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World Vision

World Vision is an international Christian Relief and Development organization, whose goal is to achieve long-lasting benefits in the quality of life for vulnerable children and their families, displaced persons and communities. 

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Employer: World Vision
Job Title: Agricultural Advisory Facilitator
Job Type: Full-Time
Location: Somalia
Category: Project Management

Terms of Reference

Agricultural Advisory Facilitator


SomReP aims to equip producers with the real-time climatic information to allow them to make risk-informed decision regarding their livelihood with the aim of enhancing food security and promoting economic growth. Towards this aim, SomReP will pilot an innovative approach already field-tested in Ethiopia and Kenya: the Agricultural Advisory. Just before the start of the agricultural season, a simple two-page document- highlighting project weather conditions for the next productive season and recommendations to best exploit these conditions will be develop, shared with farmer and pastoralist groups and promoted by key persons in government, prominent producers and others involved in the value-chain. Apart from providing farmers and pastoralists with information to help them prepare for the next growing season, the information provided is meant to catalyze the entire value chain, helping all value actors to prepare for the next season’s projected output. SomReP proposes to pilot this action for the upcoming Gu Rainy season due to start October 2018. As such, advisory information should be made available in September 2018 to allow actors to prepare for the projected seasonal performance.

Objective: SomReP aims to partner with Climate Center, To produce and provide real-time climatic information useful all actors in the Agriculture value chains in forms which are most relevant to the target groups (farmers, pastoralists, middle-value chain actors, etc (Crops/Livestock).

Services Required

· Gather and document relevant climatic information from FSNU/FEWs Net, Early Warning Committees to guide the development the advisory bulletin

· Consult and Coordination with Ministry of Agriculture at Federal, Jubaland and Southwest State levels to Plan an event and organize media to promulgate advisory;

· Coordinate with the SomReP Regional Management Unit (RMU), headed by Southern Operations focal point, for the printing of materials, cost associated with media event and organizing of small training on how to message the Advisory;

· Translation of Advisory into relevant Somali language (May dialect);

· Prepare mini-training for SomReP and Ministry of Agriculture members on how to communicate advisory to producers and other value-chain actors, implement training with SomReP members;

· Organize a min official launch of the Agriculture Advisory in Jubaland and South West State

· Facilitate government, media, and other actors to help dissemination of this information through various mediums in forms which are most relevant to the target groups (farmers, pastoralists, middle-value chain actors, etc.).

· Monitor the media outlets confirm that the advisory was disseminated

Expected Output

· Inception Report

· Minutes of consultation meetings with relevant stakeholders – Government, UN, Early Warning Committees

· Advisory bulletins in relevant Somali language

· Advisory Launch meetings conducted

· Evidence of Media dissemination produced

· Final Report submitted


The advisory will be provided/completed before onset of Gu rains (end March)

Required Qualifications and Experience

· MSc in climate and/or meteorological field

· 5 years or more Previous experience on agricultural climate data related advisory work

· Has working relationships with various stakeholders Somalia – government, media,

· Ability to facilitate government, media, and other actors to help disseminate this information through various mediums in forms relevant to the target groups (farmers, pastoralists, middle-value chain actors, etc


Please submit your Technical and financial proposals on or before 22nd February 2019.

Send your proposals via Email to


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