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  1. (2018-07-19 05:59:00) 1

    Logistics Officer-Hargeisa

    ACTED Department: Logistics Position: Logistics Officer Direct hierarchy: Area Coordinator Contract dur...
    Category: Other Location: Somalia 
  2. (2018-07-19 05:55:14) 2

    Admin/Hr Manager-Hargeisa

    ACTED Department: ADMIN/HR Direct Hierarchy: Senior ADMINHR Manager Contract duration: Six Months with p...
    Category: Other Location: Hargeisa 
  3. (2018-07-19 05:48:26) 3

    Area Logistics Manager - Muqdisho

    ACTED Department: Logistics Position: Area Logistics Manager Direct hierarchy: Country Logistics Manager...
    Category: Other Location: Mogadishu 
  4. (2018-07-19 05:44:15) 4

    Logistics Assistant-Baidoa

    ACTED Department: Logistics** Position: Logistics Assistant** Direct hierarchy: Logistics Officer Contr...
    Category: Other Location: Baidao 
  5. (2018-07-16 21:37:49) 5

    Camp Coordination & Camp Management Database Assistant-Garowe

    ACTED Position: Camp Coordination and Camp Management (CCCM) Database Assistant Department: Project Imple...
    Category: Other Location: Garowe 
  6. (2018-07-16 21:31:49) 6

    Camp Coordination & Camp Management Engineer –Garowe

    ACTED Position: Camp Coordination and Camp Management (CCCM) Engineer Department: Project Implementation_...
    Category: Other Location: Garowe 
  7. (2018-07-01 23:48:55) 7

    Finance and Administration Officer -Kismayo

    ACTED Position: Finance and Administration Officer Department: FINANCE_ADMIN_HR Direct hierarchy: Offic...
    Category: Other Location: Kismayo 
  8. (2018-06-27 18:30:30) 8

    Shelter/Camp Coordination & Camp Management Sub Engineer –Baidoa

    ACTED Position: Shelter/Camp Coordination and Camp Management (CCCM) Sub EngineerDepartment: Project Imple...
    Category: Other Location: Baidao 
  9. (2018-05-30 15:15:06) 9

    Consultancy services - Nutrition Consultant to hold a three day training in Baidoa

    ACTED RFQ Ref: RFQ/ 27DIL/10F/CNT/NBO/Program/29-05-2018 For: Nutrition Consultant to hold a three day t...
    Category: Other Location: Baidao 

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