liability, financial reporting, conflict of interest, duty of care and any other relevant aspects.

  • Work with Head of Programmes Africa and Africa Head of Finance to ensure that all operations have the appropriate level of compliance in relation to legal frameworks in Somalia: business registration, company reporting, labour law, tax, conflict of interest and any other relevant aspects.

  • Ensure compliance of all operations staff with basic codes of conduct, anti-bribery legislation and security protocols. Institute appropriate procedures and practices for ensuring that this is the case.

  • Identify and pursue opportunities to earn revenue from the operations platform.

  • Identify and innovate opportunities for the Somalia operations base to support business development and growth;

  • Provide inputs on technical and commercial tenders for upcoming projects. This should include details on costing of expenses, provision of benchmarking data, value for money analysis and possibly duty of care provision;

  • Create an induction programme for new Somalia staff including especially project managers and deliver induction training to all new staff.

Key Accountabilities

  • An operations strategic plan for Somalia;

  • A robust Shared Services Platform for Somalia;

  • Full compliance and minimum risk in relation to corporate policies and Somalia legislation;

  • Profit from operations platforms in Somalia;

  • NOPs and ERPs for Somalia

  • A roster of operations staff (both local and international) so that any gaps can be filled immediately.


The Operations Manager will report to Head of Programmes, Africa (Somalia Country Lead).

Key Relationships


  • Head of Programmes, Africa

  • Somalia Country Coordinator

  • Head of Africa

  • Africa Security Manager & Duty of Care experts in Somalia

  • Africa Finance Manager

  • All Operations Managers under direct line management

  • Country and Somalia Operations Managers in other regions, e.g. AfMENA, Nigeria

  • All Directors, Principals, Team Leaders, Project Managers delivering projects in Somalia


  • Operations service providers / suppliers in Somalia;

  • Key suppliers delivering projects under contract with ASI in Somalia;

  • Operation staff of peer companies operating in Somalia.


  • 5 years or more in project or corporate operations roles in fragile or conflict-affected environments
  • Proven experience in most relevant functions: facilities, logistics, business registration, HR, IT and welfare services
  • Development of SOPs to ensure compliance with corporate and national policy.
  • Proven track record of minimisation of corporate risk.
  • Strong track record of resolving relationship, operational and political issues in Somalia

  • Fluent spoken and written English

  • Advanced negotiation skills.

  • Excellent relationship-building skills.

  • Excellent leadership and people management skills.

  • Good budget, finance & forecasting skills.

  • Ability to build effective, credible client relationships and networks.
  • Valid driving licence


Heard Enough? Ready to Apply?

We would love to hear from you. Please submit a CV (no more than 3 pages) and short cover letter to;


Deadline for applications will be midnight Thursday, May 17th 2017.

Shortlisted applicants only will be contacted. Thank you for your consideration.

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