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Employer: UNDP
Job Title: Security Sector Reform Advisor
Job Type: Full-Time
Location: Mogadishu
Category: Other

I. Position Information

  • Job Title: Security Sector Reform Advisor
  • Position Number: 00128529
  • Department: UNDP
  • Reports to: Portfolio Manager, ROL
  • Direct Reports: National SSR Project Officer
  • Position Status: Non-Rotational
  • Job Family: Yes
  • Grade Level: P5
  • Duty Station: Mogadishu
  • Family Duty Station as of Date of Issuance:
  • Date of Issuance: 
  • Closing Date: 09 Apr 2018
  • Duration and Type of Assignment: 1 Year initial

II. Job Purpose and Organizational Context

Rule of Law and Security Project

Security Sector Reform (SSR) in Somalia over the last four years has been a key peace building and state building goal of the New Deal Somali Compact, and delivery of SSR against that goal has been the purview of the PSG2 (Security) Working Group. Furthermore, there has been some overlap in respect of the Somali Police Force (SPF) which is a security force and requires reform through SSR programmes but it is also a key stakeholder in the rule of law (ROL) environment and so receives assistance through ROL capacity building programmes. Generally, efforts in Somalia to reform the security sector have met with only limited success for many reasons including fighting an insurgent war while trying to reform, a lack of capacity within the institutions, a lack of coordination by donors and partners, and a lack of coherent Government security policy.

The Somali Compact has been replaced by the National Development Plan[1]. The international community through the S6 cluster is embarking on a fresh approach to bring about SSR in Somalia through the Comprehensive Approach to Security (CAS), which has wide spread support. UNDP currently contributes to SSR through a range of programmes but they are not currently linked to a UNDP strategy on its involvement with and contribution to SSR. This assignment will propose how a programmatic approach can be undertaken for SSR through the close coordination of the Rule of Law and Security Institutions Group (ROLSIG) and UNDP should be involved to contribute to SSR through the CAS and in doing so seek to promote and influence the success of the CAS within the framework of the National Development Plan. The FGS needs to do the same and this will have inevitable ramifications for SSR given that much of the security capacity, as limited as it is now, resides in and has allegiances to the FMSs’ regions. Recently, the FGS and FMSs have signed up to a Security Pact and agreed on the national security architecture. This will require cooperation to enable support for security sector reform at federal and State levels as well as review of the existing Somalia Electoral Security Task Force (SESTF) at the national level, and at regional levels through the Joint Security Committees (JSC).

To bring all the various elements of work together to deliver on a harmonized and comprehensive approach that is people centric, focuses on increasing democratic oversight and reflects the principles of SCR 2151 (2014) on SRR and Goal 16 in the SDGs, it would be essential for UNDP to contribute to SSR with its partners under the ROLSIG. The aim is to produce a more sector wide approach that addresses the CAS and the recommendations made by the recently concluded Strategic Assessment Report that also reflects the priority of the government which places security as one of the important priority areas to address.

As the work of the SSR Advisor also includes some complementary focus on electoral security, the contract will be shared 80%-20 % between the UNDP portfolio of ROL and IESG.

Elections Support Project (IESG)

The 2016-17 electoral process was Somali led and conducted without major security incidents or interruptions. This required a significant amount of security effort, planning and coordination, resources and with good technical advice from the UN’s Senior Electoral Security Advisor. The focus is now on full elections in 2020/21. The UNDP/UNSOM Joint Programme for Support to Universal Suffrage Elections in the Federal Republic of Somalia (2018-2021) lists as one of its many priorities to be - Electoral Security: Planning and security coordination is necessary prior to the commencement of voter registration and conduct of electoral operations[2]. It also signals that the UN’s support will include technical advice and support for security planning and coordination. This will be provided by the UNDP SSR Advisor expected to provide technical advice and support on a range of security matters to the key stakeholders, as requested by UNSOM, the IESG, the NIEC and/or FGS and FMS authorities. The SSR Advisor is to advocate for early preparations, planning and coordination within the UN and with the FGS. For this the Somali official report on lessons learned from the 2016/17 electoral process[3] provides an important platform for advocacy. The SSR Advisor will establish connections with key SSR related activities such as the Transition Plan, CAS, NSArch implementation, MOIS and NSO capacity development all ideally position him/her well to advise key senior stakeholders on elections related security.

The SSR Advisor provides inputs, updates and briefings to IESG on the wider security environment, facilitating electoral security planning. In preparation for universal or ‘one person one vote’ elections, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) - as part of the UN Integrated Electoral Support Group (IESG) in Somalia- supports and advises the National Independent Electoral Commission (NIEC) to develop its capacity to organize elections, as well as the Ministry of Interior, Federal Affairs and Reconciliation (MoIFAR) to draft electoral legislation.

III. Duties and Responsibilities

In this section list the primary responsibilities of the position (Typically five). As needed add additional context below the responsibilities. Tip: Focus on what the job entails not how to do the job.

1) Ensure a comprehensive and people centric strategy development for support to SSR through the CAS and ROL.

Under the supervision of the UNDP Portfolio Manager – Rule of Law, and co-reporting to the Deputy Director (Technical Advisor) of IESG, the Security Sector Reform Advisor will undertake the following tasks:

  • Manage the EU funded project, Institutional Development and Capacity Building for the FGS Ministry of Internal Security.

The SSR Advisor is expected to work closely with the Ministry of Internal Security and provide regular technical inputs to the implementation process of all three outputs of this project. The SSR Advisor will be arranging meeting, monitoring the implementation and providing administrative support wherever necessary.

· Finalise the UN Integrated Security Reform Support to Somalia 2018-2020 Project Document for approval.

The Advisor is expected to develop an Integrated SSR project document in support of CAS development in Somalia noting the need to consider linkages with rule of law, and governance. In particular, the UNDP SSR Advisor is to lead the process to finalise the UN Integrated SR Support to Somalia 2018-2020 Project Document for approval. This Project Document should include clear relevance of gender sensitive approach to SSR and connect with work being undertaken on Sexual Violence in Conflict in the context of SCR 1325, while taking cognizance of the Somalia Joint Programme on Human Rights and the progress made under the Joint Rule of Law programme. To develop under the UN Integrated SR Support to Somalia 2018-2020:

  1. A relevant risk management framework and results based monitoring mechanisms with regard to SSR activities.

  2. Inclusive security sector support that will entail community consultation and civil society participation, not least at the FMS level where new security force models are being rolled out, but where limited oversight mechanisms or complaint mechanisms are currently in place.

  3. A mechanism, existing or new, that enables the UN support to SSR activities to be appropriately led and coordinated.

  4. Provide support for the Universal Elections Security planning and coordination.

  5. Provide technical advice and support for elections security planning and coordination with FGS authorities, including on the preparation of a voter registration exercise envisaged in 2019, on behalf of the UN and in coordination with IESG and other related UN(DP) actors, in a manner that is aligned with the UN’s core values and which brings credit to the mission in Somalia. Provide input and advise to IESG and the NIEC in terms of electoral security planning, in particular for the development and implementation of the voter registration operations plan

  6. Establishment of coordination mechanism for the security sector wide actors – national, regional and state level on security preparedness for electoral management

  7. Elections security planning and implementation including contingency measures

  8. Capacity strengthening assessment and development for security institutions with focus on electoral management

3) Any other tasks that may be required to lead UNDP’s efforts in Security Sector Reform

IV. Competencies and Selection Criteria

Description of Competency at Level Required

(For more comprehensive descriptions please see the competency inventory)

In this section list all core competencies as well as the most relevant technical/functional competencies the role will require along with the appropriate level. A Detailed list of competencies can be accessed through the following link:



  • Ability to make new and useful ideas work
  • Level 6: Exercises stakeholder-centered design approaches for office / programme / division


  • Ability to persuade others to follow
  • Level 6: Ensures teams are resourced for success and empowered to deliver

People Management

  • Ability to improve performance and satisfaction
  • Level 6: Guides substantive specialists / teams and expands credibility and innovation capacity


  • Ability to listen, adapt, persuade and transform
  • Level 6: Creates confidence among stakeholders by delivering authoritative positions, compelling analysis, and contextual acumen


  • Ability to get things done while exercising good judgement
  • Level 6: Accepts accountability for the outcomes of programme delivery and facilitates improvement and innovation in the delivery of products and services


Security Policy Management

  • Knowledge of security policy concepts and ability to apply to strategic and/or practical situations
  • Level 6: Integrate & Empower:Leads integral work of teams utilizing expertise, vision, problem-solving capability, and collaborative energy in professional area of expertise

Security Advisory & Coordination Services

  • Ability to provide with authoritative advice and guidance on security management, plan and coordinate security activities
  • Level 6: Integrate & Empower:Leads integral work of teams utilizing expertise, vision, problem-solving capability, and collaborative energy in professional area of expertise

V. Recruitment Qualifications


Master’s Degree or equivalent in and Political Sciences, International Relations, Social Sciences or Strategic Studies.


  • A combination of professional training, certification and experience in SSR.
  • The adviser should have a minimum of ten years’ experience at national and international levels, including peacekeeping operations, in advisory or managerial positions. This experience could include either military or law enforcement; and demonstrate an ability to co-ordinate a wide range of inputs and participants.
  • Experience at a senior level of security sector policy planning, operations and management is preferable.
  • The advisor is expected to have a sound knowledge of the principles of peacekeeping and Human Rights Due Diligence Policy.
  • Previous experience of UN rules and procedures is highly desirable;
  • Previous experience of working in Somalia would be an asset.

Language Requirements:

Excellent command of the English language (both verbal and written)

[1] Federal Government of Somalia. National Development Plan 2017-2019. Final – December 2016.

[2] UNDP/UNSOM Joint Programme for Support to Universal Suffrage Elections in the Federal Republic of Somalia. 1 January 2018 to 31 December 2021



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