Photography and Videography for ICRAF project in Somaliland

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Employer: World Vision
Job Title: Photography and Videography for ICRAF project in Somaliland Featured job
Job Type: Full-Time
Location: Somaliland
Category: Other

QUOTATION – Quotation of videography

DATE: 17/03/2021

VENDORS NAME: …………………………… RUBBER STAMP: …………………

SIGNATURE: ……..…………………………….. CONTACT: ……………………

You are kindly invited to submit your quotation for the items in the table below under the following terms and conditions and the required specification

1. The Quotation is not an order.

2. The quotations should indicate final unit prices

3. Alteration of the prices is NOT accepted

4. The decision of the tender Committee is final. Canvassing will lead to disqualification

5. ONLY qualified vendor will be contacted.



8. Mandatory Requirements


ü  Provide a certified copy of a certificate of business registration, certificate of incorporation, business license or similar document.

ü  Provide a certified copy of tax registration, tax clearance certificates or similar documents.

ü  Provide information on ownership structure (Name of directors of the company / Owner)

ü  Past Experience-Provide references of the previous works or goods supplied before (attach Recommendation letter or Previous LPOS/Agreements

ü  Please indicate delivery period

ü  Indicate validity of quote

ü  Credit Terms.

ü  Technical Evaluation

ü  Bids technical evaluation based on the specification submitted

ü  Financial Evaluation Based on cost quoted


Quotation should be received at World Vision Hargeisa Office not later than 29/03/2021 at 4:00 PM.



Terms of Reference

Photography and Videographer Assignment for Documentation of ICRAF Project in Odweine and Awdal Regions Somaliland


World Vision


Reversing Land Degradation in Africa by Scaling-up Evergreen Agriculture - Regreening Africa


Photography and Videography for ICRAF project in Somaliland


Togdheer and Awdal Regions.


15 days

Report to

Communications Coordinator in collaboration with World Vision Livelihood Project Manager and the Area Manager.

Working with

Projects Staff

Start date

To be defined on the contract

End date

To be defined on the contract


Project Summary

World Vision International is a child-focused and community-based, relief, and development agency. World Vision Somaliland Program in the Resilience and Livelihood sector is currently implementing a project named (Reversing Land Degradation in Africa by Scaling-up Evergreen Agriculture - Regreening Africa) funded by the EU.

Project Overall Objectives is to improve livelihoods, food security, and resilience to climate change by smallholder farmers in Somaliland and restore ecosystem services, particularly through evergreen agriculture.

The Regreening Somaliland project is directly implemented in 17 villages at two districts of Baki district (Awdal region) and Odwaine districts (Daadmadheedh regions), Somaliland.

The project intends to reverse the degraded lands through direct scaling and leverage work at the community level that will enable 10,153 smallholders’ farmers’/pastoralist households to adopt Evergreen Agriculture/ Farmer Managed Natural Regeneration (EVA/FMNR) practices on an area of 6,600 Hectares.


Assignment Period:

The consultancy will entail up to 25 days including fieldwork starting on (To be defined on the Contract). Including 7 Days of editing and 3 Days of reporting, 10 Days of field Work for data capturing, and 5 days of travel to and back. World Vision will cover the travel cost, accommodation, whereas meal expenses will be covered by the consultant.

Scope of Work:

The videographer will document and develop content on the project, particularly FMNR related activities, Nursery sites, Tree planting, Farmer groups, FMNR Champions etc. in close collaboration with the Communications Unit, World Vision Livelihood Project Manager, and Senior Communication Coordinator. The documentary is aimed at World Vision, donors, staff, the host communities, and stakeholders (Ministry of Agriculture Development and Ministry of Environment & Rural Development. By displaying how the Project has been changed the community's lives and broadcasting local public/private TV channels and radios.


The following are the major tasks to be carried out:

·        The consultant will develop the storyboard of the documentary film with project staff and senior communications coordinator.

·        Prepare a script with key messages aligned with the project goals/objectives

·        Professionally editing the Video and translate the title into English

·        Present the rough cut of the video to the Communication department and project Coordination team for review, inputs, and get their feedback accordingly.

·        Revise the video based on inputs from the WV Communication department and project coordination team and the senior management.

·        Test presentation of the developed draft video with a wider audience at WV offices for further review and correcting messaging and story angles

·        Submit a revised video in English with subtitles as required

·        Submit the final video documentary/photo in DVD form

As background information, the consultant will be provided with key information summarizing the project, timelines, objectives, and a summary of achievements



1.     One Short Video in HD format

o   A script in English with key messages of the video;

o   A finalized script for a 15- 30-minute documentary including inputs from all key project stakeholders 1080p (HD)

o   A longer consolidated video of the project’s achievements, not more than 30 minutes TV program

o   Script development should be forward before the tasks start

o   Full usage rights for music (music for which copyright has been granted)

o   World Vision Child protection policy should be applied during the documentation including signing the consent form


2.     High-resolution photographs:

o   At least 60 high quality and high resolution edited and captioned pictures delivered on CD. This should include: Pictures of selected project beneficiaries, where they live, what do daily, how the project has been impacted their lives, and how the project changed their lives. Pictures of landscape and project interventions


Completion Criteria

o   Finalized video documentary approved by World Vision Communication Unit

o   The length of the video clip should be 15 minutes on average and the consolidated video should not be more than 30 minutes

o   All raw footage to be submitted to World Vision Office.

o   Translating of all interviews, time coding, shot-listing, and editing should be done



o    Outstanding photography skills

o   Outstanding videography skills

o   Outstanding photo and video editing skills

o   Five years’ humanitarian documentation experience in the Somali context

o   Experience working in remote areas in Somaliland

o   Proven ability to work in a multicultural environment

Copyright and Intellectual Property Rights

o   All material and footage will remain the property/copyright of World Vision.

o   All products to be in line with World Vision branding


Application Process

The applications should be submitted, no later than (to be defined in the Contract), all the applicants must meet the minimum requirements described above. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted. World Vision is an equal opportunity employer. Each application should include the following

o    Cover letter with the applicant’s current contact information, the letter should be no longer than two pages;

o   Proposal for the consultancy assignment with methodology and a detailed budget;

o   Addressing the selection criteria including, how the candidate’s, previous experience matches the consultancy objectives as well as their interest in the assignment.  

o   CVs of consultants including detailed work experience, education/degrees, and details of similar assignments

o   Professional References (minimum of three, with complete contact information)

o   Sample or examples of recently undertaken-Similar Assignment;

o   Applications not including all of the above information will not be reviewed


ToR Protocols.

World vision Behavior Protocols and Child Protection Policy shall be considered. The Contractor agrees and accepts that failure to adhere to these child protection measures will be regarded as a breach of a material term of this Agreement and WVI shall have the right to terminate this Agreement without any further liability resulting from such termination. The Consultant will be paid for all services satisfactorily performed and accomplished up to the date of termination as determined by WVI.

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