Research Consultancy: Information Ecosystem for Resilience

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Employer: Norwegian Refugee Council
Job Title: Research Consultancy: Information Ecosystem for Resilience
Job Type: Contractor/Consultant
Location: Somalia
Category: Other

Information Ecosystem for Resilience – Research Consultancy to Conduct Study on the Access, Use and Needs of Somali Urban Youth

1. Purpose and context of assignment

In a recent trend, the Somali information sector is evolving rapidly. More and more Somalis are using phone devices and smart phones every year. Online platforms, Somali web, social networks and apps are being created every month. Existing evidence suggest that about 70% of Somali households have access to mobile phones and that these devices are used for various purposes during crisis such as to share information on shocks or to receive cash transfers.

At the same time, organizations that implement humanitarian and development projects still have a low level of understanding regarding this evolving information landscape, the barriers to access as well as the information needs of the population groups they target. Arguably, this knowledge gap greatly hampers the effectiveness of their programming, leading to missed opportunities for improving the connectedness of communities that helps them better anticipate and reply to shocks.

It is in this context that the BRCiS Consortium is looking for consultants to develop the methodology for an information ecosystem assessment on the evolving information landscape of Somalia, conduct the data collection and analysis and to provide a final report. This will take place in a selection of urban and peri-urban locations in Somalia including one in Mogadishu and at least two additional BRCiS project sites.

2. Research questions and study scope

The commissioned study will seek to provide a snapshot of the Somali information ecosystem with a focus on vulnerable youth living in low-income urban areas (including but not restricted to IDP centres) in Somalia. More specifically, the study should answer the following core research questions:

  • How do urban and peri-urban young groups typically access and use information (channels, frequency, platforms and purposes)?
  • What are some of the key demographic factors related to different information channels (particularly to radio consumption, phone ownership and internet access)?
  • What are the key barriers to information channels (accessibility, affordability, trust, safety, etc.) and how do they vary based on different user profiles?
  • What are some the key information gaps in relation to education, protection, trainings and livelihood opportunities, as well as to both formal and informal markets?
  • How can the identified informational barriers be overcome to support resilience interventions?

    Preliminary scope of study:

  • Strong focus on the information landscape, needs, use, influencers, the role of social trust as well as the impact of information on individual decisions and behaviour change

  • The use of internet, wifi, 3/4G, smartphones, mifi, other devices are additional important aspects that the study should explore in greater details

  • Emphasis on technological exclusion and information gaps related to employment market, livelihood opportunities

  • Geographical areas of interest primarily include urban and peri-urban locations where BRCiS is present, covering at least three project sites, potentially one in Mogadishu and two in two fast-growing secondary cities of Somalia

3. Major Deliverables to be Accomplished

  1. Methodology report including survey instruments and interviews used.
  2. Draft report on preliminary findings including recommendations on programmatic changes to be made to address informational barriers to resilience-building
  3. Validation workshop to share and discuss preliminary findings with Consortium Partners
  4. Final report.

4. Estimated timeline

The estimated start of the study is September 2018. All work will have to be completed before February 2019.

5. Qualifications

  • At least 5 years of experience conducting information ecosystem analysis to inform resilience programs
  • Substantial research work in the field of information ecosystems with a geographical focus on Sub-Saharan Africa, preferably on the dry lands of the Horn of Africa
  • Extensive experience both in quantitative and qualitative methods demonstrated through previous work in information ecosystem analysis
  • Strong familiarity of Somali and or other similar context.

6. Application

We welcome applications both from individuals, partnerships, and firms. Apply with;

  • An updated CV.
  • A preliminary budget proposal, information on availability and details on the number of days required to conduct the study.
  • Samples as proof of similar work undertaken – shared as attachment or hyperlinked in CV

Only selected candidates will be contacted.

NRC may be required to verify the identity of its partners and to check that its partners have not been involved in illegal activities. NRC reserves the right to use electronic screening tools for this purpose.


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