Prequalification of companies to provide vehicle hire services to World vision Somaliland program

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Employer: World Vision
Job Title: Prequalification of companies to provide vehicle hire services to World vision Somaliland program
Job Type: Contractor/Consultant
Location: Somaliland
Category: Other

Prequalification of companies to provide vehicle hire services to World vision Somaliland program


World Vision, Somaliland Programme Office as part of its programme implementation plan would require, the services of vehicle hire to transport WV Staff, Consultants, and other agency partners to programme sites in Somaliland. WV Somaliland Programme would like to enter into an arrangement with Motor Vehicle Companies through a competitive bidding process to provide the aforementioned services in the year 2021/2024 on a fixed price basis. The prices quoted by the company for the various categories of rental services, when agreed upon by WV shall be fixed for 3years from the date of the agreement.

In this regard, WV, Somaliland Programme invites all eligible, and experienced companies in Somaliland to apply for the vehicle hire prequalification process detailed below;

Prequalification documents for motor vehicle hire services in World Vision Somaliland are free of charge and available online on most popular local websites in Somaliland.

Manner of Submission/Submission Procedure:

Kindly submit your proposals and quotations as hard copy documents to World Vision Somaliland office in Hargeisa.

Closing Date: Monday 12th July, 10:00 Hours East African Time.

Important: Offers transmitted in any other manner than those indicated above will not be considered Guidelines.

Registration is open to all interested and eligible companies 2. Only successful applicants will be contacted 3. Application for registration documents must be submitted in hard copy in sealed envelopes showing the category and the title applied for and delivered to the below office address:

2. Duration of the Contract

The proposed contract duration shall depend on the project needs on the ground upon a satisfactory performance.

3. Scope of Work

Provision of car rental services with professional drivers as per the following scheduled of work: a) Vehicle rental (SUV) with fuel option b) Vehicle rental (SUV) without fuel option

4. Responsibilities of the Contractor

The contractor will be fully responsible for the following:

a) The contractor must have owned vehicles for the purpose of this work. The vehicles must be well maintained, comfortable, reliable and road worthy. It should be insured and registered with appropriate Government Agencies to operate rental services in Somaliland. The vehicles must be equipped with a good climate control or air conditioning system as well as functional seat belts.

b) The Contractor shall bear the cost of;(unless indicated otherwise), lubricants, maintenance and repairs as well as all road toll fees/levies to the final destination. All other expense(s) which would be incurred on the vehicle and the driver(s) shall be the sole responsibility of the Contractor.

c) The Contractor shall provide vehicles as required for the contract period, In case of mechanical fault whiles at work, the contractor would be compelled to provide a replacement immediately. The assigned vehicle(s) must at all times be clean and tidy when arriving to pick up the passengers;

d) The agreed payment rates should be inclusive of any allowance / insurance for contractor’s drivers and other involved workers. WV shall not be responsible for any payments to contractor’s workers.

e) The contractor's drivers must be well dressed on duty and have valid identification cards. The drivers and any other personnel of the contractor shall not be entitled to any benefit accrued to WV personnel/staff.

f) WV is exempt from all direct taxes, customs duties and charges.

Note: Upon request, copies of the registration documents of the vehicles assigned for WV along with the copies of the driving license and company ID card of the drivers to be provided to WV for record

5. Driver's Qualification

The drivers must fulfil following requirements:

a) Must be fully qualified and licensed in accordance with the applicable Somaliland laws for the provision hired vehicles;

b) Must have at least 3 years of relevant professional experience;

c) Besides their mother tongue must be able to communicate in English;

d) Must have a very good knowledge of the road networks in Somaliland;

e) Must have a good driving records.

6. Administration

The Contractor shall provide a liaison officer who will be responsible as focal point and manage the relationship with WV focal person.

8. Criteria for Evaluation of Offers

Proposals received by WV shall be evaluated on their merits by the Procurement Committee. The vehicles would also be subjected to a technical inspection by WV team.

9. Policy both parties should be aware of:

a) This Agreement by WV is not a contract. It is a commitment for:

i. WV to procure its hired vehicles services from the service providers as and when required without any commitment on minimum value.

ii. A successful service provider to maintain the prices for the various categories of rental services quoted till the agreement expiry date.

iii. Technical evaluation criteria

A formal contract would be signed with the service provider as and when a vehicle hire service is required by WV in which case the particular category of the services would be mentioned in the contract with the Agreement price as well as the terms and conditions of the vehicle hire agreement.

Mandatory requirements

The applicants Must attach the valid copies of the following documents

1. Company profile (brief background about the company)

2. Business license issued by the Ministry of Commerce in Somaliland

3. Somaliland Tender Board Registration

4. Registration Certificate from the local Government.

5. Tax Clearance Certificate from the Ministry of Finance

6. Evidence of registration under relevant statutes/bodies. e. g. the ministry of public transport

7. Bank statement for last 6 Months (to show the financial stability of the company)

8. Evidence of similar experience (3 years minimum)

9. Proof about the company’s ownership of the vehicles

10. At least three references from previous clients

11. The company should have operational and well stablished office, which will be subjected to be physically verified during the evaluation process

Please note; Bidders who do not meet any of the above required criteria will be disqualified


All the information requested for pre-qualification of vehicle hire service shall be provided in English Language

World Vision International, reserves the right to accept or reject any application, and is not bound to give reasons for its decision.



Click here to download the full BID document in pdf.

Publish date: 2021-07-03 22:26:57
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