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Employer: SOS Children's Villages International
Job Type: Full-Time
Location: Somalia

SOS Children's Village Somalia exists since 1983 as a children's aid organization in Somalia. After the first children's village in Mogadishu was opened in 1985, SOS Somalia has continuously expanded its programmes in the areas of humanitarian aid, alternative long-term care, education and health despite the adverse security situation in the country. SOS Somalia focuses on vulnerable children, their families and their communities. Much of this is affected by the effects of prolonged civil war, chronic drought and frequent flooding, with consequences such as famine, refugee flows, disease, malnutrition and low labour productivity - all factors leading to extreme poverty among people.
SOS Somalia is currently implementing active in the project locations of Mogadishu, Afgooye, Hudur, Diinsoor, Elberde and Baidoa
Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) has become a leading priority for many development and humanitarian organizations including SOS Children's Village Somalia. Advancements in measurement approaches, indicators and targets, performance monitoring and managing for results (impact) have been made in recent years in order to adequately, effectively evaluate progress, and program impact. M&E is essential in order to design appropriate, effective, measurable programs and projects, and to consistently and effectively monitor implementation and evaluate the impact of specific activities among target populations.
In line with this philosophy and in order to better meet programming goals, SOS Children's Village Somalia is seeking to enhance its program training with the inclusion of a monitoring and evaluation component. Building SOS Children's Village Somalia capacity to establish effective M&E systems will improve program design and management, and ensure that new projects develop M&E plans appropriate to the particular programming and vulnerability context.
The manual will guide program managers and M&E staff in the establishment and use of monitoring and evaluation systems for large programs, specific program components and small projects alike. It should serve as a guide to improve understanding of M&E in general and increase competency in key aspects of practicing M&E in the field
SOS Children’s village Somalia currently has a robust MEAL system that are currently in place and adopted by various programmes. This includes;

 Accountability mechanism/systems (toll free line, CRM database, focus group discussions, satisfaction surveys, PDMs, protection-mainstreaming surveys) established for the programmes.  Indicator performance tracking table and monthly project statistics reports.  Evaluations conducted for projects to ascertain the realization of programme objectives.  Action plan tracker for documenting actions derived from programme monitoring and evaluations as well as periodic review meetings.  Quality benchmarks/checklists-sector specific minimum standards developed and piloted for various projects.  Field monitoring visits conducted and reports generated where findings are action by the programme team for correction.
Purpose of the Monitoring and Evaluation Manual
The manual should clearly introduce fundamental concepts and components of M&E. Then present definitions of the basic components of an effective M&E system and offers guidance for adapting each component to local programming contexts. It also should provide key considerations for the development of appropriate M&E tools within the primary sectors in which SOS Children's Village Somalia works. Perhaps most importantly, the manual is intended to contribute to the learning environment within SOS Children's Village Somalia by describing the ways in which a comprehensive M&E system can be consistently used to inform problem analysis, program design, implementation, monitoring and reporting of evaluation findings. The M&E Manual is intended to strengthen the following principal competencies:  Understanding conceptual frameworks for program design and planning upon which monitoring and evaluation systems will be based;  Identifying and distinguishing between the key components of monitoring and evaluation systems;  Understanding the synergistic relationships between program design and management, and M&E systems in order to determine the expected impact and objectives and how they will be achieved;  Knowledge of the various tools and frameworks for M&E design planning and management.  Determining appropriate indicators and targets for both implementation processes as well as project outcomes and impact;  Identifying potential sources and tools for collecting and analysing information, and tracking progress and impact;  Developing effective, flexible and responsive M&E Plans;  and Recording and sharing information on best practices and lessons learned in M&E throughout the organization.  Adoption of a common framework of analysis of the results and impact linked to a given project and of its capacity to respond to the problems of a specific area or sector.  The Manual will represent a formal tool that will reinforce SOS Children’s village Somalia and will further increase its on-going efforts aimed at maximising their efficiency and effectiveness.  Standardisation of the evaluation practices already applied by the other NGOs.

Overall Goal:
To study SOS Children’s village Somalia internal MEAL system and from that develop a comprehensive and user-friendly MEAL manual that would guide the programme quality and capacitate SOS Children’s village Somalia staffs.
Specific objective/Scope of Work/Expected Outputs The scope of work and expected outputs/deliverables will be the following:

  1. Review the current MEAL system used by SOS Children’s village Somalia.
    1. Develop draft copy of the manual in line with the capacity gap identified above.
    1. Lead/conduct a review and validation workshop to review the draft
    1. Generate the final SOS Children’s village Somalia manual.
      Work schedule a. The duration of contract shall be for a maximum of two (2) working months between mm/2019 – mm/2019. b. The consultant will work closely with the SOS Children’s village Somalia Project Team and will from time to time submit and share the progress of activities as agreed.
      Deliverables a. Facilitate two consultations to discuss and finalize the MEAL manual. b. Produce a well written and comprehensive MEAL manual for SOS Children’s village Somalia (in English).

Qualifications and specialized knowledge/experience required

 Have at least a BSC in economics, statistics or a higher degree in a similar field;

 Have at least seven (7) years of experience in the field of monitoring and evaluation in general and at least five (05) years in the monitoring and evaluation of development projects/programmes;

 Have developed at least three (03) procedural MEAL manuals for development projects/programmes.


Application Application files comprising: a cover letter, a resume, academic certificates copies, work certificates or any other document justifying experience, must sent as an electronic means to procurement@sossomalia.org not later than 5:00 pm on Friday, April 19TH 2019. Please include the subject line “DEVELOP MONITORING, EVALUATION, ACCOUNTABILITY AND LEARNING MANUAL FOR SOS CHILDREN'S VILLAGE SOMALI” or else your application will not be considered.



Publish date: 2019-04-16 00:24:38
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