Advertisement for Hydrogeological Investigation and Assessments in Gatitaley Village-Togdheer

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World Vision

World Vision is an international Christian Relief and Development organization, whose goal is to achieve long-lasting benefits in the quality of life for vulnerable children and their families, displaced persons and communities. 

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Employer: World Vision
Job Title: Advertisement for Hydrogeological Investigation and Assessments in Gatitaley Village-Togdheer
Job Type: Contractor/Consultant
Location: Somaliland
Category: Other


Consultancy – Hydrogeological Investigation and Assessments in Gatitaley                   Village-Togdheer, Somaliland

Terms of Reference (ToR)

1.       PURPOSE

The purpose of this consultancy is to complete an assessment of Gatitaley Village, Togdheer region, Somaliland, and make recommendations for the mechanical drilling of borehole to be undertaken by World Vision.

2.        OBJECTIVES

1.       Assess one (1) site within the target Village to determine suitability for mechanical drilling of borehole.

2.       Provide a report on the underlying hydrogeological condition for the assessed site, recommending availability of water for drilling to be conducted

3.       Develop specific guidance on the type of drilling methods and borehole development techniques that can be used to extract safe water for the community in Gatitaley.

4.       To prepare detail design of borehole and bill of quantities for drilling site.

3.       TARGET USERS:

· WV WASH Manager

· WV FSL Manager

· Ministry of Water and energy development

· Local drilling companies


 Assess the site within the target Village location to determine suitability for mechanical drilling of borehole

  1. The community will pre-select the site which would be provided to the consultant, stating the order of preference for the site. The consultant will take the GPS coordinates of the selected site. The consultant upon visiting this location will determine the road conditions for accessibility and recommend the drilling rig and other heavy equipment that can be used later for drilling.
  2. Consultant will be responsible to get the selected site checked by proper Geophysical/ Geological and traditional methods to confirm the technical feasibility of drilling a successful borehole for hand pump installation. In case the consultant selected a site that is not the exact site selected by the client/Water User Committee, then s/he should discuss and receive prior consent from the client and explain the need for such changes.
  3. The consultant should ensure that the site selected, surveyed and recommended for the borehole is preferably within the communities and are not more than 500 meters from where at least 80% of people of that village/ community live. The site should definitely not be in a place that gets flooded in the rainy season and should be away from the flood plain area of any streams or rivers in the locality. Special care must be taken to ensure that the site chosen is at least 50 meters away from toilet pits or any other sources of pollution such as garbage pits, sewerage tanks or spills/ over flow from pipes, graveyard, and stagnant pools of dirty water or animal pens
  4. To carry out a hydro-geological and geophysical site instigation for a drilling site in the above mentioned location using the appropriate geo-electrical methods.
  5. To conduct a thorough hydro-geological desk study prior to the commencement of the field survey to determine the appropriate method and how the survey can be conducted.
  6. To choose and utilize appropriate and modern geophysical instruments for the geophysical survey to identify potential site for the proposed borehole site.
  7. To perform profiles of the site using suitable and quick array (Wenner or Schlumberger methods, etc.).
  8. To perform Vertical Electrical Sounding (VES) for the site using Schlumberger array. A minimum of 1,000 m long survey line should be used so as to collect data about resistivity strata depth information from 150 to 250 meters below grade surface. Good configuration that is understandable and adaptable, and appropriate recognized geophysical software(s) must be used for interpretation.
  9. To collect, organize, analyze and process data and model it using standard, modern and recognized geophysical software.
  10. J.        To label each VES taken with wooden marking and the potentially recommended site must be shown in the site sketches in the final reports.
  11. K.      To look for the appropriate equipment and computer software to be used at consultant’s expense.
  12. L.       To study and include borehole drilling success rates in the area under consideration.
  13. M.    Assessment of site will consider the rainy season and accessibility to heavy drilling rigs and support vehicles. If the consultant considers improvements are required for any reason to enable him carry out the Works he shall make the improvements at his own expense if the cost involved is not high and when communities are unwilling to do the works. In the event that by simple works, the access is still not possible, then the consultant should intimate in writing to the client and replace the Location from the reserve list with the written consent of the Client.
  14. N.     The consultant shall provide all tools, equipment and materials, and shall perform all Works necessary to satisfactorily locate site for drilling.
  15. O.     The consultant shall employ only competent workmen for the execution of the Works, and all such Works shall be performed under direct supervision of a WV technical support PM.
  16. P.      The consultant shall specify in a Schedule of Survey Equipment and Accessories all those items that is to be used to undertake this work. It shall at all times be kept in full working order and good repair.
  17. Q.      If the Client (WV) considers that the survey equipment or any accessories in use on the site of the Works is in any way unsuitable, inefficient or inadequate in capacity, the Client shall have the right to call upon the consultant to put such equipment in good order within seven days or alternatively to remove such and replace it with additional equipment which the Client considers necessary to meet the requirements of the Contract.
  18. 2.        Provide a report on the underlying hydrogeological condition for the assessed site, recommending the site for drilling to be conducted.
  19. a.       One sites shall be identified and recommendation made in order of survey results
  20. b.      Report should include sufficient detail to satisfy the requirements of the project donor.
  21. 3.        Develop specific guidance on the type of drilling and borehole development techniques that can be used to extract safe water for the community
  22. a.       Guidance should include practical recommendation based upon the sit assessment - accessibility, hydrogeological consideration, locally available equipment and expertise.


In Field Debriefing

The consultant should provide a debriefing before leaving the region in line with the above stated objectives and detailed scope.

HQ Debriefing

The consultant should provide a debriefing (via Skype) to the WV technical team on the main findings and recommendations.





Target Audience

Hydrogeological Investigation and Assessment Report.

WV, local authorities

Borehole Drilling Guidance

WV, local authorities and consultants



 Kindly indicate the accurate starting date and specifically showing the number of days for desk study, inception preliminary and final reports:


Duration of Contract (working days

In Country

12 days


12 days


7.        TEAM

The work will be supervised by the WASH Manager, with technical input from the WASH Technical Advisor.



  1. The consultant shall be responsible for the provision of all technical inputs, all the necessary equipment and personnel comprising of one (1) Hydrogeologist and one (1) Assistant Hydrogeologist.
  2. The Consultant will present one copy of the technical report together with all relevant maps, diagrams profiles and data related the hydrological instigations according the scope of this TOR.
  3. The consultant shall ensure that he is operating within the national legislation and has the proper legal status from the relevant authorities to undertake the project in the country of registration of the company.
  4. The consultant shall implement the project with due care and diligence in accordance with the objectives and obligations specified in this TOR and within the mutually agreed budget and time frame.
  5. The consultant shall be responsible for safety procedures for the personnel and equipment materials used for carrying out project activities.
  6. The consultant will be responsible for all local travel arrangements (including but not limited to logistics, insurance and accommodation), for which reasonable costs will be reimbursed by WV upon successful conclusion of the contract. Such anticipated costs should be provided as part of the contractual budget submitted to WV.
  7. WV will be responsible for travel and accommodation within Somaliland, for the duration of the consultant’s stay in the region. Any special requirements, such as freight for equipment should be communicated in advance to allow for planning.
  8. All documentation must be written in English


As part of the Consultant selection process, the best five candidates will be required to make a presentation of the technical proposal to the Supply Chain and Core Project Technical team to inform the final decision on the award of the contract.

Applications should be submitted electronically to, and copying;,  on Thursday the November 29th 2018 at 14:00 Hours East African Time, with attachments in pdf and a subject line: Hydrogeological Investigation and Assessments in Gatitaley, Togdher region Somalilland.

NB: Application deadline is Thursday November 29th, 2018

 Provisions of Taxation as per the Somaliland Revenue Authority on Technical Fees Technical service fees

A 100% withholding tax is levied on the payment of technical service fees (as well as professional and management fees) where the services are provided by a resident/ resident firm in Somaliland.

The rate is 20% where the service provider is a non-resident/non-resident firm, unless an applicable tax treaty provides otherwise.

 Consultant firms must be able to demonstrate their tax compliance status at the time of bidding for this assignment as WVS will only engage with tax compliant individuals/firms

The Proposal that complies with all of the requirements, meets all the evaluation criteria and offers the best value for money shall be selected and awarded the contract. Any offer that does not meet the requirements shall be rejected.


As part of the Consultant selection process, the best five candidates will be requested to prepare draft inception report and make a presentation of the same to the Tender Committee Technical Team to inform the final decision on award of the Contract.



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