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Employer: CTG Global
Job Title: Consultant/HIV Expert (Activity 1)
Job Type: Contractor/Consultant
Location: Somalia
Category: Other


CTG support and manage humanitarian projects in fragile and conflict-affected countries around the world. With past performance in 15 countries – from the Middle East, Africa, Europe, Asia and Central and South America – we offer a holistic fabric of project management, implementation and support. Skilled in emergency response to crises such as the Ebola outbreak in West Africa, we have the ability to act quickly (crisis response teams can be on the ground in 24 hours) and to establish structured operations in high-risk environments. CTG recruit and manage qualified, skilled teams with extensive experience operating in challenging conditions.


OUR CLIENT is the Principal Recipient for the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria’s HIV/Resilient and Sustainable Systems for Health (RSSH) grants in Somalia. The current HIV/RSSH New Funding Request (NFR) grant is from 1st January 2018 through 31st December 2020. Under this grant OUR CLIENT is expected to ensure implementation of all approved activities, including procurement of technical assistance/professional services to implement activities on OUR CLIENT’s behalf.

OUR CLIENT’s key partners under this grant include Networks of People Living with HIV (TALOWADAG, PUNCHAD, DARYEEL and South Central PLHIV Network [SCSPN]); clinical partners providing antiretroviral therapy and HIV testing (CISP, Human Development Concern [HDC], Mercy USA, New Ways Organisation [NWO], Physicians Across Continents, COOPI and Somalia Red Crescent Society Puntland [SRCSPL]); AIDS Commissions (South Central AIDS Commission [SCAC], Somaliland AIDS Commission [SOLNAC], and Puntland AIDS Commission [PAC]). The key partner of OUR CLIENT under this grant is the Ministry of Health in the Federal Government of Somalia (and affiliated States), Puntland and Somaliland. Through these partners OUR CLIENT provides HIV prevention, treatment and care activities as well as activities to support the strengthening of the health system.


Role objective:

The main objective of this consultancy/Institutional Contract is to procure professional and technical labour services across the Central and Southern Region of Somalia, Puntland and Somaliland to complete by November 30th 2018, the following activities:

  1. Conduct a review of the Somalia Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission (PMTCT) of HIV Programme.

The purpose of this activity is to review the current PMTCT programme through desk review and consultative process and develop simple SoPs consolidating what works and addressing obstacles in implementation.

  1. Develop guidance on HIV testing, diagnostics, treatment and care in Somalia

The purpose of the activity is to review and update the HIV Testing and Counselling (HTC) Policy with guidance on self-testing and lay counselling, provide implementation guidance on Viral Load (VL) and Early Infant Diagnosis (EID), and to review and finalise the Integrated Management of Adolescent and Adult Illness (IMAI) modules for Somalia.

  1. Develop a HIV self-testing (HIVST) operational frame

The purpose of this activity is to develop a self-testing operational research frame (who, how) for the 1500 HIVST kits to be procured from 2019.

  1. Referral pathways and tool development to strengthen referral systems for vulnerable populations & PLHIVs to treatment

The purpose of this activity is to develop a referral system to improve the testing treatment cascade.

  1. Develop a PLHIV support system for HIV positive women

The purpose of this activity is to develop a support system for HIV positive women including reproductive and sexual health, PMTCT, positive parenting, and accessing social networks.

  1. Develop a serial audio drama

The purpose of this activity is to develop a serial audio drama to play on the radio and distribute, especially among transport workers.

Expected output:


The technical profiles needed to complete the activities included in the assignment are not the same and the institution/firm should ensure available relevant human resources to complete the assignment.

  1. Conduct a review of the Somalia Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission (PMTCT) of HIV Programme

To date, a number of tools have been developed around PMTCT. The original WHO and CDC PMTCT Generic Training Package (GTP) was completed in 2004 and the first update was done in early 2008. A Training of Trainers (ToT) was done in 2012-2013 where fifteen (15) persons from each region were trained. Cascade trainings were rolled out to selected health facilities staff. In 2014 a PMTCT scale up plan was developed by a consultant and in 2017, a refresher ToT was done using a draft PMTCT/Early Infant Diagnosis (EID) manual and slides. After the ToT the training manual and slide sets were finalized, updating the latest WHO/CDC GTP, and a flipchart developed for PMTCT counsellors.

Despite all these tools being developed, there has not been a comprehensive review since 2014 when the Plan to Scale up Prevention of Mother-to-Child Transmission and Early Infant Diagnosis of HIV in Somaliland, Puntland and Central South Zone 2015 – 2019 was developed. This plan is now outdated. There is a need now for a comprehensive programme review looking at:

  • guidelines and policies for gaps;
  • application of new training and IEC materials and gaps;
  • overall state of the programme roll-out including strengths and weaknesses;
  • the potential use of risk assessment for PMTCT testing;
  • the feasibility of starting ART in MNCH sites.
  • identify and document best practices and innovations in the program areas for possible replication

The review process will be open and consultative. Key stakeholders to be consulted are the PMTCT Technical working groups at regional level set up in 2017 (relevant UN agencies, Implementing Partners, Somali Medical Council/Association, the Ministries of Health, and Health facilities workers).

Activity deliverables include:

  • Preparatory desk review of existing materials related to PMTCT with recommendations of what should go into Somalia PMTCT SoPs;
  • Draft SoPs adapting the outline;
  • Final SoPs and consultation report.

This activity is to be 30 days and must be completed by 30th June 2018.


Activity 1. Conduct a review of the Somalia Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission (PMTCT) of HIV Programme (what works and what doesn’t work in the PMTCT programmes per region),

• KII’s in each region;

• One consultative meeting per region (3).

Project reporting:

Please see table under further information

Team management:

The firm/organization will be supervised by OUR CLIENT HIV Programme Manager and guided by OUR CLIENT HIV Field Officers. The assignment will involve MoH, AIDS Commission and PLHIV Network partners.

The firm/organization should be willing to travel to all accessible areas of Somalia. The firm will be responsible for the insurance and security for its personnel while in Somalia.


  • Education: Master's degree in Public Health.
  • Work experience: Minimum of 8 years of demonstrable relevant Healthcare experience.
  • Geographical experience: Minimum of 8 years of experience in Africa (desirable).
  • Languages: Fluency in English is essential.

Key competencies:


The least number of experts needed for the first five assignments is expected to be five (5). Even if meetings are combined, the activities may require different expertise. Some activities, e.g. Activity 2, may need more than one expert (e.g. one in HTC and another broadly clinical). Activity 6 will require more than one expert.

Activity 1. Conduct a review of the Somalia PMTCT of HIV Programme

  • Medical doctor or Masters in Public Health or at least 8 years experience in HIV programming.
  • At least 5 years PMTCT experience.
  • Demonstrated evaluation experience.
  • Demonstrated cross-cultural work experience.
  • Preferred experience working on PMTCT/HIV in concentrated or low prevalence epidemics.


Bidder should be requested to provide an all-inclusive cost in the financial proposal. Bidder should be reminded to factor in all cost implications for the required service / assignment.

Travel (see location above) cost shall be calculated based on economy class travel, regardless of the length of travel and ii) costs for accommodation, meals and incidentals shall not exceed applicable daily subsistence allowance (DSA) rates, as promulgated by the International Civil Service Commission (ICSC).

Regional MoH’s with the support of OUR CLIENT Field offices will support facility organisation and invitation of workshop/s participants


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