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TheRSS Feed delivers job search results as an RSS Feed.You can then save those results in any favourite feed aggregator, or incorporate that data into your own website or client application.The RSS Feed is a dynamically-generated feed: Start with the base URL, add Parameters for your location, and the job Category you're looking for.You'll get back just the information you've requested.

Standard RSS

# Description    
1 All jobs posted last 3 days Simple URL Detail URL
2 All jobs posted last 7 days Simple URL Detail URL
3 All jobs posted today Simple URL Detail URL
4 Premium jobs posted last 3 days Simple URL Detail URL
5 Premium jobs posted last 7 days Simple URL Detail URL
6 Premium jobs posted today Simple URL Detail URL

Create advanced RSS

Advanced RSS requested

The RSS feed requested URL looks like this:


Where each of the value of Location, Job Category, Posted Date ... are replaced with specific values. If the Param is not included or invalid, they will get the default values which are set by Administrator.

All paras can be configured via URL syntax, each paras can be added with the format: ¶_name and multi values of a parameters are separated by commas.

For example, both of the 2 following feeds return all Finance + Franchise jobs at any location published/posted on site in the last 30 days


This URL returns the list of open job from Financial + Design categories, in New York + London & posted within the last 30 days,


And this example feed results for legal jobs in New York

See the table below for the possible values for each of the parameter.

Parameter Description
type RSS2.0 , THE FEED WILL OUTPUT THE FEED IN RSS2.0 FORMAT=We support the following feed types: RSS, RSS 0.91, RSS 1.0, RSS 2.0, Mbox, Opml, Atom, Atom 0.3, HTML, Js. Eg: Type=rss2.0. The feed will output the feed in RSS2.0 format.
name Name of the feed
description Short description of the feed
html Yes or No
image Yes or No
order_by Value: Desc, Asc
category The Categories Of Job, Seperated By Comma. Eg: Category=financial,design
location The Locations Of Job, Seperated By Comma Eg: Location=new York,london Will Display Jobs From New York + London Only
effected_date The Job In Xx Days. Eg: Effected Date=30 Will List All The Jobs Posted 30 Days Ago.
premium Value = 1 Or 0. Default=0(meaning Display Both Premium + Standard Jobs)
job_number The limit number of jobs generated by RSS
exitems The excluded job ID which you do not want to display via RSS.
inemployers The Included Employers Of Which You Want To Get Jobs From. Eg: Inemployers=45 Display Open Jobs From Employer Id 45
exemployers The Excluded Employers Of Which You Want To Get Jobs From. Eg: Exemployers=45, Will Display All Jobs Except Jobs From Employer Id 45

Create advanced RSS

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