Terms of Reference: Mid-Term Evaluation of Somalia NGO Consortium's Strategy (2017 – 2019)

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Employer: Somalia NGO Consortium
Job Title: Terms of Reference: Mid-Term Evaluation of Somalia NGO Consortium's Strategy (2017 – 2019)
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Introduction to Somalia NGO Consortium

The Somalia NGO Consortium (SNC) is a membership organization of national and international NGOs that work together to create an enabling environment for the efficient and effective delivery of humanitarian and development assistance to all the Somali people. The SNC has supported NGOs since 1999 through its core activities in coordination, representation, information sharing and advocacy. It has offices in Hargeisa (Somaliland), Mogadishu (Somalia) and Nairobi (Kenya) and presence in Garowe (Puntland), Baidoa (South West) and Kismayo (Jubaland). The Consortium currently has 85 members working across Somalia.

The Somalia NGO Consortium staff, Steering Committee and the overall membership in April 2017 developed and adopted a comprehensive three year (2017-2019) strategic plan (view/download Strategy here) based on the Consortium Mandate (view/download Mandate here) which was also revised in December 2019. The following objectives and priorities were set following an assessment of the operating environment, organizational capacity and resources:

SNC Strategic Focus Areas (2017 - 2019)

  • An enabling environment for improved humanitarian, resilience and development outcomes, through multi-stakeholder and multi-level engagement;
  • Enhance collective accountability and transparency, in Somalia, through the application of International and National good practice and standards; and
  • Facilitate the promotion and implementation of Global, Regional and National localisation commitments, through initiatives that enhance agency, voice, and capacity of local/national NGOs, in Somalia.

SNC Vision

Stronger together for resilient Somali Communities

SNC Mission

A coordination platform, focused on an enabling environment for efficient and effective delivery of humanitarian and development outcomes.

SNC Core Values

  • Humanitarian Principles and Do No harm: We are guided by humanitarian principles of humanity, impartiality, neutrality and independence. We are committed to ethical and responsible actions and activities in the service of communities and people.
  • Enabling environment: We believe in an enabling environment as common ground for our members to operate.
  • Identity and Collective Action: We will build and nurture the identity and power of collective action of our members to achieve common goals. In all our actions, we strive to develop our members’ capacity and confidence to increase the strength of their staff.
  • Improvement and Quality services: We are committed to continued improvement and delivery of high quality services to our members.
  • Transparency and Accountability: Through our policies, structures and procedures, and in all out actions, we ensure we are transparent and accountable, answering to our partners, membership and stakeholders.


To ensure delivery of targeted services to its membership and continued funding, the Consortium will have to review and possibly align its members’ and external stakeholders’ interests more closely through a review of its performance, strategy and possibly its mandate and build upon its strengths and competitive advantages in areas such as coordination, technical resources and influence derived from size and reputation of its member organisations.

Assessment and readjustment are key features of the Consortium’s strategic plan and mandate; the SNC secretariat at all times strives to adapt the Consortium’s strategic focus on the basis of its members’ key priorities, with the aim of facilitating maximum positive output on behalf of the membership. In support of on-going membership outreach (either in bilateral meetings or via the monthly membership meetings), the Secretariat and Consortium Steering Committee herewith look to commission an external evaluation to:

i. Build momentum behind member feedback on the performance of the Consortium;

ii. Assess the implementation of the current strategy;

iii. Align its operations and structures to member priorities and as a reflection of the changing operating environment (which sees restrictions to access to vulnerable populations, sees the federal government increasingly demanding responsibility over aid coordination and challenging the existing aid framework). At the same time, nascent but growing Somali civil society coordination structures might challenge the importance of the leadership and coordination role of the Somalia NGO Consortium has played in this field up to now.

Description of the Assignment


To assist the Somalia NGO Consortium, assess its performance and redefine its strategy as an agency (and conduit) for NGO representation and coordination (taking into account the changing context of aid coordination within Somalia and members’ key priorities); as reflected in a member satisfaction survey and assessment of SNCs outputs, services and structures.


  • Review the Consortium’s areas of focus and activities;
  • Assess the implementation of the SNC mandate and the 2017-2019 strategic plan;
  • Identify the Consortium’s members’ strategic priorities to inform review of the current strategy and plan of action for the medium-term (coming year) and the Consortium structure;
  • Provide recommendations on how to strengthen member influence and guidance throughout the coming year.
  • Review of local NGO membership of the Consortium and propose way forward.

Activities to be carried out

Following is the three-fold core focus, which will guide the design, process and outcomes of each of the activities listed in this section:

  1. Review of the last 2 years’ implementation of the mandate and strategy implementation.

  2. Review of the range and quality of services the Consortium provides to and with members.

  3. Recommendations towards revising the Consortium’s mandate and strategy in light of NGO capacity, priorities and the changing operating environment.


The overall assignment will be consultative and will make use of a mixture of qualitative methods of data collection, including semi-structured interviews, focus group discussions and workshops.

Task 1: A comprehensive desk study of relevant documentation, including the Consortium’s strategy, advocacy and research papers, meeting minutes, funding proposals; and a full range as possible relevant external documents, such as advocacy papers from members or wider civil society and studies relating to the current challenges for the delivery of development and humanitarian assistance in Somalia.

Task 2: Consultations with relevant internal and external strategic stakeholders and actors through a range of methods including, but not limited to, one-to-one interviews and group consultations. Emphasis should be placed on member organisations at HQ and field levels; however the review should also include representatives of key donors and UN agencies, including humanitarian coordination mechanisms. The task will be carried out mainly in Mogadishu, Hargeisa and Nairobi where consultations will be held with Consortium staff and/or representatives, representatives of the Consortium’s member organizations regional offices and any other external stakeholder deemed relevant.

Task 3: The results of tasks one and two will be written up as summary initial report outlining perceptions regarding the Consortium’s key capacity, strengths, shortfalls and opportunities and outlining their relevance within the overall context of Consortium’s members’ interests and the aid coordination context. The report will be submitted to the Consortium’s Director and Steering Committee ahead of Task 4 and will provide the immediate context for carrying out Tasks 4 and 5.

Task 4: Facilitation of a member workshop discussing the findings of the previous tasks and initial recommendations towards revising the Consortium key activities, strategy and as relevant mandate (including structures).

Task 5: Submission of final report: the report will combine the analysis from Task 1 to 3 and provide recommendations, with their pros and cons, towards revising the Consortium key activities as stated in the Consortium mandate and strategy. It should also identify potential consequences for the Consortium structure and institutional capacities necessary to achieve the revised strategy. The consultant will incorporate comments to finalise the document. The final document will be shared with the membership and external stakeholders as and when relevant.

Expected outputs

  1. Based on outcomes of Task 1 and 2, an initial inception report outlining:

  2. Perceptions and where available evidence based analysis of the Consortium’s institutional competence and capacity to deliver its current mandate and strategic priorities (for the period 2017-18)

  3. Views of its members and key external stakeholders pertaining relevance of its mandate and strategy and role in the changing aid context; 2. Based on outcomes of Task 3 and 4– the following key documents:

  4. Consortium’s revised strategy (and possibly mandate) aligned with the external context and its members and external strategic stakeholders interests and expectations;

  5. Consortium’s Strategy and key priorities for the next 2 years informed by its revised mandate and role, as well as by the interests and expectations of its members and strategic external stakeholders;

  6. Recommendations for institutional capacity development of the Consortium to deliver the ambition of the new strategy and priorities but also conscious of the constricting funding environment,

  7. and a proposed action plan.

Implementation and Management of the Assignment

  1. The assignment will be carried out by one external consultant or consulting firm who will be responsible for conducting all aspects of the work and delivering the stated outputs.

  2. The Consortium secretariat will provide the consultant with assistance in arranging meetings, if possible visits to the Consortium’s regional offices, with the support of the regional Representative where applicable, and organizing the participatory workshop.

  3. Overall management of the assignment will be the responsibility of the Consortium secretariat under the guidance of the Consortium’s Director in cooperation with the Consortium’s Steering Committee. The Steering Committee will be responsible for selection of the consultants to carry out the work and for reviewing and approving the assignments outputs.


The assignment will take place over the months of August-September 2018 with following tentative allocation of working days (either consecutively or divided into two periods):

Desk study / preparation: 3 days

Consultations in Nairobi: 10 days

Visits to regional offices (incl. travel): 6 days

Writing Inception Report: 3 days

Design and facilitate workshop in Nairobi: 2 days

Workshop report: 1 day

Final Documents: 3 days

Discussion with Steering Committee and incorporation of comments: 1 day

TOTAL 29 days


  1. Good understanding of Somalia (including power dynamics) and the operating conditions for NGOs providing assistance in Somalia.

  2. Familiarity with the Somalia NGO Consortium.

  3. Proven experience undertaking strategic evaluations.

  4. Excellent communication skills, with good spoken and written English. Somali speaking is desirable.

  5. Minimum 5 years’ prior experience working in conflict and post conflict settings especially Somalia and an in depth understanding of the context.



Candidates interested in the position should send their applications online torecruit@somaliangoconsortium.org to be received no later than 29th July 2018. The application should be titled “Consultancy for SNC’s Mid-term Evaluation” and should include the following:

  1. Resume
  2. Strategy paper(s)/evaluation(s) completed
  3. 2 references
  4. Cover letter on personal interest in evaluation and understanding of the Consortium

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

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