Invitation for Expression of Interest (EOI) for partnership

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Invitation for Expression of Interest (EOI) for partnership to implement strengthening democratic and inclusive local governance Project in Somalia

FCA Somalia is in the process of identifying potential Local Organisations for the implementation of an anticipated project “Strengthening democratic and inclusive local governance in Somalia (STRONG).


FCA is Finland’s largest international aid organization with operations in 13 countries and more than 70 years of experience. FCA specializes in supporting local communities in three priority areas: Right to Education, Right to Livelihood, and Right to Peace. Our vision is a world comprised of resilient and just societies where everyone’s right to peace, quality education and sustainable livelihood has been fulfilled. FCA is a rights-based actor, and our action is guided by international human rights standards and principles.

FCA supports peace and reconciliation in Somalia and the rebuilding of government structures as well as the role of women in society. FCA has conducted peace work in Somalia since 2008. The reconstruction of the federal state began in 2012 and in recent years, FCA has supported the building of local and central administration as well as the national reconciliation process. FCA ensures that women and youth are included in peacebuilding and has convened conferences and gatherings, where marginalised groups have made their voices heard, and helped disputing groups find common ground with each other. Since 2016, FCA has supported inclusive local governance through district council formation in line with Wadajir National Framework. The projects have been carried out by FCA in partnership with a consortium of local actors. All projects have been implemented in close collaboration with the government, particularly the Ministries of Interior, and Women and Human Rights Development at federal and state levels. These projects have yielded tangible and concrete successes and results regarding governance structures, policy and guidance; inclusivity and women’s political participation in local governance; safe spaces and mechanisms for dialogues, negotiation and information sharing; buy-in and commitment for inclusive local governance; and conflict resolution, reconciliation & social healing and cohesion.

The proposed programme builds on FCA’s ongoing work and expertise in inclusive local governance, reconciliation and promotion of women’s political participation. To achieve the change we want to see, FCA builds partnerships with a variety of relevant stakeholders. Civil society has a tremendous role to play in the development of societies. Therefore, FCA actively defends the space that civil society actors need for their work, and supports actors in strengthening their capacities

Scope of the work – proposed program

FCA is seeking for potential local actors on an anticipated STRONG Project which is part of a continuation to FCA and Partners’ Local Governance, Peace and Reconciliation efforts in promoting inclusive local governance through district council formation and strengthening stability in Somalia. The proposed project will promote sustainable peace and good governance in Somalia through enhanced local capacity and inclusive participation of community including women, youth and marginalised groups in decision making process, improved safe and protected civic space for women’s meaningful role and leadership, and strengthened inclusive local governance and administration for effective basic public service delivery in four Federal Member States (FMS).

FCA is calling for applications to select local NGOs that are specialized in reconciliation, peacebuilding and local governance; and also women-led Organisation with expertise in promotion of women’s participation in politics and building of institutional and organizational capacity of locally- led women networks and groups. Strong geographical concentration in some of the target FMS of the project and expertise and experience in promoting climate adaptation and peace, and disability inclusion will also be key criteria for selection of the local partners.FCA is seeking organizations that draw on Local Governance, peacebuilding frameworks and approaches in implementing initiatives related to the areas outlined above. No prescribed methodology for how this work is to be undertaken is given. Instead applicants are encouraged to set out the methodology they think fits to achieving the following outcomes;

Outcome 1: Enhanced local capacity and inclusive participation of the community including women, youth and marginalized groups in peacebuilding, reconciliation and local governance processes

Outcome 2: Strengthened inclusive and sustainable local governance and administration for effective basic public service delivery

Outcome 3: Strengthened safe, inclusive and protected civic spaces and women’s capacity for their meaningful participation and leadership in strategic advocacy, peacebuilding, reconciliation and governance processes.

Guiding note for the proponent organization


FCA is seeking partners to implement the project of up to 3 years between October 2022 and August 2025.

Eligibility criteria :

  1. Demonstrated focus on Women’s rights and gender equality; Peace building reconciliation and Governance, Disability and Youth focused;
  2. Track record in supporting the above across diverse communities in Somalia
  3. Experience in implementing programming that draws on peacebuilding frameworks and use of conflict sensitive approaches;
  4. Capacity to deliver expected results: governance and management competency, and financial and administrative competency; and
  5. Relations with authorities: partner has a proven track record of working in partnership with relevant line ministries for this call;
  6. Relevance of the mandate and the role of the organization to implement expected outcomes and to contribute to the sustainability of said outcomes;
  7. Humanitarian principles: partner is neutral, independent and impartial and is guided by the humanitarian principles;
  8. Experience working with INGOs, Government relevant structures, UN agencies and institutional donors;
  9. National organizations based within 4 FMS (South West State of Somalia, Galmudug, Jubaland and Hirshabelle) and Banadir Regional Administration (BRA), Women led and youth organizations, and disability person organizations (DPOs) are strongly encouraged to apply.

Requirements for Submission of Expression of Interest (EOI)

  • This Request for EOI does not constitute a full selection.
  • FCA does not require proposals at this stage; this request is merely seeking an expression of interest in participating in the exercise.
  • A response to this Request for Expression of Interest does not automatically ensure that submitting NGOs will be selected to participate in the subsequent Request for Proposals and subsequent selection.
  • FCA reserves the right to change or cancel the requirement at any time during the Request of EOI process. FCA also reserves the right to require compliance with additional conditions as and when issuing the final Proposal and other relevant documents.
  • The Expression of Interest should be maximum 3 pages; EOIs that are longer or do not respond directly to the questions are disqualified.
  • All applicants will be informed of the outcome of their submissions by communication sent out to the email / postal address that is indicated in the submission.
  • Upon receipt of the above information from prospective Responsible Parties, FCA will review applicants for placement on a short-list of potential Partner Organisation and submission of any detailed documentation required.
  • Those short-listed Organisations may be invited to submit formal proposals using the standard FCA Call for Proposal template to become a partner Organisation. The Call for Proposal will provide a more detailed description of the scope of work.
  • Those short-listed organisations may be invited to submit full Partnership documents and FCA will follow up with Partnership Assessment. Using the FCA Partnership Assessment Tool.
  • Please, note that you are not asked to send any other documents in your submission other than**: Expression of Interest (in PDF forms) and registration certificate. All other documents will be checked at the partnership Assessment phase**.

Expression of Interest Response form (to be completed by CSO Applicant)

CSO explanation

  1. Organisation information to include Full legal name and address of applying institution, Mission and Vision, Copy of valid legal registration in the country, Contact person and details of Head of Organisation.
  2. Governance, Finance, Procurement, Logistics, and HR capacities
  3. CSO expertise in women’s rights and gender equality; Peace building , reconciliation and Governance, Disability and Youth in Somalia
  4. Description of the organization’s existing operations in the subject matter area, including how long the operations have been carried out in the past 5years.
  5. Current and Past Local Governance, Peace building and Reconciliation projects including, location, donor, budget portfolio and objectives.
  6. Evidence of prior partnerships and networks with Local NGOs, INGOs, UN and Institutional donors
  7. Knowledge of context and geographical/Administrative presence
  8. Annual Budget and Funding partners
  9. Evidence of current Technical and support staff
  10. Statement of how the organization ensures humanitarian principles, use of Code of Conduct and ensuring zero tolerance for fraud and corruption, in the operations


Interested Organisations that meet the eligibility criteria are required to complete and submit the EOI Response form and provide the information and supporting documents indicated in the form. EOIs Response forms must be submitted through  and by 25th August 2022.

Only shortlisted companies/organization will be contacted and final parternship decision will be taken after the donor’s funding approval.