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Title: Proffesional
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Telephone: 063-3662699
Address: Hido-Dhawr street
Category: Professional Service
Location: Hargeisa
Education: Geo-scientist

Dear Sir/Madam

Due to my good experience on management in projects of any scale, and have been working similar environment as vacancy job posted requires in last 5 years. I have developed a more clearer logical mind on how to plan an strategies  for best outcome, practical approach to solve issues arise from duties recumbent upon you whether administrative, management or technically related matters, I gained a drive to see things through to completion. During my peak time as holding ministerial position I have gained valuable experiences in managing teams across multiple sectors and leading them to success. I enjoy overcoming challenges and learn from it. I am eager to learn more and not shy about participate training. During my carerer in various sectors, I have genuine interest to add on my porfilio working for reputable organisation and making it a more successful organisation. 

In addition, apart from my extensive qualifications, I have mastered few languages which will contribute positively to the job advertised. My knowledge about East-Africans is excellent, particular Somali speakers. So indepth local experience on area of work concern and understanding culture better accomplishment is a must. I am a team player and believe if I get a chance to work with local partners, in-house or external experts and advisor I am confident contribute to towards successful and completion.

I look forward to hear from you and hope for an interview to discuss my application and the requirements for the position. Please contact me on email: or cell phone number, (00) 252-633662699 at your convenience.


Yours sincerely,  



Created Date: 2019-03-02 06:15:01
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