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Employer: UNDP
Job Title: Local Security Associate-Hargeisa
Job Type: Full-Time
Location: Hargeisa
Category: Other


 Closing date: Thursday, 29 March 2018

Education & Work Experience: C-HS Graduate or Equivalent - 7 year(s) experience, G-Bachelor's Level Degree - 4 year(s) experience


Arab States

Contract Duration:

1 Year with possibility for extension

Open to Somali National Only


Under the immediate supervision of the Head of Area Office (HoAO) the Local Security Associate (LSA) will provide assistance in the implementation of the security plan, risk management measures, and all matters relating to safety and security as they pertain to UNDP personnel and assets. Under matrix management arrangements, the LSA is also under the technical supervision and guidance of the UNDP Senior Field Security Advisor (SFSA) as a full member of the UNDP Security Unit. It is important to note that the LSA is a local national with vocational experience in security who must always conduct his/her functions in close cooperation with UNDP Operations and UN Department of Safety and Security (UNDSS). The LSA also operates independently and remotely from the CO.

Duties and Responsibilities

Summary of Key Functions:

  • Gender sensitive security support to the Head of Area Office
  • Minimum Operating Security Standards (MOSS) Compliance
  • Threat & Risk Assessment
  • Liaison
  • Programming
  • Sharing Information

1-Gender sensitive security support to the Head of Area Office:

  • Is an active member of the security cell as the UNDP representative and provides to the Head of Area Office and the SFSA the outcomes of the security cell;
  • Responds to DSS requests for security assistance in consultation with Head of Area Office and following the advice and guidance of the SFSA
  • Provide assistance in the implementation of the Security Plan, contingency plans and the UN Security Management System as it pertains to UNDP personnel;
  • In conjunction with the HR Unit, ensure staff lists include all contact details and are regularly updated and provided to the Head of Area Office, UNDP Security Unit and UNDSS;
  • Allocates call signs, and maintain the call sign list, to all UNDP personnel;
  • Maintains, updates and tests UNDP warden plans:
  • Maintains and manages UNDP visitors and guests access procedures in a gender sensitive manner;
  • Ensures all UNDP personnel are registered on the online UNDSS platform with up to date profiles (TRIP) and advises them on security clearance procedures, following up with UNDSS as necessary;
  • In coordination with UNDSS, ensures availability of updated and adequate procedures for dealing with emergencies involving UNDP personnel in all project locations/offices;
  • In consultation with UNDSS, organize armed escort for UNDP missions;
  • Receive and escort high level government officials visiting UNCC and provide translation during meetings;
  • In coordination with UNDSS ensures preparedness for 24-hour response to any security and safety related incidents involving UNDP personnel;
  • Maintains routine and confidential correspondence files/documents related to security issues;
  • Takes minutes and/or notes at UNDP Security meetings;
  • Assists in implementation of Business Continuity Management, as required. Provide support to the HoAO/SFSA in investigations, in-depth incident reports and security assessments countrywide or individually as requested;
  • Assist staff in mission planning including the preparation of any required CONOPS and its timely submission to DSS FSCO/UNDP SFSA for approval;
  • Be on call 24 hours a day seven day a week to support supervisor/SFSA/staff as required;
  • Resolve problems related to relocation/evacuation;
  • Design, plan and deliver security training to staff and meet training requirements in response to staff feedback and business needs;
  • Brief newly arrived UNDP staff members and issue necessary security equipment;
  • Ensure that the appropriate level of confidentiality is maintained with regard to security matters;
  • Oversee, monitor and ensure that access control procedures are effective and stringently followed by all staff and visitors, in order to maintain a safe and secure environment;
  • Provide advice and technical expertise on security risk management matters and safety issues in compliance within United Nations Security Management System (UNSMS);
  • Analyse a variety of security related information (e.g. security incidents and events, security support to daily activities etc.) and use corporate or local management tools to produce a range of complex analyses and in-depth reports, to ensure that information is readily available and communicated to relevant stakeholders

2-MOSS Compliance

  • Oversee the implementation of risk management mitigation measures, including Minimum Operational Security Standards (MOSS) and develop measures to improve compliance;
  • Ensures that UNDP personnel, offices, accommodations and equipment are MOSS compliant, and that MOSS procedures are also adhered to when on field mission;
  • Monitors radio checks by national and international personnel, addressing non-compliance issues with the Head of Area Office;
  • Ensures that all UNDP personnel have completed the Basic and Advanced Security in The Field trainings and that records of certificates are maintained with the HR and Security Unit;
  • Ensures all UNDP personnel have completed the SSAFE requirements according to MOSS;
  • Monitors the procurement, deployment and functionality of all security equipment, and alerts proactively and in a timely manner on measures that are required to upgrade, update, or expand it;
  • Maintains inventory of all UNDP security equipment at the Area Office;
  • Coordinates with the UNDP SFSA to conduct periodic MOSS self assessments of the UNDP offices and personnel;
  • Maintain the Security Plan up-to-date, including updating lists of staff, and eligible family members; Ensure that fire safety arrangements, plans for fire/building evacuation, relocation/evacuation of staff to a safe haven are updated and efficiently implemented

3-Threat & Risk Assessment

  • When requested, provides inputs to UNDSS to assist in the preparation of comprehensive Security Risk Assessments (Regional, Site, Project or Individual specific);
  • Under the guidance of the UNDP SFSA conducts Quick Security Risk Assessments (QSRA) as required to enable programme implementation;
  • Under the direction of the UNDP SFSA and in close cooperation with UNDSS, assists in the conducting of UNDP security risk assessments, evaluations and surveys and advises on security measures for UNDP offices and projects in all locations within the AoR.
  • Monitor local media on related security issues, make analysis and provide regular briefs to the Head of Area Office;
  • Provide comprehensive review of countrywide security situation on a daily basis through local media and other sources and advise/brief the HoAO/Senior Field Security Advisor (SFSA)/field Security Specialists (FSS) on trends/situation that could affect UNDP operations on a short/medium-term basis


  • In close coordination with UNDSS, ensures appropriate professional liaison with host government agencies, local authorities responsible for security, law and order, counterparts in UN and diplomatic missions and municipal/traditional leaders;
  • Liaise and coordinate with the local security organizations and other appropriate authorities on all matters relating to the security of UNDP staff members and their eligible dependents and property;
  • Undertakes liaison tasks as directed by the Head of Area Office to enable and facilitate UNDP programme implementation;
  • Build and maintain relationships with a range of external stakeholders such as local administration, security and law enforcement authorities, communities, UN/ NGO security staff and other actors, to facilitate access for safe programme delivery and to mitigate potential risks against staff and other resources


  • Provides advice on relevant security policies and regulations (e.g. SRM, the Accountability Framework, SOPs and safe and secure practices) to assist decision makers in determining potential effects on UNDP activities;
  • Under the direction of the UNDP SFSA and in close coordination with UNDSS and the Head of Area Office, reviews the impact of security factors on UNDP programme design and delivery, as well as the potential impact that programmes might have on stability and security (both positive and negative), and makes preliminary recommendations regarding possible security needs and improvements

6-Sharing Information

  • In close cooperation with UNDSS, provides support in organizing and conducting gender sensitive training briefings and courses on security issues/awareness and preparedness;
  • Provides timely, accurate and gender sensitive security advice to all UNDP personnel;
  • Immediately reports, and investigates where necessary, all security and safety related incidents involving UNDP personnel to the Head of Area Office, the UNDP Security Unit and UNDSS;
  • Ensures that UNDP personnel are provided with situation reports and other appropriate security related information generated by UNDSS and able to be distributed;
  • Assists in the timely and quick dissemination of information to UNDP personnel in case of emergency situation;
  • Encourages an exchange of security related information with UNDP project personnel;
  • Assist in the preparation of UNDP security reports such as the Incident Reports and Weekly Reports:
  • Provides substantive support to the UNDP Area Office in collecting and updating information with regards to security issues and communicating them to key interlocutors.
  • Perform any other related task as assigned by the supervisors;

Impact of Result

The key results are expected to have a significant and positive impact on the security and safety of, and minimization of risk to, UNDP personnel, assets and operations whilst at the same time enabling UNDP Programme delivery throughout the area of responsibility. Failure to deliver on the key results could result in loss of life, financial and material loss, and/or serious disruption of UNDP programmes


Functional Competencies:

Promoting Organizational Learning and Knowledge Sharing:

Basic research and analysis;

  • Researches best practices and poses new, more effective ways of doing things
  • Identifies and communicates opportunities to promote learning and knowledge sharing
  • Develops awareness of the various internal/external learning and knowledge-sharing resources

Job Knowledge/Technical Expertise:

Fundamental knowledge of processes, methods and procedures;

  • Understands the main processes and methods of work regarding to the position (asset management)
  • Possesses knowledge of organizational policies and procedures relating to the position and applies them consistently in work tasks
  • Identifies new and better approaches to work processes and incorporates same in own work
  • Strives to keep job knowledge up-to-date through self-directed study and other means of learning
  • Demonstrates good knowledge of information technology and applies it in work assignments
  • Demonstrates in-depth understanding and knowledge of the current guidelines and tools, and utilizes these regularly in work assignments

Promoting Organizational Change and Development:

Presentation of information on best practices in organizational change;

  • Demonstrates ability to identify problems and proposes solutions
  • Documents processes to support change initiatives

Client Orientation:

Maintains effective client relationships;

  • Reports to internal and external clients in a timely and appropriate fashion
  • Organizes and prioritizes work schedule to meet client needs and deadlines
  • Establishes, builds and sustains effective relationships within the work unit and with internal and external clients
  • Responds to client needs promptly

Promoting Accountability and Results-Based Management:

Gathering and disseminating information;

  • Gathers and disseminates information on best practice in accountability and results-based management systems
  • Prepares timely inputs to reports
  • Maintains databases

Core Competencies:

  • Demonstrate corporate knowledge and sound judgment
  • Self-development, initiative-taking
  • Acting as a team player and facilitating team work
  • Facilitating and encouraging open communication in the team, communicating effectively
  • Creating synergies through self-control
  • Managing conflict
  • Learning and sharing knowledge and encourage the learning of others. Promoting learning and knowledge management/sharing is the responsibility of each staff member.
  • Informed and transparent decision making

Required Skills and Experience


  • Secondary Education. University degree or equivalent in Political Science, Military Studies, Security Management, Risk Management or a relevant field is highly desirable, but is not a mandatory requirement.


  • 7 years relevant experience in security, either in the military or police context or related field of work. Prior experience with the UN system or an international NGO is desirable


  • Fluency in English and the language of the duty station, knowledge of another UN language is an asset

Other Skills and Requirements:

  • Knowledge of HF and VHF radio operation;
  • Solid computer skills (MS word, Excel, and PowerPoint
  • Valid driver's license
  • Ability to travel
  • Physically Fit 

Languages - Essential: English, Somali

Languages - Desirable:


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