TOR for the Documentation of Global Partnership for Education funded programs in Somalia

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Employer: CARE
Job Title: TOR for the Documentation of Global Partnership for Education funded programs in Somalia
Job Type: Full-Time
Location: Somalia; Mogadishu

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The documentation of Global Partnership for Education funded programs in Somalia


Assignment by: MOECHE FGS

Partners: CARE, SCI & CWW

Donor: Global Partnership for Education (GPE)

Assignment : Production of short video’s, photographs and collection of human interest stories for the GPE program

Location of the Assignment : All of Southern States of Somalia (Hirshabelle, South West, Galmudug, Jubbaland and Benadir)

Time frame for the Assignment : 60 days (August and September)


The Global Partnership for Education (GPE) supports close to 70 developing countries to ensure that every child receives a quality basic education, prioritizing the poorest, the most vulnerable and those living in countries affected by fragility or conflict. GPE mobilizes financing for education and supports developing countries to build effective education systems founded on evidence-based planning and policies.

Somalia has been a GPE partner country since 2012. GPE’s support portfolio to Somaliais has reached more than US$110 million covering the whole of Somalia for the period of 2013 to 2023 through the following developmental programs “Education Sector Plan Implementation Grant (ESPIG), Maximum Country Allocation (MCA), and the emergency programs “Regular Accelerated Funding and Covid-19 Response”.

The GPE programs further promote and enhance the active role of local government in contributing to improving education outcomes in FGS and its member states. Over the past years, FGS Education authorities have expressed their commitment to the rebuilding of the country’s education sector, through policy and programmatic response with the support of development partners.

In Somalia, the GPE funded program is designed to implement the Somali Government’s education sector priorities focusing on the pre-primary and primary education subsectors. The program aims to improve the equitable access to education, improve the quality of education outcomes for all Somali children and strengthen the education system capacity for better service delivery.


The GPE program objectives(ESPIG and MCA) are:

  • Improving equitable access to education;
  • Improving the quality of education outcomes for all Somali children;
  • Strengthening the education system capacity for better service delivery.

The program focuses on the pre-primary and primary subsectors and is designed to implement the Government of Somalia’s education sector priorities The program is implemented in all southern states(Hirshabelle, South West, Galmudug, and Jubbaland) and the Banadir region. The program is jointly implemented by the Federal Government of Somalia’s Ministry of Education, Culture and Higher Education as well as the Federal Member States Ministries of Education (Hirshabelle, South West, Galmudug, Jubbaland, and Benadir) with CARE and Save the Children as the grant agents with several implementing partners such as Concern Worldwide, ALIGHT, ADRA and DAN.


Education Sector Program Implementation Grant (ESPIG): Direct program beneficiaries will include: (i) about 50,000 out-of-school poor or marginalized primary children who will benefit from school inclusion grants; (ii) about 600 Community Education Committees who will benefit from training to improve inclusion, security and learning at their schools; (iii) 6,570 teachers who will benefit from teaching guides associated to the new curriculum; (iv) 240 primary pre-service student teachers who will benefit from new teacher training institutes; (v) 2,000 teachers benefitting from tailored in-service teacher training; (vi) 297,168 Grade 1-8 students who will receive textbooks linked to the new curriculum; (vii) 150 education officers will benefit from professional development to improve skills in planning, coordination and monitoring.

Education Sector Program Implementation Grant – Maximum Country Allocation (MCA): Direct program beneficiaries will include (i) about 28,000 (50% F) out-of-school children enrolled to supported schools; (ii) construction of 400 new classrooms, rehabilitation of 300, and construction of 300 WASH facilities, construction of 50 new classrooms in Quranic schools, construction of 50 libraries in 50 selected schools; (iii) provide assistive devices to 300 learners; (iv) train 690 school headteachers; (v) review and update primary school content(8 subjects), provide salaries to technical officers embedded to FMS, Construct three offices, provide logistical support to ESC meetings, provide capacity development to 25 selected department directors from MOECHE and FMS, provide support to grade eight exams.


The Ministry of Education, Culture and Higher Education (MOECHE), together with GPE Grant Agents Save the Children and CARE International is looking for interested, professional, and experienced film producers and photographers to document, through visual content (videos, photos, and stories) the successes, best practices, impact, innovation and lessons learned of the GPE program in Somalia and produce the communication materials based on their visits to selected sites where the programs were implemented and tell the situation and the changes for the children (boys and girls), education institutions, community or beneficiaries before, during the project and after the intervention. The content will reflect on the breakthroughs made in line with the GPE program's change objectives and outcomes outlined in the program's design.

The overall objective of the proposed assignment is to raise awareness of how the GPE program supported the education sector in general towards improving the education sector in Somalia through visibility material.

The specific objectives of this assignment include:

  1. To capture the impact, success, innovations, and lessons learned of the GPE program and produce high-quality photographs, creatively written human interest stories, and short videos of the partners, communities, process, activities, and context showing the impact of our work on children and their families for the use in publications, websites and any other purpose deemed appropriate for the promotion of this and other relevant activities
  2. Document/showcase the support of GPE programs towards expanding equitable access to education, improving the quality of education outcomes for all Somali children, and strengthening the education system capacity for better service delivery.


Using the high quality/latest technology, the consultant will bring the stories, images, and videos of the work funded by the GPE programs bringing into forefront systems reform achieved, beneficiaries reached, programs innovations etc by exploring interactions and interviews with the project beneficiaries and key stakeholders including government officials at federal and state levels. The consultant should link together and tell a cohesive story across the programs capturing the wider picture across the various programs elements. Children's voices must be featured in the storyline, and their experiences shared.

Specifically, the consultant shall: .

  • Undertake desk review of programs documents including proposals and reports to identify key areas of programs successes
  • Provide a clear description of the quality control mechanisms that will be used to ensure a quality film and photo story.
  • Develop storyboards, scripts, and storylines for all the materials to be produced
  • Visit the project sites and interact with the program partners, Education officials (FGS and FMS), local communities, and authorities who’ve been implementing the programs
  • Document programs impact, success, best practices, and lessons learned through videos, photos, and creatively written stories
  • Present the results of the communication material to MOECHE and Grants Agents CARE & SCI) and incorporate any feedback provided.
  • Produce final high-quality videos, photos, and stories to be presented to programs partners, donors, and stakeholders
  • Present the final communication material in soft and hard copy.

The consultant will be provided with all the GPE programs documents and will be briefed thoroughly on the programs. While undertaking this assignment, the consultant will be expected to follow the Ministry of Education, Culture and Higher Education, CARE, SCI, CWW, and GPE media and communications guidelines.


  1. Provide a draft schedule of the implementation of the assignment to MOECHE, CARE, SCI, and CWW ahead of the assignment (with the division of tasks and timelines).

  2. Four videos of 5 minutes each in HD (1080P) format in Somali language and English subtitle to illustrate the success, lessons learned, innovation, and the impact of the target GPE programs through voices of beneficiaries [children], program stakeholders, and the government.

  3. Three videos of 5 minutes long highlighting the impact of the programs (ESPIG and MCA) with a special focus on systems reform including Finance (use of TSA), procurement, EMIS, policies, and frameworks.

  4. 6 personal (human interest) story films of 3 minutes duration each to illustrate the impact of the program on beneficiaries and stakeholders benefiting from / involved in different components of the programs. This could include but is not limited to parents on school safety, grade 3-6 students on textbooks, CEC training, school construction, capitation grants, school leadership on the implementation of the new school curriculum supported by the textbooks

  5. 12 success/human interest stories written from the first-person point of view with government stakeholders and key program beneficiaries including children.

  6. Five feature stories on how the program has innovatively used government systems and process strengthening in-country systems and what this means for the future development program implementation using in-country systems. The feature story will be shared on online platforms and with the global media for publication.

  7. 150 well-edited and well-captioned photos in Jpeg format- at least 4MB in size/quality. The photos should clearly show different activities of the programs.

  8. Two separate info sheets of five to 5 pages each including captured photos about the major activities of the GPE programs

  9. Present final videos in English with Somali translations/subtitles.

  10. Translating of all interviews, time coding shot listing, and editing should be done

  11. Signed consent forms for each person who appears prominently in the shot. For group shots please refer to Save the Children image guidelines – you do not necessarily need a consent form for individuals in a group/ crowd shot. When all is done make sure to leave behind a form for the individuals in the story or photograph, in case the subject needs to contact Save the Children if there should be any concern.

Upon the completion of the assignment, the service provider will be expected to submit footage, photos, and any other documents created within the assignment to MOECHE, CARE, SCI, and CWW. This includes but is not limited to original copies of the consent, project files in FCP or Adobe format, and all text in word document version including a transcript of interviews conducted during the assignment.

Final content produced MUST follow MOECHE/CARE/SCI/CWW/GPE branding guidelines and quality standards. 


The main target beneficiaries/audience of this documentation is;

  • Key stakeholders including the Ministry of Education, local communities, implementing partners, donors, sector partners.


The consultant(s) will:

a) Engage persons with good background and skills in documenting and demonstrating programs achievements

b) Submit Workplan and proposal for the communication materials outlining the proposed methodology, communication tools, process of meeting the stakeholders & beneficiaries, filming & photograph taking as well as the method going to be employed to present very short films that can easily transfer the message to the recipients and final set of material production.

c) Make use of available data including reports and assessments done by the programs

d) Travel to the field to meet programs beneficiaries and stakeholders including relevant government departments supported by the programs.

e) Conduct meetings and interview with the program partners, government officials, coordinating Agency as well as the GPE representative

f) Provide a clear description of the quality control mechanisms that will be used to ensure a quality film and photo story.

g) Present the results of the communication material to MoECHE and in Mogadishu and incorporate any feedback provided.

h) Present the final communication material in soft and hard copy


MOECHE in consultation with the GPE programs Director/Manager and technical teams will be responsible for leading and overseeing this assignment. The communication teams will support the process technologies and provide a clear map for capturing required data in an accessible manner. The MOECHE and programs team will provide support in the identification of key areas of documentation, respondents, stakeholders, locations, and share available data including reports and success stories.


Preliminary Evaluation Criteria

  1. Complete financial & technical proposal

  2. Proof of ownership or Written power of attorney for representation, or Joint venture agreement in case of JV.

  3. Valid Commercial License (FGS Level)

  4. Company Profile

  5. Valid Tax Clearance Certificate (FGS Level)

Technical Evaluation Criteria

  1. At least five years of experience in documentation, videography, and photography production in Development and Humanitarian contexts.

  2. Sound and proven experiences in similar assignments in Somalia, including evidence of previous similar contracts, financial viability, etc.

  3. The latest equipment in video-photography documentation

  4. A strong creative vision and styling that appeals to a global audience, with experience in capturing and editing videography for international consumption.

  5. samples of previous work undertaken by the consultant as proof of creative vision and style.

  6. CVs of consultants including detailed work experience, education/degrees, and details of similar assignments.

  7. Applying firms are expected to have a presence (teams) in the Southern States of Somalia


The consultancy firm is required to submit the following:

  • An application letter (Cover letter) addressing the desirable qualifications including how the firm/individual previous experience matches the consultancy objectives.
  • Firm registration and profile on handling the related assignments, including tax compliance,
  • A technical proposal: Letter of Interest, stating why you consider your firm suitable for the assignment
  • Financial proposal indicating consultancy fee and a breakdown of expenses (unit price together with any other expenses) related to the assignment.
  • Maximum two-page CV highlighting related assignment completed and role (s) in of the completed assignment of the Lead Consultant.
  • Team members’ (who will be involved in the assignment), Maximum two- page CVs highlighting related assignment completed and role(s); we recommend for the team to include a photo/videographer, one editor and a designer
  • Contact details of referees which shall be organizations for whom you have produced films or documentaries


All interested consultancy firms are requested to submit their application along with the necessary documents ONLY by email to Please indicate ‘GPE Visibility and Media Engagement’’ as the subject heading. Application deadline 02-th Aug-2021) Any canvassing will lead to automatic disqualification..

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