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Employer: Action Against Hunger USA
Job Type: Contractor/Consultant
Location: Somalia
Category: Other


AAH/ACF International is a network of Non-Governmental Organizations striving to save lives by eliminating hunger through the prevention, detection, and treatment of malnutrition. ACF programs focus on Nutrition, Food Security and Livelihoods, and Water and Sanitation.

AAH has been working in SOMALIA since 1992 and currently implementing activities in Benadir, Bakool (Xudur, Wajid, El-Berde, and Yeed) and Puntland (Garowe & Eyl).

To support these activities, presently AAH SOMALIA MISSION is developing/renewing the list of established, potential and qualified suppliers of providing the following materials/services/works:

Standard market name: Info

  • Agriculture - Livestock Supplies Live animals

  • Agriculture - Seeds and products Supplies: Seeds, Cuttlings, Seedlings

  • Agriculture - Veterinary products Supplies Drugs for animals, consumables, equipments.

  • Awareness Campaign - Service Works/Services Theatre or Music group, Radio Broadcast, Video shooting

  • Awareness Campaign or Distributions - Items Supplies Rental or Purchase of sound system, tents, megaphone, manual counter

  • Building Rental Works/Services Office, Guesthouse, Warehouse, Venue rental

  • Building Repair and Maintenance Works/Services Plumbery, carpentery repairs and services

  • Clothing and Fabrics Supplies T shirts / Jackets / Hats with or without logos, Cloth / Lungis for Programs, Cloth or cotton Banners

  • Construction Material - Human-made Supplies Cement, Bricks, Concrete Blocks

  • Construction Material - Iron Supplies Iron sheets, iron bars, barbed wire, Gabions

  • Construction Material - Raw Aggregate Supplies Sand, Gravel, Backfill stones, Soil

  • Construction Material - Wood Supplies Wood board, beam, stick, plywood

  • Construction Service Works/Services Construction Work ordered to an external specialized company

  • Customs Service Works/Services Customs and handling for import / export

  • Electrical Equipment Supplies Generator, Batteries, UPS, inverter, electric board

  • Electrical Service Works/Services Electrical works, diagnostic, repair, maintenance.

  • Electrical tools and consumables Supplies Cables, connectors, Fuses, Circuit breakers, outlets, tools

  • Food - Catering Works/Services Prepared meals (and potentially delivery of meals)

  • Food - Dry Food Supplies Plain Cereals, dry products (Rice, Maize, Beans, Lentils, Sugar, etc) or Flours

  • Food - Fresh Food Supplies Vegetables, Meat, OR prepared food (catering)

  • Food - Rations Supplies Prepared food rations

  • Food - Therapeutic Food Supplies RUTF, RUSF (Plumpy Nut, F-75/F-100 Milk, BP-5, etc)

  • Fuel Supplies Diesel, Gasoline (for vehicles and generators)

  • Furniture Supplies All furniture, for office or Guesthouse

  • IT and Telecom services Works/Services Maintenance, Repair

  • IT Consumables and Accessories Supplies IT Cables, keyboards, external drive, mouse, USB key, DVD

  • IT Equipment Supplies Laptops, printers, scanners, NAS server, Tablets, GPS, Camera, Video projector

  • IT Internet Fees Works/Services Installation costs, Monthly fees for Internet Access providers

  • IT Software Supplies Licence cost for Sphinx, AutoCAD, ArcGIS, Stata

  • Laboratory Tests Works/Services Lab tests (food, seeds..) done by external laboratory

  • Money Transfer Service Works/Services Transfer and Distribution fees

  • NFI - Cooking Supplies Cooking pot, Plates, Spoons, Bowls, Knives, Stoves

  • NFI - Emergency / Relief kits Supplies Content to define

  • NFI - Hygiene products Supplies Soap, Shampoo, Diapers, toothbrush, Towels

  • NFI - Shelter Supplies Tents, Mats, Blankets, Ropes, Tarpaulins

  • NFI- Plastic material Supplies Plastic Buckets, Cup, Plate, Basin

  • Nut - Anthropometric equipment Supplies Measuring boards, Weighting scales, MUACs, ID bracelets

  • Office / House Equipment Supplies Fans, Water Fountains, Cash Machine

  • Office Stationary Supplies Notebook, binder, pens, markers, scissors, staplers, toners

  • Printing Supplies Printing of Posters, Leaflets, paper Banners, Logbooks, Photocopies, Stickers, etc

  • Protection / Safety Equipment Supplies Masks, Gloves, Goggles, Helmet, Boots, Coverall, Raincoat, Boundary marking tape-roll

  • Sanitation - Dewatering Service Works/Services Dewatering done by an external company

  • Sanitation - Garbage Disposal Works/Services Collection and disposal of garbage

  • Sanitation items Supplies Garbage bins

  • Services for FSL Works/Services To be defined (Survey, Consultancy, veterinary services)

  • Services for MHCP Works/Services To be defined (Survey, Consultancy…)

  • Services for NUT Works/Services To be defined (Survey, Consultancy…)

  • Services for WaSH Works/Services To be defined (Survey, Consultancy…)

  • Services - Other Consultancies Works/Services Consultancy service of any type (for Finance, Security, HR…)

  • Telecom - Cellular Phones Supplies Mobile phones and accessories (excluding credit)

  • Telecom - Communication Fees Works/Services Prepaid phone cards, Monthly phone costs, Tel Sat communications, Bulk SMS sending service …

  • Telecom - HF and VHF Radios Supplies Radios, Repeaters, Docking stations

  • Telecom - Satellite Phones Supplies Sat phones for data or voice and accessories (excluding credit)

  • Tools - Power Tools (small machines) Supplies Hand drill, Welding, Grinder, Chop saw…

  • Tools and Hardware Supplies Shovels, Pick axes, Hoes, Forks, Machetes, Sprayers, Wheelbarrows, Hammers, Saw, Wrench, Scissors, Screws and screwdrivers, nails, pliers, spanners, Try Squares, levels... ?

  • Toys Supplies All kind of toys

  • Transport Works/Services Road, See or Air Transport

  • Vehicle Accessories & spare parts Supplies All spare parts and consumables (oil, filters..), First Aid Kit

  • Vehicle Purchase Supplies Cars, Trucks, Bikes, Boats

  • Vehicle Rental Supplies Cars, Trucks, Bikes, Boats or Machines

  • Vehicle Maintenance and Repair Works/Services Maintenance and repair done by external garage

  • Visibility Supplies Metal boards (painted)

  • Water - Drilling machines and accessories Supplies Drilling machine, Compressor, Bits, Hammers, pipes, Foam, Grease…

  • Water - Plumbing items & Couplings Supplies Pipes and hoses, Tap stands, joints, couplings, reducers, tees, valves, elbows, nipples, plugs, sockets

  • Water- Drilling service Works/Services Drilling done by an external company

  • Water Pumps, accessories and consumables Supplies Electric pumps, Hand pumps, Foot pumps, submersible pumps

  • Water storage, equipments and accessories Supplies Bladders, tanks, water towers and associated accessories

  • Water testing / treatment - Equipments & consumable Supplies Incubator, Photometer, Turbimeter, Chemical reagents (DPD, Phenol...), Aquatab

  • Water Trucking Works/Services Supply + Transport of water OR transport only
    The main criteria of Supplier Selection will be:

The main criteria of Supplier Selection will be:

Competitive pricing; Ability to meet specifications and standards; Availability of products and ability to deliver within 15 days; Product and service quality; Product yields and durability (food); Reliable delivery methods; Quality control methods and practices; Technical abilities and leadership; Ability to provide niche or unique products and/or design concepts; Financial stability & credit strength; Payment conditions/requirements; Compatibility with existing products; Adequate distribution/warehousing facilities and resources; Spare parts availability; Warranty, insurance and bonding provisions; Proven performance and experience; Service support resources available; Previous experience and past performance with the product/service to be purchased; Security of the Supply Chain.


Application Process:

Suppliers interested for being added to our list of selected suppliers, in participating in future restricted tenders and/or in signing framework agreements with us either should collect the Supplier Questionnaire printed copy through AAH Offices in Nairobi, Mogadishu, Xudur, El-Berde, Wajid, Garowe & Eyl during office hours or can download electronic version by sending an email to: procurement@so-actionagainsthunger.org

The applicant must include the following mandatory documents in order to qualify:

  • Registration certificate, Trading License/Business permit, Company profile; Import & Export License;
  • References of similar supply/service/work offered either to other NGO’s, UN, Embassies or major corporations in past 3 years (attach list of clients with contact details);
  • Audited accounts for the past 2 years and Bank Statement for last 6 months;
  • Completed Supplier Questionnaire Form with necessary attachments;
  • Any other relevant information.

You can submit your complete application dossier along with above-mentioned documents by email to: procurement@so-actionagainsthunger.org with subject title “AAH Somalia - Call For Interest 2019” on or before 26th of January 2019.

Note: No hardcopy submissions will be accepted

Publish date: 2019-01-17 23:24:17
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