Value Chain Analysis On Livestock, Livestock Products And Alternative Livelihoods In South Central Somalia

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Employer: WYG
Job Title: Value Chain Analysis On Livestock, Livestock Products And Alternative Livelihoods In South Central Somalia
Job Type: Full-Time
Location: Somalia
Category: Other


As part of a three-year programme focused on displacement-affected communities with a consortium of DRC and ReDSS, WYG will lead the private sector development and economic opportunities component of the overall programme. This will involve the establishment and operationalization of Business Support Centers (BSCs), engagement of MSMEs for skills training and development. This will be coupled with private sector and value chain and labor analyses. The intervention locations of the project are in the localities of Kismayo and Mogadishu and selected parts of south-central Somalia.

The overall objective of this assignment is to promote economic and private sector develepoment and greater resilience, particularly among vulnerable groups (youth, women and displacement-affected communities. Specifically the objective of this assignment would ensure that the targeted beneficiariesand communities are more self-reliant through:

  • increased skills and opportunities for employment and self-employment; and
  • diversified enterprise and livelihoods options;


The overall objective of this assignment is to carry out a Value Chain Analysis of live animals and animal products to provide the basis for solutions framework to address prioritized gaps in the regions specified below. This consultancy shall provide WYG and consortium partners’ proper understanding of the livestock and livestock products value chains to inform the strategy for building self-reliant and resilient communities in the project areas. In particular, the Value Chain Analysis should shed light on the status and viability of existing and potential markets and determine which hold promise of employment opportunities, product expansion, market and linkage opportunities and quality improvement.

Current State of Play

In south-central Somalia,there is a relatively robust local and regional demand for livestock. However, people’s ability to access and use market systems to increase HH income and food security was ineffective. Increasing market demand for livestock and livestock products will yield better prices for livestock producers and traders .

This assignment will carry out a thorough VCA on livestock, livestock products as well as alternative livelihoods. The VCA will provide the basis for a solutions framework to address the prioritised gaps. The action will engage international and national experts in livestock Value Chain Development (VCD). This activity will be carried out in Kismayo and Mogadishu and selected parts of south-central regions in collaboration relevant national and local government ministries and other stakeholders. During the implementation phase, VCA findings will be used to;

  • improve linkages between the value chain actors;
  • support participatory development and implementation of VCD plans;

Task and Duties (objectives and activities)

The key tasks and duties in the assignment includes:

  • Review existing Value Chain Analyses of livestock and livetsock products value chains, political economy analyses and other relevant project documents.
  • Draft an appropriate methodology for primary data collection and develop data collection tools (e.g. market survey, interviews with market actors, key informant interviews) that will be used to conduct the Value Chain Analysis. The methodology should specifically consult, and identify opportunities for, women, youth and displacement-affected individuals.

Plan and conduct a Value Chain Analysis focusing on:

  • identification of major local, regional markets and provide insight into their long-term viability and sustainability (including in light of recurrent drought conditions in the area every couple of years).
  • assessment of size of markets, volume of sales, market integration/segmentation
  • local market structure and enabling environment (e.g. security issues or policies affecting market access) in Kismayo, Mogadishu and selected parts of sout-central Somalia;
  • market actors (consumers, sellers, traders, middle-men, employers) behavior, including informal relationships and informal governance mechanisms that may exist;
  • identification of value addition opportunities that could be undertaken by the local community, with specific emphasis on those that would be most suitable for women,youth and displacement-affected persons;
  • Provide a detailed analysis of the market opportunities in the region for the various livestock products that can be maximized, including linkages with local and external markets, locations, main competitors, ICT and mobile application, barriers to competitiveness, quality management and participation of livestock marketing associations, women, men and youth;
  • Draft a Value Chain Analysis report, which includes an executive summary and practical recommendations that can be used to inform private sector development and livelihoods interventions in the targeted project areas;

Scope of the Assignment

A Research Consulting Company will be contracted to develop appropriate methodoloy and work plan and undertake detailed value chain analysis to identify the main primary value chain actors, market quantities, challenges and opportunities. In addition, the Company will undertake analysis of primary actors, indicating price variations along the value chains for meat and live animals, hides and skins and milk products. The experts will also evaluate socio-cultural aspects of the value chain, such as participation of women, men and youth and displacement-affected persons.

The Consulting Company shall:

  • Identify capacity gaps limiting competiveness of key actors- traders, butchers, and Women engaged in livestock marketing enterprises and other service providers;
  • Establish gaps of actors such as community based organizations & other community development agents engaged in livestock trading arrangements;
  • Analyzing the overall business environment that facilitates international, regional, national market linkages;
  • Identify and document successful livestock marketing models and enterprises for replication and scaling up;
  • Recommending potential business opportunities for entrepreneurs to invest in viable businesses, including for livestock marketing associations, women and youth;
  • Document/recommend existing mechanisms/models that provide opportunity for business coaching and mentoring for women and youth-run businesses in the livestock value chains;
  • Recommend interventions which will enable the livestock producers to engage more with markets and other key actors;
  • Recommending upgrading strategies for the selected value chains including how to grow the livestock enterprises into business hubs which will increase pastoralists bargaining power , market access and demand for services;

Expected Deliverables

  • Value Chain Analysis Report of livestock, livestock products and alternative livelihoods;

Qualifications Required

A research consulting company will be contracted to carry out the analysis. Company should fill the attached Supplier Form and send it together with the proposal. The Company should have capacity to mobilize local enumerators and Senior Consultants of the team should have meet the following criteria:

  • At least Master’s Degree in business related disciplines, development studies, or economics.
  • At least 10 years demonstrated experience in agribusiness and marketing research and/or practice, with a good understanding of value chain development.
  • Demonstrable ability to work and link with the private sector, local and national institutions, business service providers and relevant government departments.
  • Good understanding of working in pastoral areas, with knowledge of working in south-central Somaliabeing an added advantage.
  • Good experience in application of participatory tools and methodologies.
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills in English.
  • Knowledge of the local language is an added advantage

Logistic and Timing

The base of operation of the assignment will be located insout-central Somalia. Assessment shall start on 15th of June 2018 and shall be no longer than a month. The first draft of the report shall be due on 13th July and the final report shall be due on 20th July.

Reporting Arrangement

The Technical Coordinator of the Durable Solutions Project (DSP) will oversee and supervise the research consulting company. The company is expected to work closely with other key partners of the project and stakeholders while undertaking the VCA under this assignment.


Kindly submit your technical and financial proposals to and by 8th June 2018.

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