Deputy Country Director – Programs (DCD-P), Somalia


Deputy Country Director – Programs (DCD-P), Somalia

CARE is an international NGO with local staff and community partners in more than 90 countries. We create local solutions to poverty and inequality and we seek dignity for everyone every day and during times of crisis. These solutions have a broad range, from clean water to access to education; from microfinance to ensuring that everyone has nutritious food; from agriculture and climate change to disaster response. CARE puts women and girls at the center of everything we do because they have proven to be the best hope for creating lasting change in the world. Our staff live where they work, which makes us effective at understanding the challenges they face. We’ve been doing this for over 70 years, since World War II. It started with the world’s first CARE Package® of food for the post-war hungry in Europe. Our work today is as important as ever, we believe that poverty and inequality are historic injustices that we can end within a generation, for good. If you share our core beliefs: poverty is an injustice; poverty is solvable; and together, we have the power to end it, join us, and fight with CARE

The Deputy Country Director – Programs (DCD-P) is responsible for ensuring that CARE Somalia’s programs contribute to CARE’s vision of “a world of hope, tolerance and social justice, where poverty has been eliminated and people live with dignity and security”. The DCD-P is expected to provide strategic leadership in the areas of program quality, development, implementation and scaling up of CARE Somalia’s humanitarian interventions. A major emphasis in this position is to play a strong RESOURCE MOBILZATION AND TECHNICAL LEADERSHIP role in ensuring that Country Office has a robust and diverse donor funding base and that programs are implemented fulfilling standards for QUALITY and ACCOUNTIBILITY along with delivering to the desired IMPACTS in making a significant contribution to reducing poverty and social injustice.

The DCD-P is responsible for overseeing the development of program strategies appropriate for the Somalia context and environment which is associated with chronic poverty and emergency humanitarian needs due to the ongoing conflict and instability. S/he manages a team of professionals focused on the design, funding, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of programs and projects, with large focus on emergency programs, that effectively address the underlying causes of poverty and meeting immediate humanitarian needs in line with CARE’s Programming Principles. S/he must also ensure that systems, policies, procedures, and people are in place to ensure the proper management and implementation of those projects and programs.

The DCD-P is responsible for overseeing the development, testing and implementation of new innovative program approaches appropriate for the context of Somalia. S/he works closely with, and is supported by the program units at CI, regional and CARE USA HQ levels, as well as with other interested CARE International members.

Given the high level of recurrent humanitarian need in Somalia, the CO has standing emergency response capacity in addition to three long-term programs focused on the empowerment of vulnerable girls and women. CARE is a leader in the humanitarian policy and coordination arena and the DCD-P is expected to be familiar with CARE’s humanitarian mandate and able to represent the CO at highest level fora in country.

The DCD-P is a key member of the Country Office Leadership Team and as such is responsible for leading and supporting the CO leadership and management initiatives. S/he is responsible for (along with the CD) maintaining good working relationships with host government officials, donors, peer agencies and other partners. S/he may be required to become Acting CD when the CD is out of the country.



  • Oversee the development, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of county office programs and projects and ensure that they are in line with CO strategic plan and program strategy and with the CI programming principles.
  • Lead process with staff and partners to identify and secure funding for viable humanitarian and development programs in line with CO strategy.
  • Oversee the development, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of country office programs and projects and ensure that they are in line with CO program strategy, ECSA and CI program stratgies and according to CI Programming Principles.
  • Ensure systems and plans are in place to guarantee that CO programs/projects are designed and implemented based on sound analysis, address the underlying causes of poverty and vulnerability and achieve measurable positive impact on the poor and marginalized.
  • Ensure that proper monitoring and evaluation systems are in place to demonstrate impact on UCP and that program lessons are being used to promote improved programming and learning.
  • Ensure that monitoring and evaluation systems enhance accountability of COs vis-a-vis the communities with whom we work as well as other stakeholders (civil society, donors and government counterparts).
  • Conduct regular analysis of the CO contingency planning and capacity to scale up quickly and respond to significant emergency needs and propose actions to address capacity gaps.
  • Facilitate the development and regular updating of an appropriate emergency preparedness and response plans and ensure that disaster risk management is integrated in CARE programs.
  • Work with the CD to oversee the development and implementation of a CO advocacy agenda that supports CO programs and, if possible, is in line with CO and CI priorities.
  • Ensure that GED issues are properly considered and addressed in all programs/projects.


  • Provide proper supervision and management for all direct reports and lead the establishment and functioning of a strong, effective and coordinated Program team.
  • Ensure the proper implementation of CARE’s performance management system for direct reports, including job description and IOPs development, regular feedback, mid-term reviews and annual performance appraisals.
  • Proactively address performance issues through regular, constructive and honest feedback and coaching.
  • Identify necessary staff talent development, career development and succession planning strategies for direct reports.
  • Ensure that space, motivation and incentives are available to allow staff to develop and innovate.
  • Ensure adequate and strong working relationships between program team and other units teams and oversee the recruitment and orientation of new senior program staff.


  • Ensure that CARE programs and projects are implemented and managed in a manner which achieves the program/project goals, in line with CARE policies and procedures and demonstrate sound resource management.
  • Ensure that qualified staff and appropriate policies, procedures and systems are in place to properly manage CARE’s programs/projects.
  • Monitor the CO programs and projects to ensure that they are implemented in a professional manner in line with the project proposal through project visits and the review of annual implementation plans and activity reports.
  • Ensure proper management of financial and other resources entrusted to CARE’s programs and projects, including the review and approval of program/project budgets (including project matches) and the monitoring of budget reports (including the proper recording of matches).
  • Ensure donor and government reporting is done according to agreed upon standards and in a timely manner.
  • Work closely with units in Program Support (finance, procurement, HR, transport, etc.) to ensure proper coordination exists for efficient program implementation.
  • Ensure strong logistics & commodity management, and accountability where applicable.
  • Regularly review and ensure that the most efficient CO program management structure is established and functional in order to ensure program quality and the cost efficient achievement of project objectives.
  • Ensure that the CO program seeks opportunities for innovation and personal growth by promoting a culture of, and mechanisms for, reflective practice and learning at all levels.
  • Establish mechanisms for knowledge sharing and learning between projects and programs within the CO and with parties beyond the CO.


  • Facilitate the preparation and implementation of the overall CO Program Strategy in line with the CO’s Strategic Plan, national development plans, the ECSA and CI Vision and programming principles and current CARE Somalia programming priorities.
  • Lead the preparation of program strategies based on sound contextual analysis and that target specific underlying causes of poverty and social injustice, in line with CARE’s 2020 Vision.
  • Ensure adequate integration of humanitarian and development programming within the CO Program strategy.
  • Ensure that all programs and projects designed and implemented by the CO are in line with those program strategies and contribute to achieving the objectives of the CO Strategic Plan.
  • Oversee periodic review of the operating environment and ensure CARE’s role and operating model are in line with that environment.
  • Seek strategic partnerships necessary to promote CARE’s vision and programming principles and ensure that those partners understand the COs program strategies.


  • Develop and enhance relationships between the CO and other parts of CARE and external organizations so that CARE can maximize its collaboration and impact on poverty reduction and social justice.
  • Establish and maintain good relationships with relevant – counterparts/departments of the government, CI members, the locally-represented multi/bi-lateral donors, foundations, international and national NGOs, CBOs and other civil society organizations.
  • Identify issues to be addressed to heighten donor and government accountability and maintain a positive image and good visibility for CARE amongst these groups.
  • Support and work effectively in coalitions, networks and social movements and contribute to national dialogue on poverty reduction strategies and related issues.
  • Ensure timely reporting and communications with CI members, donors, government, and other key actors.
  • Ensure cordial media relations and act as CARE spokesperson as required.


  • Ensure that the CO program remains dynamic, with opportunities for innovation and personal growth by promoting a culture of, and mechanisms for, reflective practice and learning at all levels.
  • Establish mechanisms for knowledge sharing and learning between projects and programs within the CO and with parties beyond the CO.
  • Establish a reward system and model a culture that recognizes and supports innovation, risk taking and leaning.
  • Ensure the CO actively participates in organization wide and regional learning initiatives related to CARE’s priority program themes and approaches.
  • Ensure that lessons learned are consolidated and used to inform ongoing and future practices.


  1. Master’s Degree (or equivalent) in related field
  2. Specialized training in field of particular relevance—e.g. Humanitarian Response and Accountability, Women’s Empowerment, Impact Measurement, etc
  3. At least 5 years in senior management and leadership positions in humanitarian and development programs. Given the current context in Somalia, the job requires a person with strong background and extensive experience in emergency humanitarian programming in order to lead a possible scale up of CARE Somalia’s emergency humanitarian programs as required.
  4. Understanding of technical and functional areas and ability to support, coordinate and manage them
  5. Excellent proven leadership skills in complex situations, with diverse teams and able to design and deliver a successful Country Office Strategic plan
  6. Demonstrated technical and managerial ability, sound judgment, ability to interact and work effectively and represent the organization at all levels
  7. Firm belief and proven ability to foster successful and inclusive teamwork and gender equality, transparent and participatory management.
  8. Extensive and proven ability to understand and manage budgets
  9. Fluency in verbal and written English; Good communication and facilitation skills
  10. Excellent budgeting and management reporting skills and experience
  11. Excellent and proven fundraising, development and resource management including donor management


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