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Employer: CTG Global
Job Title: Site Supervisor (Civil and Structural Engineer)
Job Type: Full-Time
Location: Somalia
Category: Other


CTG support and manage humanitarian projects in fragile and conflict-affected countries around the world. With past performance in 15 countries – from the Middle East, Africa, Europe, Asia and Central and South America – we offer a holistic fabric of project management, implementation and support. Skilled in emergency response to crises such as the Ebola outbreak in West Africa, we have the ability to act quickly (crisis response teams can be on the ground in 24 hours) and to establish structured operations in high-risk environments. CTG recruit and manage qualified, skilled teams with extensive experience operating in challenging conditions.


Under the International Organization for Migration, Immigration Border Management (IBM) programme has been undertaking various rehabilitations and construction work in Somalia. When doing so, it is important for our client to ensure the contractors’ technical skills, sound planning, execution of work according to the plans, approval for justifications for deviations and certification of work completed. In order to do so, our client seeks to hire a a local Site Engineer who will supervise, guide and ensure the quality of a construction project in El-Berde. To ensure this is done satisfactorily, the Site Engineer must have civil and structural engineering qualifications to supervise the construction of El-Berde Immigration office.

Our client is committed to advertise and inclusive environment. Internal and external candidates are eligible to apply this vacancy. For the purpose of the vacancy internal candidates are considered as first-tier candidates.


Role objective:

Under the overall supervision of the IBM Pogramme Manager and direct supervision of the IBM National Programme Officer, our client seeks to contract a suitably qualified individual (hereinafter local Site Civil and Structural Engineer) in order to assist our client in supervising implementation of construction work in El-Berde The scope of work will include and not limited to:

A. Design of Infrastructural and Building Works

i. Assess proposed project site with the relevant authorities and partners and recommend our client the items of work required;

ii. In Coordination with our client's Engineers, contribute to the development of a site plan, a floor plan, an architectural drawing, an engineering design and/or drawing, with details of different systems including water supply, sewerage system, disposal works, electrical system, voice & data and networking and security management for the compound and obtaining approval from the government departments concerned; and

iii. Prepare cost estimates in a form of Bills of Quantity (BOQ) and obtaining their technical approvals from the government departments concerned.

B. Bidding Documents and Award of contract

i. Assist our client in preparation of detailed tender documents including construction drawings, interior and furnishing works, specifications, BOQ and cost estimates based on market prices.

ii. Provide assistance our client in systematic and transparent pre-qualification/selection of contractor(s) by clarifying the selection criteria and assessing the technical soundness of their plans, the adequacy of pricing and the capacity of the contractors. A arrange relevant services leading to the award of contract.

C. Development of Forms

i. Develop standard forms for regular monitoring reports including progress of work, adequacy of materials used, and details of work done along with measurements to show compliance with the BOQ.

D. Services for Supervision (Resident Supervision)

i. Supervise construction with the best professional and consulting standards to ensure that the building is constructed satisfactorily.

ii. In carrying out the assignment, the Site Engineer shall undertake the following works:

a. Issue instructions to the contractor (s) and provide engineering supervision to the execution of works.

b. Ensure quality control through laboratory tests and other non-destructive tests at the expense of the contractor as may be required.

c. Make measurements of the work done as basis for facilitating payments to the contractor (s). Detailed measurements of the works shall however be recorded jointly with the contractor, as duplicate record and shall be attached with the Contractor’s bills.

d. Issue variation orders to the contractor(s) with our client’s consent.

e. Prepare periodical progress reports whose frequency will be determined by our client National Programme Officer. Maintain estimate and comparative statement of project costs and submit reports to our client promptly.

f. Assist in liaison between our client and Contractor(s). This shall also include participation in stakeholders meetings in relation to the project.

g. Review and approve “As Built” drawings prepared by the Contractor.

h. Certify that works are executed as per approved design, drawings, standard specifications, technically sanctioned estimate and within the provisions of contract agreement.

i. Supervise the contractor in all matters concerning safety and care of the work and advise our client on any problem arising in the construction work during its execution.

j. Certify that the construction material brought at site by the contractor(s) is in accordance with the specifications and is tested as per standard practices.

k. The reports in respect of receipt and test of materials shall be submitted to our client on weekly basis in the prescribed forms.

l. Check systematically the progress of work according to the construction schedule of the agreement and shall submit monthly progress report in the prescribed form our client pointing out the deficiencies and suggest remedial measures.

m. Certify the contractor’s running payments clearly indicating that the quality of work executed is according to the specifications, design, drawings, technically sanctioned estimate and contract agreement and make recommendations for payment to the contractor along with test reports. The engineer shall further be responsible for quality and quantity of works.

n. Keep the record of daily inspection reports in the prescribed forms at the site office and submit it to our client on weekly basis.

o. Carry out detailed final inspection of the work and shall recommend to the client for issuance of completion certificate stating that the work has been completed as per design, drawings, standard specifications and contract agreement.

p. One month prior to the expiry of completion period, carry out a detailed final inspection of the work and submit a report to the client pointing out the defects in the work, if any.

q. Responsible for getting all such defects rectified from the concerned contractor(s) and final payment of the contractor(s) shall be verified only after satisfactory removal of the defects.

r. Our client authorized representative may regularly visit the site for supervision of the site engineer and the quality of work executed by the contractor and issue necessary instructions to the site engineer or contractor(s) for proper execution of the work at site.

s. Supervise, plan and design the work of interior furnishing meeting the best standards.

t. Provide any additional technical advice to our client that will help the successful completion of the project.

Expected output:

In order to ensure successful implementation and achievement of our client's objectives, the site engineer is expected to achieve the following outputs and results:

a) Construction plans, such as a site plan, a floor plan, a technical drawing and BOQ, have been finalised in accordance to the needs of the clients and approved by appropriate authorities.

b) Prospective contractor(s)’ bid documents and plans reviewed and evaluated together with our client's bids analysis committee. Provision of written recommendations and clear justifications in selection.

c) Regular monitoring of construction work and submission of written reports on the progress against the original Bills of Quantity, quality of work and issues identified.

d) Coordination of construction work conducted successfully including communication of our client's concerns, if any, to the contractor(s) and the beneficiary institutions. The communication with external parties kept on file.

e) Technical advices to our client and contractors provided.

Project reporting:

The consultant will report to the project manager.

Team management:

No team management is require for this role.



§ Bachelor's degree in Architecture or Civil and structural Engineering.

Work experience:

§ Minimum of 5 years of demonstrable relevant Engineering – Civil experience.

Geographical experience:

§ Minimum of 5 years of experience in Africa (essential).


§ Fluency in English and Somali are essential.

Key competencies:

• Accountability – takes responsibility for action and manages constructive criticisms

• Client Orientation – works effectively well with client and stakeholders

• Continuous Learning – promotes continuous learning for self and others

• Communication – listens and communicates clearly, adapting delivery to the audience

• Creativity and Initiative – actively seeks new ways of improving programmes or services

• Leadership and Negotiation – develops effective partnerships with internal and external stakeholders;

• Performance Management – identify ways and implement actions to improve performance of self and others.

• Planning and Organizing - plans work, anticipates risks, and sets goals within area of responsibility;

• Professionalism - displays mastery of subject matter

• Teamwork – contributes to a collegial team environment; incorporates gender related needs, perspectives, concerns and promotes equal gender participation.

• Technological Awareness - displays awareness of relevant technological solutions;

• Resource Mobilization - works with internal and external stakeholders to meet resource needs of our client.

Other relevant information:

Any offer made to the candidate in relation to this vacancy notice is subjected to funding confirmation. Appointment will be subjected to certification that the candidate is medically fit for appointment and verification of residency, visa and authorization by the concerned government, where applicable.

Only candidates residing in either the country of the duty station or from a location in a neighbouring country that is with commuting distance of the duty station will be considered. In all cases a prerequisite for taking up the position is legal residency in the country of the duty station or in neighbouring country locating with in a commuting distance and work permit, as applicable.


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