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Employer: HAVOYOCO
Job Title: Improve Your Work Readiness Skills
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Horn of Africa Voluntary Youth Committee (HAVOYOCO) is currently implementing the work in progress project in partnership with Oxfam Novib and funding support from Ministry of foreign affairs of Dutch government. The programme goal is to tackle and address the root causes of migration from Africa by developing local employment opportunities. HAVOYOCO has been supporting and targeting in the past 3 years (2016 – 2017) young graduate job seeking youth in increasing their basic and essential employment skills to easy them to access paid or create their own business start-ups.

The WiP project trains and provides 600 fresh graduate youths for long and short term capacity building trainings/seminars on specific youth employment skills required in the market.  The project has the following three different components and HAVOYOCO is specifically addresses two of the three intervention forms (1& 3).

Intervention 1:

Cultivating an enabling environment; advocate regulations that support female entrepreneurs starting SMEs and job seeking youths

Intervention 3:

Promote skills with unemployed youth particularly young women, to raise their chances and access to employment opportunities

HAVOYOCO is committed to intervene two intervention outcomes in the project (1 & 3 outcomes). Under intervention one; we are ensuring that the youth have chances and access to employment opportunities by ensuring that they are better informed and are trained on employable skills and are linked to employers to get dignified jobs in Somaliland. While intervention two; will about advocating and lobbying cultivating enabling environment, where aimed to develop a legal framework for SMEs and youth employment policies. In line with this, we conducted a comprehensive market study on the Somaliland job market and identified key areas to bridge skills gap. Our Employability Training Programme adopts a holistic and personalised approach to support an individual to get a job and to progress in a chosen field. The participants will receive coaching in pre-employment mental preparation, job search skills and work etiquette, and employment opportunities according to their individual needs and circumstances among others. The training is intensive and will be conducted through lectures and practical. 


  • Free work readiness and employability training skills
  • Capacity building for graduate students
  • At the end of the training students will get a 6 month placements (on job training) attaching to different business and academic institutions and civil society organizations.
  • Will improve his/her work readiness skills through training and coaching

Criteria Selections:

  1. Between the ages 18 – 30 years.
  2. Must have completed university (first degree) in any field of study- the applicant must bring evidence documents showing his completion upon university studies.
  3. He or she must be unemployed
  4. She/he should be committed to fully participate in the training program.
  5. Every applicant must fill below an online linking (complete filling survey questionnaires before application closes on 30th January)


Application Procedure

Please submit only your CV with application letter by an email to

The Registration will start on 23rd January and will end 3rd February 2018.  Don’t Miss the chance! The numbers of intake students are limited, fasten the application.

N.B: Please send the CV and application letter by using your own permanent email address. Contacts:  Tell: 0634438590   or   0634441345.

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