Invitation To Bid For Construction of 2-Km Water Reticulation System In Ali Hussien IDP, Burao, Togdheer Region, Somaliland

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Taakulo Somaliland Communities TASCO

Taakulo Somaliland Communities (TASCO)

Hargeisa , Somaliland 

Land line: +252 2 527202

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Employer: Taakulo Somaliland Communities TASCO
Job Title: Invitation To Bid For Construction of 2-Km Water Reticulation System In Ali Hussien IDP, Burao, Togdheer Region, Somaliland Featured job
Job Type: Contractor/Consultant
Location: Somaliland; Burao
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Tender Notice;                                                                                                                                 November 23, 2019




Project Name

“WADAJIR” - Enhancing durable solutions for and reintegration of displacement affected communities in Somaliland

Project type


Location to be implemented

Burao Tog-dheer, Ali Hussien IDP.

Tender dossier contents

Construction of 2km Water reticulation system.

Deadline of bid submission

November 29, 2019

Taakulo Somaliland Community Commonly known by the acronym “TASCO”. TASCO is a multifaceted non-governmental, non-profit making, non-political and non-partisan development and humanitarian aid organization established in 2007 and headquartered in Hargeisa, Somaliland. Taakulo is a Somali word meaning “helping/aiding”. TASCO is dedicated to helping the disadvantaged people and communities throughout Somaliland by engaging in development and related activities and also providing relief support and assistance, facilitating and promoting participatory local community activities and programs that emphasize human dignity and self-reliance.

Five agencies, World Vision – WV, Norwegian Refugee Council – NRC, Concern Worldwide – CWW, Danish Refugee Council – DRC and TASCO –Taakulo Somaliland Community, have formed the Somaliland Durable Solutions Consortium (SDSC) which aims at addressing the root causes of mixed migration in Somaliland. In particular, WV is leading the consortium partners including DRC, CWW, NRC and TASCO; Were TASCO implementing sustainable durable solutions to sustain the internal displaced people their livelihoods and integrate local community.

TASCO here by advertising the bid for construction of 2km water reticulation system in Ali Hussien IDP, Burao, Tog-dheer Region, Somaliland; TASCO invites to all qualified construction companies which is considering the above proposed work and have a full capacity to implement the construction water system activities to submit and fill the Bill of quantities (BOQ;s) attached below and required capacity assessment documents as listed below:

List of required documents

1.                  Company valid licenses; (Any un-updated licenses will not be accepted)

2.                  Text clearance latter.

3.                  Bank statement of at least last 2 years.

4.                  Must have relevant experience of 3 years, please attach previous signed contracts (if Any);

5.                  Updated company profile including;

6.                  Company main office, address or any possible contacts.

Qualified vendors should address among submission;

1.                  List of equipment to undertake such proposed works

2.                  Duly Completed bill of quantity with company stamp at each page

3.                  Proposed work plan with company stamp at each page.

Interested companies will submit the package with agency stamp at TASCO’s Hargeisa main office during the working hours from 8:00am to 16:00pm. Deadline for submission of the bid document is November 29, 2019.  For any further technical information please contact through email:, and CC to and


Attached link

-          BoQ. Xls click here to download the BOD in Excel sheet

-          Kiosk Design. PDF click here to download the design


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