Invitation for Proposals and Quotations for Motor Vehicles Hiring in Awdal Region (Borama)

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Employer: World Vision
Job Title: Invitation for Proposals and Quotations for Motor Vehicles Hiring in Awdal Region (Borama) Featured job
Job Type: Contractor/Consultant
Location: Borama
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To provide motor vehicle hire services to the organization.


World Vision, Somaliland Office, as part of its programme implementation plan would require, the services of vehicle hire to transport WV Staff, Consultants, and other agency partners to programme sites in Somaliland. WV Somaliland Programme would like to enter into an arrangement with Motor Vehicle Hiring Companies through a competitive bidding process to provide the aforementioned services in the year 2021/2024 on a fixed price basis. The prices quoted by the company for the various categories of rental services, when agreed upon by WV shall be fixed for 3 years from the date of the agreement.

In this regard, WV Somaliland Programme invites all eligible, and experienced companies in Somaliland to apply for the vehicle hire prequalification process detailed below. World Vision invites Sealed Quotations from all potential and eligible companies to provide vehicle hire services on monthly rental basis to the Organization under the following terms and conditions Prequalification documents for the motor vehicle hire services in World Vision Somaliland are free of charge and available online on most popular local websites in Hargeisa.


Terms and conditions:

  1. Vehicles should be in good condition and manufacturing date should be at least 1994 and after.
  2. The Vehicles should have valid Commercial Registration with up to date insurance, have standard accessories, and Road Tax clearance.
  3. It shall be the responsibility of the Service Provider to pay all taxes and levies to the Government from time to time and be sure to keep all documents like Road tax Permits, updated Insurance.
  4. Vehicle should be provided with driver with considerable experience.
  5. The fuel charges for the vehicles shall be borne by the by World Vision only for the authorized journeys.
  6. Vehicles shall be made available on all days including Fridays & Saturdays and other declared Holidays/ vacations until & unless any instructions given verbally or in writing by any designated official of the Organization.
  7. The Bid price must include the salary of driver including taxes (VAT and other taxes as per rate applicable) and any other maintenance expenditure in respect of the vehicle provided.
  8. No person below the age of 18 years shall be engaged for working in the vehicles.
  9. It shall be the responsibility of the Service Provider to undertake periodical services, minor and major repair works. During the period of maintenances / repairs, Service Provider has to provide an alternative vehicle to continue running the services.
  10. In case of any accident, Service Provider shall be responsible to settle the case.
  11. The bidder shall submit a set of copies of the all the relevant documents including; Vehicle Registration Certificate for commercial use, Log Book, Insurance Policy Document, Proof of Identification(ID or certificate of residence etc.), Driver’s License / Firm Registration.
  12. In case of breakdown of the vehicles/ sickness of the drivers replacement of the Vehicles/Drivers should be provided immediately so that Organization’s work is not hampered. In case of failure to provide service for 3days or more in a given calendar month, the number of days not worked shall be deducted from the monthly bill.
  13. In case the service provider decides to withhold or is unable to provide services for any reason, they may do so with a written intimation of 1 months prior to the date of discontinuation of services. Any deviation from this period will attract a penalty and one third of the monthly bill will be deducted.
  14. The successful bidder shall have to enter into an agreement with the World Vision embodying all the terms and conditions of the contract. The terms and conditions of the bid will form part of the agreement along with other clauses.
  15. Successful bidder will have to provide vehicle within 3 days from the date of receipt of the order requesting for a motor vehicle to be provided.
  16. In all circumstances, World Vision shall not be responsible for any type of accident, or non[1]payment of taxes, insurance or any legal noncompliance with applicable laws and regulations.
  17. The period of contracts will be determined by the need of the organization. In case of unsatisfactory services, the Organization reserves the right to cancel the contract, issuing a prior notice of one month.
  18. Subject to satisfactory performance, hiring of the Vehicles may be extended for further periods as per requirements of the Organization at the same rates under same terms & conditions.
  19. The names on the vehicle books should tally with the name of the bidding company (if they are not reading the same it will be rejected)
  20. Interested bidders may submit their quotations in a sealed envelope subscribed as “Quotation for providing (4x4 vehicles)” on the top of the envelope as per Annex-I & II along with the relevant papers & documents on or before 12th July 2021 to the following address :  World Vision Somaliland Programme, Off airport Road, Behind Ambassador Hotel, Masalaha area.
  21. The Organization reserves the right to accept or reject any bid without assigning any reason whatsoever.


Manner of Submission/Submission Procedure:

Kindly submit your proposals and quotations as hard copy to World Vision Somaliland

Closing Date: Monday 13th July2021, 10:00 Hours East African Time.

Important: Offers transmitted in any other manner than those indicated above will not be considered.


Click here to download the full BID document in pdf.

Publish date: 2021-06-30 22:53:27
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