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Concern Worldwide is an Irish-based non-governmental, international, humanitarian organisation dedicated to the reduction of suffering and working towards the ultimate elimination of extreme poverty in the world’s poorest countries.

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Employer: Concern Worldwide
Job Title: Labour Market Opportunities Assessnent
Job Type: Other
Location: Somalia
Category: Other

Concern Worldwide is a non-governmental, international, humanitarian organization dedicated to the reduction of suffering and working towards the ultimate elimination of extreme poverty in the world’s poorest countries. Concern engages in long-term development work, responds to emergencies, and seeks to address the root causes of poverty through development, education and advocacy work. Concern has been active in Somalia since 1986 despite the political and social instability and constant insecurity that characterize the country. The organization is currently implementing several multi-sectoral emergency and development programmes encompassing livelihood security, nutrition, water sanitation and hygiene, and community education in the south-central (Benadir, Bay, Lower Shebelle and Gedo Regions) and a development programme in Somaliland (Gabiley and Awdal Regions). Concern works both directly and indirectly through local partners in Mogadishu, Bay Region, Gedo region, and Lower Shebelle region.

Concern Worldwide in partnership with other NGOs; the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) and Juba Foundation in Jubaland State; and Danish Refugee Council (DRC), the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) and Gargaar Relief and Development Organization (GREDO) in South West State have received funding under the European Union’s Emergency Trust Fund for Africa. It is a 3-year programme aimed at creating a conducive environment for displacement (or mixed migration) affected communities in Somalia to reach durable solutions in communities’ reintegration and it is being implemented in Jubaland State and South West State.

In both States, Concern Worldwide is implementing innovative initiatives aimed at developing durable solutions for re-integrating displacement-affected communities with the ultimate goal of up-scaling successful durable solutions that impact in ensuring a conducive environment for re-integration into other communities. The intervention focuses on three dimensions of re-integration which are; (i) Protection, Security and Social Cohesion, (ii) Adequate Standard of Living and (iii) Access to Livelihoods. This particular consulting task specifically falls in the Access to Livelihoods dimension, where DACs have the same access to adequate livelihoods through generating income, acquiring assets, gainful employment, and managing financial risk as other non-displacement affected communities.


The purpose of the consultancy is to conduct field- and desk-level research to identify and make recommendations of cost-effective labour market opportunities for youth in Afgoye, Belet Hawa and Baardhere towns of Gedo Region, Somalia.


a) Identify characteristics and skills demonstrated by highly profitable youth entrepreneurs and analyse the most cost-effective project activity options that can build those characteristics and skills in vulnerable youth.

b) Recommend five to seven most cost-effective activities

c) Outline recommended (i) programme model; (ii) budget cost, and (iii) expected outcome of each activity option. This should include a clear conceptual framework. Recommendations should be disaggregated by gender.

d) Recommend appropriate or potential service providers and any amendments (structural, physical, pedagogical, etc) that they would need to make in order to offer the kinds of training recommended by the study.

Identify packages of tools, non-instruction support or relevant start-up materials that each group of trainees would need to be able to establish a business, bearing in mind accessibility, affordability, employability and profitability for the target group.

f) Explore, identify, and recommend appropriate strategies, approaches and processes, to strengthen apprenticeship and/or employment opportunities for the target group of trainees;

g) Identify main constraints and opportunities in the skills training and related business opportunities identified above, and recommend appropriate interventions.


The consultant will employ both quantitative and qualitative techniques in undertaking the study. The study will start with the analysis of relevant secondary information (including contextual analysis and programme documents, as well as available reports and publications) and go on to a series of semi-structured interviews, and, if applicable, focus groups discussions and stakeholder meetings with key informants from youth, the main groups of market actors, and their associations, if appropriate, relevant government agencies. These should include particular focus on learning from positive deviants (very successful youth entrepreneurs). Community and stakeholder participation is a crucial element hence, the consultant should ensure the inclusion of all relevant stakeholders’ views and ideas in the study.

In advance of the field visit, the consultant will provide an information-gathering framework and questionnaires for various groups of market actors; these will be discussed with the team in detail in a half day workshop at the start of the study. Concern will provide support for making relevant appointments and arrangements with various market actors to ensure that meetings are scheduled and are held as per the information-gathering framework. The consultant will make sure that the data/information gathered is periodically collated, processed and analysed, with the seconded team member involvement, and necessary adjustments are made. The consultant will also facilitate a half a day workshop, to pull together and assess/validate the findings and work towards recommendations.


The consultant will be expected to produce the following outputs:

a) Inception report including the detailed methodology, locations to be surveyed and timeline that will be followed.

b) A draft report detailing the process, findings and analyses, conclusions and recommendations of the analysis in separate sections for each recommended activity. The recommendation section should outline approaches to project design and implementation providing concrete actions that Concern can engage in (See Consultancy Specific Tasks: C).

c) Present the findings and recommendations of the market analysis at a validation workshop where the major stakeholders will participate.

d) Provide a soft copy of the final report and the document outlining process and methodology for application. The final copy should incorporate feedback from the validation workshop.

e) Provide an under 30 minute video-recorded presentation of the final work.

Final payment is dependent on the submission of a good quality, well-written completion of agreed outputs (as detailed above)


The consultant will liaise with the EIDACS Programme Manager and Resilience Programme Coordinator.


Work expected to commence in February 2018. All contracted days should take place within a contract period of one (1) month ending no later than 20 March 2018. The consultant will be expected to avail for field visits to Belet Xaawa, Baardhere and Afgoye districts, Somalia.


The Consultant will provide a financial proposal for the provision of these services. Agreed rates will be based on prevailing market competitive rates and value for money.


a) A Master’s Degree in in social sciences, economics, business or relevant field

b) Must have at least five (5) years relevant work experience in research and micro-economic analysis and market and value chain analysis.

c) Must have relevant experience in public private partnership in micro-enterprise development is desirable.

d) Academic, research, or consulting experience in youth employment planning and/or investment programming is highly preferred.

e) Excellent English and Somali communication, reporting and editorial skills

f) Ability to work in and/or lead a team of surveyors in Belet Xaawa, Baardhere and Afgoye districts, Somalia



Interested applicants who meet the above requirements must submit the following;

-A technical proposal including scope of work including earliest date of availability to undertake assignment (maximum 6 pages) and a proposed work plan -A financial proposal quoted in USD (US Dollars) -Demonstration of Capability i.e. CV of the lead consultant/s and, if quoting for an organization, attach the CV of any other personnel to be involved in the assignment. -A list of previous work done (Work Completion Certificates can be attached) including telephone and email contacts of three (3) referees who can validate technical expertise -A (1) report of a similar assignment carried out by the Consultant

All applications should be addressed to the HR Coordinator, Concern Worldwide, and sent to the following email addresses: and with the subject of the email as ‘Market Analysis’ by Monday, 26th February 2018.

Concern Worldwide will only contact short-listed candidates for presentations.

Concern has a Code of Conduct and a Programme Participant Protection Policy to ensure the maximum protection of programme participants from abuse and exploitation.

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