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Request for Expressions of Interest


Description of Requirements

The United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) in Somalia seeks Expressions of Interest (EOI) from qualified local retailers for the provision of up to nineteen (19) food items that are on offer under WFP’s Somalia Programme. The EOI will be launched in Berbera, Sheikh and Hargeisa districts in Waqooyi Galbeed region, Erigavo &  Elafweyn districts in Sanaag Region of Somaliland.


The food items to be provided will consist of cereals, pulses, oil, salt, sugar, and other food commodities as specified herein. WFP will distribute cash/vouchers to beneficiaries once each month however, the beneficiaries will be allowed to make multiple shopping trips to buy food with the cash or to redeem their vouchers within the month.


WFP is the world's largest humanitarian agency fighting hunger worldwide, delivering food assistance in emergencies and working with communities to improve nutrition and build resilience. Each year, WFP assists some 80 million people in around 80 countries.

WFP is providing food assistance to various Households who will benefit from the Cash/Voucher transfers programme in Somaliland.


In order to provide assistance in a timely and cost-effective manner, WFP plans to contract services from food retailers to provide the required food items to beneficiaries in these regions.

Required Services

Please refer to attached Terms of reference for supply of food commodities.

Suppliers interested to do business with WFP must submit the following documents and be prepared to accept WFP General Terms and conditions.

Required Documents

  1. Duly filled and signed Expression of Interest Application form*;
  2. Signed and Stamped Bank account details from any Bank (name of the business to match the account name) supported by latest bank statement;
  3. Valid copy of certificate of Business Registration or letter from District Commissioner valid for 1 year;
  4. Valid copy of Passport or ID of the Manager / Director / Shop Owner (the name of the manager has to has to match with the name appearing on the passport or ID);
  5. Valid email address and telephone number;
  6. Tax clearance certificate from the respecting authorities;

*Applications forms are available and can be collected from WFP Office in Hargeisa or Berbera.

The information provided to WFP will be used to shortlist food retailer. Non-provision of the required information may result in the food retailer being excluded from further consideration.

Important notice

The complete package of documents to be submitted to WFP Office in Hargeisa or Berbera in sealed envelope and dropped in a Tender Box and must be clearly labelled as follows:

“Expression of Interest – Food Assistance through Cash Based transfers in Somaliland


Attn:Head of Programme

UN World Food Programme

WFP Hargeisa -Somalia


The closing date for receiving the complete set of documents is 10th March 2019 at 12:00 Noon.


Traders may address their questions to or to Head of Programme in the WFP Hargeisa. WFP may decide to convene a meeting with traders to clarify the scope of the services that will be required.

This EOI does not constitute a solicitation. WFP reserves the right to change or cancel the requirements at any time during the EOI. WFP also reserves the right to disregard traders/retailers from further consideration if the trader/retailer is not deemed to conform to the above conditions. Thus, submitting a reply to this EOI does not automatically guarantee that trader/retailer will be considered for receipt of the solicitation if-and-when issued.

Food Commodities to be supplied in the food assistance intervention through Cash & Voucher




Unit of Measure



1 kg



1 kg


Wheat Flour

1 kg


Pulses: Dry Beans

1 kg

Pulses: Dry Cowpeas

1 kg

Pulses: Dry Lentils

1 kg



1 Ltr



1 kg



1 kg


Canned Fish (95gm)

1 tin

Canned Fish (120gm)

1 tin

Canned Fish (200gm)

1 tin



1 kg



1 kg



1 kg



1 pc



1 kg


Camel Meat

1 kg


Goat Meat

1 kg



1 kg



1 kg


Fresh fruits

1 kg


Camel Milk

1 ltr

Terms of Reference for Supply of Food Commodities


  1. The Retailer shall stock the Food Items in a manner that ensures availability for Beneficiaries at all     times.
  2. The Retailer shall ensure that the Retail Shops are maintained in hygienic and sanitary conditions at all times in conformity with nationally recognized standards. 
  3. The Retailer shall ensure that Beneficiaries have the right to choose the types, quantity, and quality of food from the list of Food Items.
  4. The Retailer shall provide the Food Items to Beneficiaries at prevailing market prices.  The correct prices of the Food Items shall be visibly displayed by the Retailer in the Retail Shops at all times and shall be regularly updated as necessary.
  5. Prior to redeeming any Humanitarian Assistance Card for Food Items, the Retailer shall verify the authenticity and validity of the Humanitarian Assistance Card as well as scan the fingerprint of card holder using the POS system and shall verify that such scanned fingerprints correspond with the fingerprints recorded on the Humanitarian Assistance Card.
  6. No later than the third (3rd) of each month, the Retailer shall transfer the transaction data, generated from all voucher redemption transactions effected in respect of the Humanitarian Assistance Card at the Retail Shops during the preceding month, from the POS system to WFP’s SCOPE system.  Such transfer of transaction data shall serve as WFP’s basis for the generation of a monthly invoice for the Retailer.
  7. Under no circumstances whatsoever shall the Beneficiary be allowed to redeem a Humanitarian Assistance Card in exchange for any other unauthorized item.  The Retailer shall immediately report to WFP any such attempt by any Beneficiary.
  8. The Retailer must treat all beneficiaries with respect. Customer satisfaction must be guaranteed at all times.  Under no circumstances whatsoever shall a valid and authenticated Humanitarian Assistance Card presented by a Beneficiary at the Retail Shops be refused by the Retailer.
  9. The Retailer shall ensure that Humanitarian Assistance Card balance checking services are available for use by Beneficiaries upon request by the Beneficiaries.
  10. The Retailer agrees to display WFP’s visibility and/or communication materials at the Retail Shops upon WFP’s request.
  11. The Retailer shall possess accurate weights and measuring equipment in each Retail Shop.
  12. The Retailer shall provide access at all working hours to WFP monitoring teams or its representatives visiting the shop on unannounced and regular basis.
  13. The Retailer shall handle all POS devices and any other facilities provided by WFP in the Retail Shops with due care, shall protect all such devices and facilities from damage or loss and shall not swap any such POS devices with those of any other retailer.   The Retailer shall be liable to WFP for the cost of any POS devices that are lost or damaged because of the negligence of the Retailer.
  14. At least once every week, in order to facilitate payment of the Retailer by WFP, the Retailer shall synchronize the transaction data recorded in the POS devices with the WFP through a mobile operator system to be provided by WFP to the Retailer.  The Retailer shall immediately notify WFP in the event of any technical issues encountered with the synchronization process.
  15. The Retailer shall ensure that the POS is powered at all times using the Retailers generator or WFP provided Portable Solar Charger.
  16. The Retailer shall ensure that the Retail Shops are open during the business hours agreed upon with WFP, which shall constitute 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. for six (6) days a week, it being understood that such hours may be changed upon the prior written consent of WFP.
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