Invitation to bid for Construction Civil Works - Location Odwayne Districts –Somaliland

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World Vision

World Vision is an international Christian Relief and Development organization, whose goal is to achieve long-lasting benefits in the quality of life for vulnerable children and their families, displaced persons and communities. 

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Employer: World Vision
Job Title: Invitation to bid for Construction Civil Works - Location Odwayne Districts –Somaliland
Job Type: Full-Time
Location: Hargeisa
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Tuesday 10th, 2018


Invitation to bid for Construction Civil Works - Location Odwayne Districts –Somaliland

World Vision Somaliland (WVS) is implementing Water Sanitation and hygiene integrated with food security and livelihood program in below named District the construction is focusing

WVS is inviting to a bid for the provision of works as specified in the Lot Numbers below and detailed tender documents complete with Bills of Quantities & structural drawings are now available (free of charge) for collection from the Hargeisa Office & District Sub Offices) during office working hours or getting into your email inbox



Description of planned activities


Tender Open

Tender Closure


Construction of Haffir dam as per specification and drawing with construction wells linked into the dam

Abdidhere in Dadmadhedh region

11th April 2018

19th April 2018


Construction of Veterinary Health post, latrine and Isolated Yard at Vet Health post (Detailed specifications provided on Bid Documents)

Laanmulaho in Dadmadhedh region

11th April 2018

19th April 2018



To be eligible for participation in this tender procedure, tenderers must prove to the satisfaction of the Contracting Authority that they comply with the necessary legal, technical and financial requirements and have to carry out the contract effectively. Technical and financial submissions must be very explicit. Interested bidders are invited pre-bidding meeting at the construction sites on 16th April, 2018 between 8:00am to4:00 pm. Bidders have to submit confirmation letter that they have seen the construction site signed by World Vision representative.

 Submission Procedures:

·  Bid documents are available for collection from the date of this ITB. Offers must be received before the deadline which is on 19th April 2018 at 10:00 AM hours.

·  Completed tender documents clearly marked with the Lot Number bided must be deposited at the WVS Hargeisa Office before the deadline date and time, and recorded in the log book

·  The Tender Committee will be convened promptly, on Thursday the 19th April 2018 at 10:00AM to open and receive the bid submissions. Bidders or their representatives are encouraged to attend.

·  Formal bids being submitted must be on formal company letters, duly signed and stamped must indicate the Full Company Name, Physical Address, Contact Telephone Number/contact Email address, Directors Names, addresses and their telephone numbers

 Evaluation Award criteria:

The tender committee has defined a detailed evaluation criterion determining the most competitive contractors, and will not only be based lowest price but on the on the basis of value for money, competitive  

 financial offer, quality, compliance with international norms, and proven record of satisfactory performance (even with other organizations) of similar contracts in the recent past, financial capacity (Company’s Bank statement) and valid license.


All bidders will be evaluated against the following criteria:

·  Competitive Prices as checked on the market including labor charges

·  Delivery time, clear work plan from order confirmation date to order fulfilment date for each item)

·  Quality of the products on offer (compliance to the required technical specifications above)

·  Digital /Electronic samples attached to the quote and selected winner to provide hard samples for approval to verify quality

·  Terms of Payments strictly after delivery in full specifications ordered

·  Past performance of the supplier and their reliability (reference checks to be duly done)

·  Valid compliance with the regulatory requirements stipulated by the Somaliland Government

·  Any other additional criteria deemed necessary for the specific purchase



Tender Committee,

World Vision Somaliland-Hargeisa

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