Executive Director (ED) – Hargeisa


Somaliland Non-State Actors Forum (SONAF)

Terms of Reference


  • Title: Executive Director (ED)
  • Purpose: The ED is responsible for the overall leadership and management of the organisation’s operational and administrative functions, defining the strategic vision as well as ensuring its implementation.
  • Location: Hargeisa with possible travel in all regions of Somaliland
  • Start date: To be confirmed
  • Reporting to: SONSAF Chairperson


Somaliland Non-State Actors forum SONSAF is a leading civil society platform that aims to engage all Somaliland Non-Stat actors by improving their capacity and position. Since its establishment in 2008, SONSAF’s mission and primary objective is to enhance non-state actor’s voice through better coordination and networking that contributes in helping Non-state actors to possess a vibrant space in policy dialogue arena especially, peace-building, security, democratization, development sustainability and have concrete influence in formulating policies that address the needs of all citizens. Overall, the civil society and nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) have the power to influence individual behaviour and the institutions that are involved in all development sectors.

Purpose and General Overview

The Executive Director will be responsible for the overall leadership and management of the organisation’s operational and administrative functions. Working under the guidance of SONSAF Board, he/ she will define the organization’s strategic vision and will be accountable for its implementation and the results achieved. The Executive Director should maintain strong relationships with a diverse range of stakeholders that are important collaborators in mission and activities. The Executive Director has the responsibility and accountability to set the tone for the organisation Secretariat’s internal and external interactions by exemplifying values of high ethical standards, integrity, and fairness. She/he must act in the best interests of SONSAF in all contexts and will be responsible for ensuring this culture prevails across the organization’s employees and contractors.

Duties and Responsibilities

Operational management:

  • Ensure that the organizational structure, operational policies and other business processes are sound and able effectively to deliver on the strategic objectives defined by the Board;
  • Exercise authority over personnel and human resource matters and further strengthen performance management by tracking key performance indicators across the organization;
  • Maintain a positive work environment that facilitates collaboration and information sharing and is conducive to attracting, retaining, and motivating diverse talent;
  • Lead the Secretariat’s internal management personnel as the mechanism for ensuring aligned internal leadership and implementation; and
  • Effectively manage operational or financial matters to deliver on the mandate of SONSAF, including by seeking additional authority from the Board as may be needed to address risks that arise proactively and effectively.

Financial Management:

  • Present annual financial budgets for Board approval that link to the corporate workplan, and more routinely throughout the fiscal year, multi-year resource projections for the transparent management of resources.
  • Work closely with the financial department to ensure the overall transparent and effective financial and administrative functionality of the organization and its assets.
  • Oversee the management and implementation of all organizational contracts according to corporate procurement systems and practices that deliver value for money and focus on the primary work of the organization.

Official representation:

  • Represent SONSAF before any competent authority when delegated by the Chair and Vice Chair of the Board.

Strategic Leadership and Delivery:

  • Operationalize, lead and monitor the implementation of SONSAF Strategic plan and ensure the effective implementation of new business models and instruments to deliver on the strategic objectives
  • Represent SONSAF at the highest level, ensuring its role within the Civil Society architecture is well understood, through direct engagement with policymakers and the execution of an effective media strategy and donor engagement.
  • Effectively manage risk in the organization’s internal affairs and the Secretariat’s operations, including, but not limited to, the development of rigorous management and communications systems to ensure the implementation of and strict adherence of donors policies for funding and to the Board decisions and SONSAF policies in a timely manner; to further Ensure meaningful monitoring and evaluation of SONSAF programs and performance and the provision of accurate analysis and routine reporting on the impact and performance of SONSAF’s programs.
  • Partner engagement, working closely with the Board, and mobilizing resources. The Executive Director is responsible for building and maintaining effective alliances as part of a coordinated response to the needs of CSOs efforts.
  • Build and maintain effective alliances and operational collaboration with public and private partners, such as governments, United Nations agencies, bilateral donors, nongovernmental organizations, the business sector, other civil society actors, and the public in general.
  • Interact with governments at the highest political level to advocate/lobby for policy change that effect the wider society particularly vulnerable.
  • Maintain effective communications with all stakeholders and donors.
  • Mobilizing and sustaining resources to support the mission and vision of SONSAF. The Executive Director will provide strategic guidance for resource mobilization broadening the donor base and encouraging increased investment in programs from donors.

Essential and Core Competences

  • Team-building ability, the capacity to instill a culture that values measurable achievement, mutual support, and compliance with organizational processes.
  • A grasp of detail and an understanding of international development financing through grant and/or loan or comparable financing mechanisms, balanced by well-developed delegation and senior team management skills.
  • An ability to make difficult decisions when required on organizational development, balanced by experience in constructive engagement with staff on change management processes and their value to the organization as a whole
  • Strong analytical mind and the ability to grasp the nature and direction of the SONSAF strategy and help shape it in the future.
  • The capacity to work collaboratively with a large and complex Board in the development and articulation of its vision and on its translation into tangible results and longer-term impact.
  • A clear focus on organizational goals amid multiple competing risks and demands, and a capacity to prioritize effectively to deliver results.
  • Strong public-speaking and influencing skills.
  • Presence, gravitas, humility, and empathy in dealings with partners from a variety of backgrounds.
  • Understanding of and an ability to strategically lead on resource mobilization activities.

Required Education and Experience

  • Master’s degree in Business administration, Public Administration, Development Studies, Project Management or related discipline required/ Bachelor’s degree plus 7 years of work experience;
  • Minimum of 5 years of similar work experience required;
  • Experience in the management of people, finances and systems, with a proven capacity to motivate and lead a multi-disciplinary management team to achieve organizational goals;
  • The experience and ability to engage and operate effectively at the highest political levels.
  • Good knowledge of the Civil Society environment and stakeholders is essential.


  • Email a detailed CV with a cover letter no later than 8th December 2022, at 4 pm.
  • Email address: sonsafhrm@gmail.com
  • Office location: SONSAF is situated Masala Area, Next to Masalaha Hospital, Hargeisa.