Prequalification of Suppliers/Contractors for Provision of Goods, Works and Services for FY-2020-2022

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World Vision

World Vision is an international Christian Relief and Development organization, whose goal is to achieve long-lasting benefits in the quality of life for vulnerable children and their families, displaced persons and communities. 

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Employer: World Vision
Job Title: Prequalification of Suppliers/Contractors for Provision of Goods, Works and Services for FY-2020-2022 Featured job
Job Type: Full-Time
Location: Hargeisa; Somaliland
Category: Other

Prequalification of Suppliers/Contractors for Provision of Goods, Works and Services in 2020-2022 


World Vision Somaliland, jointly invites applications from registered eligible companies for consideration as approved Suppliers/Service providers of goods, works and services’ categories as per below  detailed categories.

Prequalification documents are free of charge and you can download can be requested through email somaliland_supply_chain,  ccing or you can directly collect them from World Vision Office in Hargeisa.  

Category #

Category  Name



Agriculture, Farm (Equipment and Supplies) & Livestock


Agricultural Inputs

Beekeeping Equipment

Pesticides and Fertilizer

Irrigation Equipment and Materials

Farm Tools, Equipment, tractor ploughing, implements (Assorted)

WVSL/CAT/02/ FY2020

Uniforms and Shoes


Footwear (Shoes)

WVSL/CAT/03/ FY2020

Construction & Building Contractors, Materials and Repairs

Building Materials

Construction (Contractors)


Consultancy Services

Knowledge Management

WVSL/CAT/04/ FY2020

Building & architectural Engineer Services

Workshop Facilitators/Trainers

Legal Services

Translation Services

Videographer (Services)

WVSL/CAT/05/ FY2020

Education: School Supplies and Equipment

School Furniture

Sports Equipment

School Bags/ Backpacks

WVSL/CAT/06/ FY2020


Bottled Water

Food Parcels / Dry Rations

Groceries, Kitchen, Break Room Supplies

WVSL/CAT/07/ FY2020

Health, Drugs & Medical (Equipment and Supplies)


Medical Supplies

Medical Equipment

Veterinary Supplies

Veterinary Pharmaceuticals and Medicines

WVSL/CAT/08/ FY2020

Household, Shelter, Relief Supplies

Hygiene Kits

Kitchen Sets



Tents (Shelter)


Jerry Cans and buckets

Mosquito Nets

Rub Halls

Emergency Kit / Go bags

Dignity Kits

WVSL/CAT/09/ FY2020

IT Hardware

Printers & Copiers

Cartridges & Toners

Computer Accessories

WVSL/CAT/10/ FY2020

Office Supplies and Stationery

Office & School Supplies

Printer Paper

WVSL/CAT/11/ FY2020

Office Equipment and Furniture


Office Appliances

Office Equipment

Office Furniture & Fittings

Air Conditioners

Water Dispensers


WVSL/CAT/12/ FY2020


Cleaning & Janitorial Services


Building Maintenance and Repair

Janitorial Services

Cleaning Supplies (Janitorial)

Office Equipment Repairs & Maintenance


WVSL/CAT/13/ FY2020

Power Generation

Solar Equipment

Solar Panels

Power Back Up Equipment - Other

WVSL/CAT/14/ FY2020

Publishing, Printed Material & Advertising


WV Promotional Clothing

IEC materials


WVSL/CAT/15/ FY2020

Transportation & Warehousing

Road Transport Services

Customs Clearance and Agency Fees

Hiring of Mechanical Handling Cranes and Equipment

Air transport Services, Courier Services

WVSL/CAT/16/ FY2020

Hotel/Lodging and Venue

Hotel Rooms

Meeting Venues

Sound System

WVSL/CAT/17/ FY2020

Catering Services

Catering Services

WVSL/CAT/18/ FY2020

Car Hire and vehicle leasing(Ground Transportation)

Car/Bus/Mini Van Rental

Car hire/ car rental services

WVSL/CAT/19/ FY2020

Vehicles and Vehicle Fleet Management

Vehicle Repairs & Maintenance

Vehicle Tires and Spare Parts

Car Wash

WVSL/CAT/20/ FY2020

Water and Sanitation

Water Tanks

Drilling Services

Drilling Equipment

Purification Tablets

Water Bowsers/Water Tankers

Water Pumps, Pipes & Toolkits

Water Filtration Systems

Wash Construction Projects (Contractors)

Water Testing Equipment

Hand Washing Station

WVSL/CAT/21/ FY2020

Insurance Services

Vehicle Insurance

WVSL/CAT/22/ FY2020

Banking Services

Money Transfer services

WVSL/CAT/23/ FY2020







This invitation is extended to all suppliers including those who are currently supplying to World Vision office in Somaliland.


  1. Registration is open to all interested and eligible applicants
  2. Only successful applicants will be contacted
  3. Application for registration documents must be submitted  in hard copy in sealed envelopes showing the category # applied for delivered and received on or before Monday August 12th  2019  by 10:00AM, to the below office address:

Mr. Abdiwahab Jama Hassan, Head of Supply Chain & Logist ics, World Vision Somaliland, Masalaha area behind Ambassador Hotel. Hargeisa, Somaliland.


Applicants MUST attach the valid copies of the following documents

  1. Business license issued by the Ministry of Commerce in Somaliland
  2. Somaliland Tender Board Registration
  3. Registration Certificate from the local Government
  4. Tax Clearance Certificate from the Ministry of Finance
  5. Evidence of registration under relevant statutes/bodies. e. g.  Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources, Ministry of Social Affairs and Public Works, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock etc. 
  6. Duly filled in signed and stamped Vendor Registration Form
  7. Duly filled, signed and stamped Supplier Code of Conduct


All the information requested for pre-qualification shall be provided in English Language

The detailed list of categories and sub categories is attached for ease of reference.

World Vision International reserves the right to accept or reject any application and is not bound to give reasons for its decision.

downloadClick here to download the registration document


Publish date: 2019-07-10 10:26:19
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