TOR - Development of Protection Information Management web-based Platform for Somalia/Somaliland

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Employer: DRC
Job Title: TOR - Development of Protection Information Management web-based Platform for Somalia/Somaliland
Job Type: Full-Time
Location: Somaliland; Somalia
Category: Other

Background and context
The Danish Refugee Council (DRC) has been providing relief and development services in the Horn of Africa since 1997 using a protection of human rights framework, DRC supports refugees, migrants, internally displaced populations and other persons affected by crises in both urban and rural settings.
In Somalia, DRC/DDG is among the INGOs with the largest presence, with country-wide programmes implemented through six main sub offices in Somaliland, Puntland, Hirran Region, Gedo Region, Bay Region and Banadir Region. Because we are there, DRC/DDG is able to respond rapidly and flexibly to recurrent crises and the needs of Somalis who are affected by humanitarian crises. Activities implemented range from WASH, Shelter and Non Food Items (NFIs), Protection, Food Security and Livelihoods (FSL), Mine Action and Armed Violence Reduction (AVR).
In Protection, the key program components include Gender Based Violence (GBV) prevention and response; child protection, mixed migration programming, legal aid including housing, land and property issues, as well as return and (re)integration. Support targets provided to internally displaced persons, refugees, returnees, host communities and capacity building for local authorities.

DRC has identified critical gaps in the provision of evidence based, systematic, reliable and verifiable data and information on protection concerns in Somalia to inform decision making as well as planning of appropriate interventions. Many humanitarian and development actors in Somalia rely on limited information on Protection needs often obtained on had hoc basis and from a few actors, more so, collected from a few locations. Further, the information is not always sourced directly from the community or with full participation of the displacement affected communities.
DRC plans to bridge these critical gaps by providing evidence based information on Protection Concerns in Somalia/Somaliland to humanitarian and development actors. DRC will work with the displacement affected communities to schematically monitor and document the protection concerns across all locations. The information collected will be analysed and shared on need basis with relevant response and prevention mechanisms.

On the basis of the above, DRC is looking for a consultant to develop a web based Protection Information Management system that will allow DRC to collect, verify, analyze and visualize Protection related information over a long period of time. The monitoring system will collect and analyse quantitative and qualitative data and information related to the protection environment, protection trends over time, rights violations and protection risks – threats, vulnerabilities, and capacities – of the affected population.

Key responsibilities
Scope of consultancy
The consultant will work closely with DRC Information Management Officer (PIMO) to achieve the following:

  • Determine detailed user requirements for the Protection Information Management System based on the PIMS stakeholder requirements. The consultant will provide a detailed design recommendation for the proposed system, flexible enough to incorporate future changes as may be required.
  • To develop an interactive website for the Protection Monitoring system to be used for information sharing and publishing taking into account requirements such as clear catalogues and folders for data and page storage, attractive layout, friendly and easy to use, update and maintain, flexible navigation & search function; web analytics, chat connection etc.
  • To integrate the developed website with existing data collection tools ( and ensure seamless interchange of data between the two platforms.
  • To develop data analysis and visualization system to ensure that the parameters tracked are captured, stored, processed, visualized, and reported in an adequate manner using tools.
  • To support and build capacity of DRC staff, especially the Protection Information Management Officer on the process of data cleaning, analysis & visualization and overall website management. The consultant is also required to develop adequate documentation for all aspects of the system.

The key tasks under each responsibility are as follows:
Data collection

  • Support the revision and finalization of data collection tools, sampling methodology and data collection plan
  • Create systematic linkages between data collection and data analysis.

Data analysis

  • Develop a data analysis tools compatible with the tools used by DRC in data collection.
  • Train DRC Protection Information Management Officer (PIMO) on use of the data analysis software/tools.
  • Support PIMO in ongoing data cleaning process based on incoming data collected by DRC protection monitors.
  • Support PIMO in ongoing data analysis.

Data visualization

  • Design an interactive dashboard, scalable with different devices, using the agreed software. The dashboard should include sections on:
  • Time, trends, graphics, maps, quantitate data desegregated by demographic factors such as gender, location, age, displacement status, displacement duration, head of HH, HH size and area of origin, indicators of protection risks/threads among others.
  • Info graphic visual representation of qualitative data to represent information quickly and clearly.
  • Presentation of interactive maps of various geographical regions of Somalia to facilitate interaction with various data elements.
  • Assist PIMO in updating and troubleshooting the dashboard for a period of one month or as may be agreed.

Data storage

  • Advise on the safe storage of data ensuring confidentiality and in line with global information protection standards.
  • Ensure the developed web application is well secured to guarantee security of all data consumed by the platform.

Data sharing/publishing
Web development

  • Develop a secure, scalable, visually appealing, attractive and interactive website incorporating a map of Somalia that will be filterable with different parameters. The website will be based on the brief provided by DRC and should take into account variant internet connection speeds by various users. The brief will suggest the main subpages and elements of the website, as well as provide a list of similar portals to model the website after. The consultant is expected to provide guidance on the final structure of the website based on experience and best practice to ensure it is user friendly.
  • The consultant is responsible for all technical aspects related to the website development. The consultant is expected to justify the choice of the selected Content Management System.
  • The website will have various levels of user access, both of internal and external audiences. The consultant will ensure an appropriate access control level structure is set up to control data access depending on individual requirements.

Website Maintenance and Management

  • The consultant will provide relevant documentation and training for core staff on how to update and manage the website in-house.
  • The consultant will put in place modalities to guarantee security of the website
  • The website will be moved to a server indicated by DRC and all rights to the website will be handed over to DRC, including handover of admin rights.


The consultant will be based in Nairobi, or Somalia/Somaliland based on cost efficiency and will work closely with DRC Protection Information Management Officer and IT staff to accomplish the outlined tasks.
For this purpose, DRC prefers that the consultant works mainly from its main office in Nairobi to allow daily coaching and interaction with the PIMO on the tasks.
The consultant is expected to present the draft output in a workshop in Nairobi to DRC core staff and incorporate comments to ensure that the final products meets the DRC’s requirements.

Key deliverables/outputs
The required output will include:

  • An inception report interpreting the TOR and a work plan showing how the consultant intends to deliver the outlined tasks.
  • A fully functional scalable, well secured and interactive website that provides online information which is readily accessible to a broad range of users, with different levels of access determined by DRC. The consultant will present the website and finalize after DRC input, a minimum of three rounds of review.
  • Data Analysis and visualization tools including dynamic dash boards.
  • Capacity building: The developer is expected to coach the PIMO on the website management, data cleaning and visualization including development of fact sheets. The consultant will provide training and facilitate at least two workshops with core staff on the production on info graphs, fact sheets and navigating through the information dash board.
  • The project will not be considered complete without the delivery of detailed technical specifications document including the source code. The ownership of the interface and the source code will belong henceforth to DRC upon delivery of the project.

DRC’s responsibilities

  • DRC will provide all necessary background information and raw data to facilitate accomplishment of the identified tasks.
  • DRC will provide infrastructure to facilitate online hosting of the finished product.
  • DRC will provide work space for the consultant at DRC office and pay the agreed fee based on negotiated terms.

Reporting arrangements
On the overall, the consultant will be reporting to DRC Protection Manager and closely work with the Durable Solutions Coordinator, the Protection Information Management Officer, and DRC’s IT Team.

Duration of assignment
The assignment is expected to run for a period of 30 days from July 1, 2018.

Expected profile of consultant
Interested individuals or firms should submit a proposal in English, interpreting this TOR. The applicant should have at least a strong and verifiable portfolio in web application development, mapping and UI/UX design; with considerable experience in design and operationalization of similar websites, dashboards and data analyses tools for agencies in humanitarian settings.

Terms & conditions
The consultant is expected to adhere to DRC safety protocols and the code of conduct during the period of the assignment. Withholding tax in Kenya will apply.

Commitments: DRC has a Humanitarian Accountability Framework, outlining its global accountability committments. All staff are required to contribute to the achievement of this framework

Application process
Interested applicants who meet the required profile are invited to submit an expression of interest including:

  • A suitability statement including CV/s of participating consultant/s, and links to previous similar completed tasks. The CV should include three (3) referees of similar works done.
  • A technical proposal detailing the approach and methodology for the project including selected links to previous work
  • Work-plan clearly indicating the activity schedule.
  • Financial proposal providing cost estimates for the consultancy.
  • Contacts of three organisations that have recently contracted you to carry out similar assignment.

Interested candidates who meet the required qualifications and experience are invited to submit updated CV and cover letter explaining their motivation and why they are suited for the post.
We only accept applications sent via our online-application form on under Vacancies.

Please forward the application and CV, in English through the online application on under vacancies no later than 28 June 2018.

If you have questions or are facing problems with the online application process, please contact

For general information about the Danish Refugee Council, please consult

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