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Telephone: 0634170484
Address: Alamada,Hargeisa,Somaliland
Category: Business Development, Marketing, Strategy - Planning, Supply Chain
Location: Hargeisa
Education: Bachelor Degree(Hons) International Business Management

I’m a bachelor degree holder student in international business management at Utara University in Malaysia.

With a 12 months of experience, I had the opportunity to work with two different E-commerce companies which helped me to deal with the challenging situations, when need arises. I look myself as a team worker with strong leadership and human relations skill driven by a natural desire to succeed. I not only exceed my expectations but successfully closed deals with clients and the partners of the previous companies I employed


I am believed that I have the suitable capabilities, and right attitude for the nature of the position offered. I would be entirely glad if you could grant me to be a part of your team. I’m grateful for your consideration and looking forward to hearing from you.






Halima Omar

Created Date: 2018-01-25 01:59:42
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