Graduate Student " Economists and Researcher"

Job Seeker: Ali Mohamed Nour
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Title: Graduate Student " Economists and Researcher" Featured
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Telephone: 01829772858
Address: International Dormitory,Raj
Category: Finance, Education, Banking, Accounting, Marketing, Inventory, Insurance, Installation - Maint, Professional Service, Research, Skilled Labor - Trad, Strategy - Planning, Supply Chain, Economic, Logistics, Procurement
Location: Puntland
Education: Master
  • I bear keen interest in working with an esteemed institution in the areas of Administration and Finance, Development Campaigns Management, Public Relations and Education. This is supported by my career focus, education and experience. These will enable me serve humanity better to enhance lasting positive change through confident and exemplary service.
  • My Overall Knowledge, Experience and Expertise allow me to apply for this job, and to play vital role in the desired position by bringing innovative ideas through the vast use of technologies.


Created Date: 2020-11-02 08:25:31
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ID: 5894
Is Featured: Yes

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