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Telephone: +252612335738
Address: Mogadishu - Somalia
Category: Education, Information Management, Office Staff
Location: Mogadishu
Education: Bachelor in Social work and community development - Al Azhar University - Egypt, Cairo

My education background includes social work and community development, most recently, I worked with Adam Smith international in Somalia as psycho social program officer to Support the Social Work Adviser to ensure the effective delivery of all aspects of the case management process, including provision of psychosocial support. Assist the Social Work Adviser to coordinate with the Social Work team, centre managers, centre staff and other stakeholders. Provide interpretation and written translations. Co-facilitate trainings and workshops on Social Work, Case Management and Mental Health and Psychosocial Support Services (MHPSS), and ensure that all preparation is completed in timely manner as requested by the Social Work Adviser. Ensure Social Work Weekly Activity Reports are completed and submitted on time and all documentation is collected, Act as a focal point for coordination of Social Work inputs when the Social Work Adviser is out of country and ensure regular monitoring, reporting and all other tasks agreed upon are completed on time and communicated to the Social Work Adviser. Coordination and representation to external service providers, civil society and other stakeholders. Provide inputs and support for developing and enhancing linkages between Social Work and other units at the Centres, as well as the integral implementation of RST project activities Coordinate with RST procurement and finance to ensure smooth implementation of a range of administrative requirements, including transport arrangements, minor finance disbursements, other administrative support as necessary. Writing of reports, minutes of meetings, and data compilation and ensuring these are completed and delivered to the Social Adviser and other team members in a timely fashion. and I worked with UNHCR NGO partner in Egypt named Psycho Social Training institute in Cairo “PSTIC” during my work I worked with different refugee community and mostly I worked with the Somali refugees to provide psycho-social support, identify and support mental illness people, I was available 24/7 inside my community to respond and assist if there is any emergency, helping the new arrivals to integrate the society and provide Community based awareness raising. fallowed as Psycho-social workers Team leader, I supervise the psycho-social teams work and Communicate directly with UNHCR – Caritas – IOM – IRW – Hospitals – Partner organization etc - to refer and advocate on behalf of all clients managed by psycho-social workers in my team.

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