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Job Details
Employer: CTG Global
Job Title: Advisor to the Somali Police Support Office - Mogadisho
Job Type: Contractor/Consultant
Location: Mogadishu
Category: Other

Overview of CTG:

CTG support and manage humanitarian projects in fragile and conflict-affected countries around the world. With past performance in 15 countries – from the Middle East, Africa, Europe, Asia and Central and South America – we offer a holistic fabric of project management, implementation and support. Skilled in emergency response to crises such as the Ebola outbreak in West Africa, we have the ability to act quickly (crisis response teams can be on the ground in 24 hours) and to establish structured operations in high-risk environments. CTG recruit and manage qualified, skilled teams with extensive experience operating in challenging conditions.

Overview of the position:

  • The JPP strategy for 2018 - 22 aims to increase police presence & visibility across the main population centres & their supply routes. The strategy is based on the provision of support to the govt. of Somalia to develop state police services in Jubaland, South West State, Hirshabelle & Galmudug, reform the Puntland police, transition the Somali Police Force (SPF) into the federal police & create effective federal & state Daraawish branches.
  • The overall objective is to increase, across & throughout Somalia, the presence of an effective & accountable federal police as well as state police services capable of delivering basic policing services as a contribution towards improving security & access to justice to civilian populations in accordance with provisions set in the NPM, the security pact & the national security architecture.
  • The JPP PRODOC identifies the requirement for an Advisor to lead the Somali Police Support Office (SPSO) in working closely & if necessary, on a daily basis with the Secretariat in order to ensure that all actions are aligned with the requirements & priorities jointly agreed by federal & state police authorities within the new management structure reflecting federal & state police strategic plans & institutional development & capacity building plans.

Role objective:

The Advisor to the Somali Police Support Office (SPSO) is a time limited post funded by the JPP, intended to support the delivery of the new policing model through the development of federal & state police through the Joint Police Program (JPP). The Advisor to the SPSO is broadly responsible for 3 outputs:

  • Output 1: The establishment & capacity development of a SPSO as an integral branch of the MOIS planning & development department in order to provide an enduring & sustainable MOIS capability to support the delivery of the JPP.
  • Output 2: As Advisor to the SPSO, oversee the work of the SPSO in supporting the development & transition of federal & state police in accordance with the new policing model.
  • Output 3: Provide staff support to the JPP Secretariat in achieving key deliverables of the JPP.

Specific post responsibilities:

  • Responsible for the capacity development, oversight & daily mentoring of an enduring SPSO within the MOIS that will be able to coordinate JPP support without an external advisor within 12 months. Report progress on a monthly basis.
  • Support the MOIS, Somali federal police, FMS Ministries of Security & state police in the development of JPP work requests in coordination with the JPP Secretariat.
  • Support the JPP Secretariat & implementing partners in monitoring the implementation of JPP funded activities, working to resolve issues (within means & authority), reporting on challenges & risks to implementation.
  • Advise & support the MOIS, SFP, FMS Ministries of Security & state police in the development & implementation of their strategic plans & subordinate Institutional Development & Capacity Building plans (ID & CB plans), in order to inform JPP funding priorities & investment decisions.
  • Provide secretariat support to the JPP Executive Board & other JPP related meetings.
  • Initially, Chair of the Somali Technical Working Group (STWG) & MOIS representative at the PPDB & other key police coordination meetings.
  • Facilitate engagement with Council of Ministers of Internal Security (CoMIS) & Council of Police Commissioners (CoPC) to ensure Somali ownership of the program, meaningful consultation & informed decision making.
  • Other duties as directed by the JPP, related to the development & effective implementation of the JPP.

Detailed deliverables for the Advisor to the SPSO have been agreed between DG MOIS & the Security & Justice Director. Initial deliverables for the 1st 6 months are expected as follows:

  • Deliverable 1: By end of August 2021, provide a 11 month development plan for the SPSO with the aim of ensuring that the SPSO is capable of operating without Advisor support by end of June 2022.
  • Deliverable 2: By end of September 2021 & in conjunction with UNPOL, review all current FMS state police plans & make recommendations to the JPP Executive Board for their improvement.
  • Deliverable 3: By end of December 2021, in support of the JPP Secretariat, develop & oversee implementation of action plan arising from the mid term review.
  • Deliverable 4: By end of November 2021, in support of the SPF support group meeting, ensure the delivery of the SPF ID & CB plan.
  • Deliverable 5: By end of January 2021, deliver a SPSO within the MOIS, increasingly capable of delivering its outputs without Advisor support & with a refined 5-month plan for it to achieve full operating capability.

Project reporting:

  • Weekly: Weekly written report to both DG MOIS & the Strategic Police Advisor, reporting on progress of the previous week & action plan for the following week.
  • Monthly: Monthly written report to both DG MOIS & the Strategic Police Advisor, reporting on delivery progress, milestone achievements, key issues, risks & threats.

Team management:

  • This role does not have any team management responsibility.

Geographical experience:

  • Minimum of 4 year of experience in Africa (essential).

Key competencies:

  • University Degree is essential, Post Graduate Degree is highly desirable.
  • At least 4 years work experience in the security sector essential, preferably at both federal, state level & with experience of security institutions & / or police services.
  • An understanding & experience of the UN system preferred.
  • Excellent project management experience desirable.
  • IT competencies in Word, email & communications such as Zoom / or similar meeting tools.
  • Fluent in written & spoken Somali & a proficient level in written & spoken English.
  • No evidence of any criminal or terrorist associations.
  • Personal & professional conduct reflects the values & purpose of the program.
  • Conscientious & self-motivated with an ability to work as a team member & on own initiative.
  • Ability to work as a part of a multidisciplinary national & international team.
  • Demonstrating / safeguarding ethics & integrity.
  • Learning, sharing knowledge & encourage the learning of others.

Other relevant information:

  • Qualified female candidates are encouraged to apply for this role.
  • Interested candidates are required to apply for this role on or before close of business of 15th July 2021.
  • Candidates applying for this role MUST update a copy of their latest resume on their profiles.



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