Finance assistant

Job Seeker: Abdi Hersi
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Title: Finance assistant
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Telephone: 615907667
Address: wartanabada
Category: Business Opportunity
Location: Somalia
Education: Bachelor Degree

A prospect to endow with my expertise, skills, experiences, and talent to an association, which is committed to perpetual enhancement, shore up of traumatized and effected people, preservation of proficient growth principles, developments, effective and proficient management and administration, aspiration to boost my skills interpersonal relations, teamwork, expertise and abilities of the staff, to accomplish the maximum output of the workforce.I am innovative thinker, a quick learner, and possess the ability to take initiatives and see programs through monitoring, interest of beneficiaries and implementations. I also have the ability to effectively participate in team building and work on concept development. I am dependable, well organized and used to work in my own inspiration, I am able to priorities my workload, have high spirits of working on my own and as part of a team.

Created Date: 2018-06-29 06:30:22
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