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Finn Church Aid (FCA)

Finn Church Aid (FCA) is Finland’s biggest development co-operation organisation and the second biggest organisation in Finland working in humanitarian aid. Finn Church Aid is a member of the ACT Alliance (ACT), an alliance of faith-based development and humanitarian aid organisations forming one of the world’s largest aid organisations.

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Employer: Finn Church Aid (FCA)
Job Title: Consultancy - External Audit/Expenditure Verification
Job Type: Full-Time
Location: Somalia
Category: Other


Issuing Agency: FCA Somalia

Title of Action: ‘Strengthening Civil Society Engagement in Political Dialogue and State Building Processes – South West Administration and Banadir’

Location of Action: Somalia - Bay, Bakool, and Lower Shabelle regions and Banaadir (Mogadishu)

Contract No.: DCI-NSAPVD_2015_370-017

Implementing Partners:

IIDA Women’s Development Organisation

Centre for Research and Dialogue, Somalia

Required Services: External Audit/Expenditure Verification

Contact Person: Emmanuel Obwori

Submission Deadline: 26th April, 2018

1. Introduction

Annex VII of the European Union Guidelines Article 1.3 stipulates the requirement for the Action Coordinator (FCA) to submit to the Contracting Authority (EU) an expenditure verification report produced by an external auditor in support of the payment requested by the Coordinator under Article 15 of the General Conditions of the Grant Contract. The Authorizing Officer of the Commission requires this report because the payment of expenditure requested by the Coordinator is conditional on the factual findings of this report. The objective of this expenditure verification is for the Auditor to carry out the specific procedures listed in Annex 2A to these ToR and to submit to the Coordinator a report of factual findings with regard to the specific verification procedures performed. It is against this background that FCA Somalia calls for proposals from qualified and highly experienced firms to perform an expenditure verification and to report in connection with an EU financed grant concerning the project ID#11699 under the grant Contract No: DCIPVD /2015/ 370-017. This contract relates to a project/action titled Strengthening Civil Society Engagement in Political Dialogue and State building processes – South West Stateand Banaadir.

Furtherance to these TOR, FCA Somalia emphasizes the requirement for the applicants to thoroughly study the Annex VII together with Annex 2A of the EU Guidelines, which stipulates in details the various aspects of the grant that should be given due attention, verified and reported on as part of the verification exercise.

2. Background to the Organization

FCA is the largest Finnish development cooperation organization and the second largest provider of humanitarian assistance. FCA operate in 15 countries where the needs are direst, working with the poorest people, regardless of their religious beliefs, ethnic background or political convictions. FCA operation includes long-term development, humanitarian assistance and advocacy, and operates around three thematic areas: Right to Education, Right to Livelihood and Right to Peace. Since 2008, FCA works mainly in Somaliland, Puntland and South-Central Somalia in addition to other countries in the Horn of Africa.

3. Description of the project

The project, ‘Strengthening Civil Society Engagement in Political Dialogue and State building processes - South West State(SWS) and Banadir’ is a two years’ project implemented by FCA from 1st January 2016 to 30th April 2018. The project was implemented in partnership with IIDA Women’s Development Organization (IIDA) and the Centre for Research and Dialogue (CRD), both local non Governmental Organizations (NGOs) working in Somalia. The NGOs are based in Banadir (Mogadishu) in Somalia, but with operations in other parts of South and Central Somalia. The project was implemented in Somalia South-West Stateand specifically in Bay, Bakool, and Lower Shabelle regions and Banadir in Mogadishu.

The Overall objective of the Action was to contribute towards strengthening Somali civil society’s capacity to effectively engage with government peace and state building processes to support the implementation of the Somali National Development Plan and Peace and State Building Goals (PSG’s) 1,2,3. The aim was to support civic engagement and the development of new mechanisms to promote better transparency and accountability, through creation of new mechanisms and structures to support advocacy to influence and engage with the Federal government and the South West State(SWS). In addition, these new mechanisms were aimed at promoting civic engagement and enable better levels of accountability of government actors to their citizens; which in turn would support the development of a peaceful and democratic Somalia. The action also aimed to support improved awareness and transparency of government actors’ decisions and behaviour in relation to the development of the new Federal Constitution.

4. Specific objective

Specifically, the Action aimed to increase visibility, voice, and cohesive participation of Somali civil society during the implementation of the Federal Constitution in the South West Stateand Banadir.

The Action’s Key Result Areas were as follows;

Result 1: Improved civic education, knowledge & advocacy capabilities for 120 CSOs leaders; 200 community leaders/members; 400 community members and coordinated engagement activities with government on Federal Constitution (FC) implementation/finalization.

Result 2: Improved mechanisms to enable civic engagement in relation to the implementation & finalization of the Federal Constitution

Result 3: Women, youth, and marginalized groups at the community level have improved civic knowledge and are able to participate in constitutional finalization processes.

5. Objective of the External Financial Verification/Audit

The overall objective of this engagement is to perform expenditure verification and statutory audit of European Union (EU) funds managed by FCA (Contract No: DCIPVD /2015/ 370-017) ‘‘Strengthening Civil Society Engagement in Political Dialogue and State Building Processes – South West Stateand Banadir’’). The contract run from 1st February 2016 to 31st April, 2018. The audit is to be undertaken in accordance with the International Standards on Related Services (ISRS) 4400 engagement to perform agreed-upon procedures regarding financial information as promulgated by the IFAC. Key according to these standards are the ethical principles to be observed by the auditors with regard to integrity, objectivity, independence, professional competence and due care, confidentiality, professional behaviour and technical standards.

6. Scope of the Audit

While specific procedures listed in Annex 2A (Listing of Specific Procedures to be performed) of the Annex VII of the EU Guidelines, FCA wishes to emphasize that the auditor pays special attention to the following areas of the grant expenditure. The Auditor shall however apply Annex 2A combined with Annex 2B (Guidelines for specific procedures to be performed) in the detailed verification.

a) Verification of all the financial reports generated during the grant period

b) Examining whether FCA complied with the rules for accounting and record keeping and identifying and verifying the accounts and accounts relating to this project

c) Reconciling the financial reports to FCA’s accounting systems and records

d) Verifying amount of expenditure incurred in other currencies other than Euro and if it has been converted at an approved/applicable exchange rate.

e) Verification of selected expenditures re the auditor should verify each expenditure item selected and the eligibility criteria set out below;


  • Actual cost incurred
  • Cut-off—implementation period
  • Budget
  • Necessary records
  • Applicable legislations
  • Justified expenditures
  • Valuation
  • Classification
  • Compliance with procurement, nationality and rules of origin


f) Auditor to verify the expenditures of selected items that are recorded under each of the direct cost headings (1 to 6) of the financial report and also duties, taxes and charges, including VAT which are recorded under direct costs that are not recoverable by FCA and the partners

g) Verification of the provision of contingency reserve (heading 8 in financial report) does not exceed 5% of the direct costs of the project and that FCA has obtained prior written authorization from EU for the use of this contingency reserve.

h) Verification of indirect costs to cover overhead costs (heading in financial report) does not exceed the maximum percentage of 7% of the total final amount of the eligible direct costs of the project.

i) Verification of the costs in the financial report does not include contribution in kind. Any contributions in kind do not represent actual expenditure and are not eligible costs

7. Reporting on the Expenditure Verification

Pursuant to the Annex VII Article 1.7 on reporting, the report on this expenditure verification should describe the purpose, the agreed-upon procedures and the factual findings of the engagement in sufficient detail to enable FCA and the EU to understand the nature and extent of the procedures performed by the Auditor and the factual findings reported by the Auditor. To this end, the use of the Model Report for an Expenditure Verification of an EU Grant Contract (to be supplied to the successful bidder) is compulsory. This report should be provided by the Auditor to FCA within the stipulated contract period with FCA after the day of signature of these ToR.

  1. Key Specifications and Profile of the Accounting Firm

To undertake this assignment, the Auditor is expected inter alia to possess the following core competencies;

a) Adhere to professional auditing standards as adopted in Somalia.

b) Conduct the audit in accordance to the audit instructions approved by FCA.

c) Demonstrate staff capacity to speedy audit process and sound knowledge of the INGO accounting and issues of complex multi-currency transactions and currency conversions.

d) Knowledge of NGO sector operations and provide at least two references from a recognized INGO operating in Somalia for which similar services have been offered.

e) Sound knowledge of project management issues like development, advocacy and state building related interventions.

f) Professional conduct by its staff at all times and willing to adhere to FCA’s values, and code of conduct and other core principles

g) Competitive cost or fees.

  1. Tender/ Bid Specifications

All interested audit firms are expected to express interest by 26th April, 2018 clearly demonstrating their ability to meet as a minimum, the Key Specifications and Profile requirements listed above including;

a) The audit fee and payment terms.

b) Firm’s competency and staff profile, capacity and at least 2 INGO referees.

c) Company Registration, up to date tax and other statutory compliance certificates.

d) Estimated duration: FCA does not expect this assignment to exceed 20 working days including preparatory work, designing engagement plans including field travel where necessary, and performing the audit, exit processes and final reporting.

e) Your earliest availability to commence the audit.

  1. Audit location

The audit will be conducted in FCA offices Hargeysa in Somaliland.

11. Audit Fee

The Auditor should quote an all inclusive audit fee (including return ticket to Hargeysa, accommodation and meals, airport taxes, local transport etc). This should however not exceed EUR9, 250. The auditor is also liable for individual statutory tax obligations, travel and other insurances including medical insurance and other related insurance needs.

12. Submission of Expression of Interest:

Interested and qualified audit firms are required to submit an expression of interest that contains the following;

  • A detailed technical proposal including a financial quote
  • A cover letter that also contains a Statement of Availability
  • Updated CV with 3 references from recent INGOs for whom similar work has been accomplished
  • At least 2 INGOs recommendations for similar task
  • Statutory Tax Compliance Certificate from home Government

Proposals should be sent to the following address not later than 26th April, 2018, 5.00 PM (E.A.T). Please Indicate APPLICATION FOR 11699 EXTERNAL AUDIT SERVICE on the subject line to the email address below

For any inquiries, please contact With a copy to: and

13. Annexes Included with the TOR

  • Annex 2A Listing of specific procedures to be performed
  • Annex 2B Guidelines for specific procedures to be performed
  • Annex to be supplied to the successful bidder
  • Annex 1 Information about the Grant Contract/Project Document
  • Annex 3 Model report for an expenditure verification of an EU grant contract
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